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Aiden James Hits Our Sweet Spot With “BEST SHOT” New Single

Aiden James Hits Our Sweet Spot With “BEST SHOT” New Single

Singer song writer Aiden James new single is available now “BEST SHOT.” You may remember remember our interview with Aiden where he gave us a peek in at his soul. The long-awaited single has finally materialized and can be yours. The first track off of his upcoming album, Aiden James has outdone itself, and Aiden hit this one out


Fun Video Interview with Musician Tim Carr; “The Shadows” (LP) Released February 7, 2012

If you ask Tim Carr to describe his music you will find a consistently pure answer. His music is a portrait of the world through his eyes. He’s not going for anything in particular – not melodrama, certainly not vanity, and not fame. He’s just sharing his experiences and observations. He’s just being Tim. Tim invited me


Hair Ball of the Day: Talented SF Musician Tim Carr & His Music Video “Fame Whore”

I measure a man’s talent by how good he looks in short shorts! I got to spend some time with Tim Carr recently and will be publishing our video interview tomorrow. Tim’s expression is priceless when he actually finds out the rugby star Ben Cohen is straight. (Scroll down for  his music video for his


Electric Duo: Photographer Gabriel Gastelum Shoots Singer Aiden James

Lets just call this, For Your Eyes Only, and whoever is looking over your shoulder. This photo shoot has stumbled into my vision and caught my attention. Photographer Gabriel Gastelum shoots singer/song writer  Aiden James. Turn off your thoughts and enjoy the visual playground these photographs will take you on. Keep your eye on both Gabriel Gastelum

World, Meet “Ginger” Logan Lynn (Musician)

Logan Dennis Lynn (born October 15, 1979) is an American songwriter, composer and singer from Portland, Oregon. Lynn is most commonly classified as an artist in the pop, electronic, techno and dance genres and has released four studio albums, one mixtape and five EP’s. Videos of Lynn’s singles have been featured on Logo, MTV, VH1