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Miley Cyrus Embraces Change in New Music Video – “Younger Now”

New single “Younger Now” by Miley Cyrus out now! Pre-order new album ‘Younger Now’ (out 9/29) to get it instantly plus 2 more tracks. I’m really enjoying watching Miley transition into this new phase of her life. iTunes / Amazon Pre-order also available on Google Play The video for “Younger Now” directed by Diane Martel and co- directed […]

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It’s Impossible for Me to Not Love Miley Cyrus | Watch New Jimmy Fallon Performance

  It’s really quite simple. Miley Cyrus is an exploring 24 years old, self aware, and a beacon of light for so many people. Using her fame to make the world a safer more welcoming world for all and reaching out an extra limb to the LGBTQ community. I am a 45 year old Miley Cyrus fanboy. […]


In Celebration of Pride – Miley Cyrus Releases New Song “Inspired” Today

In celebration of Pride Month, global superstar Miley Cyrus releases her new song “Inspired.” Miley recently performed “Inspired” at the “One Love Manchester” Benefit Concert this past Sunday, and recorded the song in her hometown of Nashville, TN. It will be on her forthcoming album due for release later this year. Miley will be making a […]


Miley Cyrus Rides Her Cat & Shoots Dolphins Out of Her Breasts in New Video for Nowness In an interview with NOWNESS, creatives Reed and Rader revealed, “We originally had her riding Mister Wubba, who is a stuffed animal son of ours. She wanted to ride her cat Shanti though so we got a 3D model of Shanti made. If we’d had enough time we would have loved to have made […]

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Miley Cyrus & Laura Jane Grace Perform “True Trans Soul Rebel” | Watch here

  Hot hot hot! I will never grow old of these backyard sessions of Mileys. And now that she has layered on to them her Happy Hippie nonprofit organization, which” rallies young people to fight injustice facing homelessyouth, LGBT youth, and other vulnerable populations,” the impact of them is powerful. Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions – True Tras […]

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Conquistador’s Video Message to Miley Cyrus: “To Miley With Love,” Now Move Over!

Our good pal Conquistador has his boxing gloves on and in the ring with Miley Cyrus, fighting for a spot in rotation on this week’s Freshmen on MTV. VOTE HERE FOR CONQUISTADOR  Borgore, BOY, Conquistador, Otto Knows and San Cisco all in a bitch fight for a spot in this weeks rotation. Yours to the last whisker, Conquistador


Miley Cyrus Nails “Jolene” in Her Backyard Sessions: Video

  Okay, Okay I hardly believe myself that I am about to post a video of Miley Cyrus!  I couldn’t a flying fuck about her tabloid drama. In this video released today on Youtube Miley covers legend Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” in what she is calling The Backyard Sessions. Music is about the voice, the song and Miley nails one […]