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“HONEY BOO BOO!” Taken to New Level by LA Gay Rapper AB SOTO (Music Video)

Gay Net reports: LA-based rapper AB SOTO has been labeled by quite a few critics lately as the West Coast Cazwell in addition to a kiddy-clown-with-a-dick, and for good reason. You see, he’s a spectacle of candy-colored youth and sex and at other times a particle of kitsch, which is to say that he’s a fabulous butch queen. […]

Music Queer News

The Magnetic Fields’ ‘Andrew In Drag’ Music Video (Contains Nudity)

“The only girl I ever loved was Andrew in drag.” Brilliant! If there’s been one song that’s been the earworm of the All Songs Considered office, it’d have to be The Magnetic Fields‘ new single “Andrew in Drag.” Ever since we first played the song on the show we’ve been humming bars, singing stanzas and practicing their Stephin Merritt impression. […]

Queer News

“Truth Is” (Official Music Video): 16 Yr Old Expresses Feelings in Support of Anti-Bullying

Sixteen-year-old Marcella Fruehan sings what the “Truth Is” about bullying. I LOVE that she has braces on! It make the whole scenario more real unlike high school tv shows theses days played by 40 year old actors. I wrote this song to express my feelings in support of anti-bullying. As a 16 year old […]

Music Queer News

Tom Goss’s “It’s All Over” Music Video Premieres (Super Cute)

Tom Goss’s newest video showcases his lighter side. “My music videos kept getting heavier and heavier. Then we made Lover… I’m not sure you can get any heavier than Lover. People started looking to me for heavy, political material, that’s not really who I am. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do something […]

Art Music

Southern-fried Christeene’s gender-fucked Prowl Group from Austin Invades Berlin

Our princess, Christeen of the U.S. of A. has jumped the pond and landed in the sexy and pervert Stockholm & Berlin to get her raunch on. Europeans are just getting a taste of Christeen’s plattter. Let’s hope their eye’s aren’t bigger than their stomaches because they will have indigestion after witnessing her performance. via BUTT […]


NEW: Music video for Eric Himan’s single, “Dust”

Our pal Eric Himan is oooing and ahhing us again with his latest video release for his song “Dust”. Official music video for Eric Himan’s single, “Dust”, off his latest release, SUPPOSED UNKNOWN (Thumbcrown Records) out now on iTunes. Words and music by Eric Himan (Thumbcrown Records, ASCAP). Directed by Kelly Kerr.   [youtube] […]

Art Health

Knock a Pair of Testicles Back and Forth: Interactive Website Encouraging Folks to Get Tested for HIV

This gives a whole new meaning to AMAZEBALLS! Thank you Unicorn Booty for making my entire summer by turning me on to this. Kevin Farrell at Unicorn Booty said it best, ” Hot DAMN. The French are infinitely hipper than Americans. Need proof? Check out this absolutely incredible interactive website encouraging folks to get tested for HIV […]


My Acid Just Kicked in; Weird Al Does Gaga

Weird Al is one of my guilty pleasure. I bounce back and forth between wanting to kick his ass and laughing. My all time favorite parody of his would be Eat it, having fun of Michael Jackson’s Beat it. There is no stopping this speeding geek train named Werid Al. _________________________________________________________ “Weird Al” Goes Gaga Some […]