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Gay Dude Wants to Help All Animals of the World | “Becoming An Animal Activist”

Those of you that have known me my whole life will not be surprised at all that I have chosen to dedicate my life to helping animals and to bring more awareness to some of the awful, and inhumane things mankind are doing to animals all over the world. Knowledge is power. Humans are responsible […]

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“Becoming An Animal Activist” with Mike Enders | Video

So excited to be entering into a project with all of my heart and passion! “Becoming an Animal Activist” I have committed to 2018 being the year I become the best animal activist as possible. But it’s not that easy. Posting kitten videos on Facebook all day is awesome but I feel as if I […]

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This Week Was… Filthy Friends, Queens Of The Stone Age, Brockhampton, Kirin J Callinan….

This week was balls hot in SF. This week, while I was watching so many twats arguing about something called Taylor Swift on Facebook, actual good shit was happening. Remember when being gay was cool? Remember when punk rock was cool and different? Liked video? Throw down a dollar tip and support my video by […]

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I’ll Never Be A Popular Gay! | Do You Feel Represented by the LGBTQ Media?

  I’ll never be one of the most popular media personalities, Youtube, or Instagram gays. And that’s a GREAT thing. I explain why. We’re not all young, white, rich kids. Gay popular media lacks diversity of all kinds. Do you feel represented by the LGBTQ media? Video from AXXIDENTAL ZINE founder Mike Enders Follow on […]

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Gay Country Singer Drake Jensen & New Web Series “Butch & Nellie -Take the Rap Game” | “Pretty Popular” Podcast Episode 2

“Pretty Popular” Podcast Episode 2: This week Mike Enders chats with gay country singer Drake Jensen about his exciting upcoming project. Male on Male duet. Does he like being categorized as “gay” country singer? Lumberjack socks and much more. But first Mike talks with, Conor Fetting-Smith, creator of a new comedic web series “Butch & Nellie […]

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This Town Ep. 13 | Harassing Male Models, Photoshoot & San Francisco’s Blade + Blue

  For this episode of “This Town” Vodcast I swing by the Blade + Blue photoshoot for their Spring 2015 Collection, and harass the male models with really awkward questions. It’s what I do best. I had a chance to talk with with Peter Papas, owner, about the new Spring collection and what motivates him. Find […]

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Artist Spotlight | Beardy Painter Travis Ridlehuber & Live Song by Zee | “This Town” Vodcast

  In this week’s “This Town” Vodcast, hosted by Mike Enders, artist Travis Ridlehuber stops in to chat about his scruffy men paintings on beautiful wood, his upcoming show at San Francisco’s Magnet and More. Also, musician Zee, a new SF transplant stops in for a quick chat about the origins of his name, new […]

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Blaine in Tightie-Whites, Dirt & Covered in Charm Photographed by Mike Enders | NSFW

Model: Blaine | Find Blaine on Instagram | SF resident, transplanted from Texas. Aspirations to perform music. Total babe. I met Blaine the day of the shoot for the first time. He arrived on bike, I arrived by bus. I had him rolling around in the dirt wearing tightie-whities as an ice breaker. And for the 2nd […]

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“This Town” Vodcast Ep 4 | “Fuck, Marry, Kill” New Serial Based in SF, Anal Steaming, Online Haters & More

  “This Town” is an exciting new weekly video podcast based in San Francisco, and hosted by Mike Enders (Accidental Bear Website Founder). Each week will feature local and visiting guests, from politicians to porn actors, with the focus on local and global queer-centric news. Imagine The View, but a panel of queers talking about […]

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Video | Mike Enders Behind the Scenes of “Kurios” by Cirque du Soleil | Opening Today in San Francisco!

  Mike Enders of Accidental Bear Website, takes a behind the scenes look at “Kurios” by Cirque du Soleil just days before its US premiere in San Francisco. Mike was able to chat with Artistic Director Bruno Darmagnac, and acrobat performer, Nathan Dennis. Under and outside of the Big Top there was buzz of excitement […]

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P-Town Provides Top Notch Gay Travel | Herring Cove, Bike Trails, Shows and More

    Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders hit the road for his second gay focussed travel episode. Mike lands himself in Provincetown, MA, aka P-Town and it just happens to also be Bear Week (Oh My!). Besides hitting the numerous bike trails, lounging at Herring Cove Beach, visiting local pools, eating his way from East side […]

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A Chat with Benjamin Godfre about Leaping from Modeling to Porn and Working with Falcon Studios: Video

Model Benjamin Godfre made the official announcement that he was partnering up with notable Falcon Studios and making the leap to porn. Since then there has been a shit storm of accusations , rumors and a loud buzz in the air. Mike Enders from Accidental Bear sits down with Benjamin and go over, for the […]

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Damiana Garcia with the Daily Freak Show Catches Accidental Bear and Male Model Godfre Brothers Benjamin and Michael in a Moment (Video)

LA you are the most, to say the least. I combat all this Northern California hate of you and come out with my own consensus and that is, I love you. My recent trip down south was self indulgent and debauchery, filled with insane fetish photo shoots and being naked in front of the camera […]

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Accidental Bear Gives a Peek at a Book in the Works, “Frequent Cruiser : All Before My First Kiss”

  For over a year now I have been working on autobiography about growing up a little gymnastics loving queer kid in Up-Sate New York, where nothing was typical and there was no white picket fence in my story. The Trevor Project and It Gets Better movements are bringing awareness to bullying and an overall awareness […]

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Accidental Bear Kicks Off Video Series “Ask the Doctor” with The Healthy Bear’s Dr George

Accidental Bear Website starts off its, “Ask the Doctor” web series and teamed up with Dr George Forgan-Smith from The Healthy Bear Website based in Melbourne Australia. The focus of discussions will be to answer questions pertaining to men’s health issues. This edition 1 topics: jock itch, sports drinks, top concerns for sexually active gay […]