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Masterful Sexy Party Promo by Nik Dimopoulos: JOHN : Easter (Sydney Launch)

Simple brilliance! I am going to speak for you. Where does  Nik Dimopoulos come up with these ideas? Where does he find these unearthly men? More Please! The first coming of Melbourne’s JOHN Homosocial Party finally graces the dance-floors of Sydney on the 28th of March, Easter Thursday! Ah men. After 5 impressively long years raising the […]

Hair Ball of Day

Melbourne’s Men Only Dance Party,TRØUGH X Gives You Yummy-Hairy Photo Spread of Manliness

The amount of artistry that goes into club promotions these day blow my mind. Melbourne’s Men Only Dance Party,TRØUGH X Gives us here an outstanding display of photography for up coming dance part on July 28th. Hairy Yum-Yums with an exquisite taste of the worlds finest men displayed in photographs below by JOHN TSIAVIS + NIK DIMOPOULOS. Enjoy […]

Hair Ball of Day

Sizzling Hot Club Promo Videos TROUGH X : Plug VII – Part 1 (NSFW Scruffy Video)

When did the hottest tickets in town actually become the video promos events? Videos and promos made by the talented  Nik Dimopoulos are some of the best made work I have seen. Exquisite taste in men, fantastic artist visions. The video posted below for TROUGH X : Plug VII  Party is NSFW which makes it all the better. […]