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Microfilm’s New Album ‘AggroPastels’ Pre-Release Sale is Now Live!

The Pre-release sale of Microfilm’s new album ‘AggroPastels’ is now LIVE! You can purchase the 14-track album now for $9 and instantly download 1) ‘Romeo Rorschach (Pastorale Digitale), the beautiful orchestral re-work of the single ‘Romeo Rorschach’ by the brilliant film score maestro Andrew Edwards; it’s an exclusive download to the Bandcamp release 2) ‘Romeo Rorschach’, the […]

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Portland Duo Microfilm Release 90s Tinged House Single ‘Romeo Rorschach’ : Free Download!

  We have featured Microfilm a bunch in the past (that is love!), HERE and HERE, who are a marriage of minimal techno, synth-pop nostalgia and cinematic samples… Microfilm just released ‘Romeo Rorschach,’  the first single released from our upcoming third studio album AggroPastels and one of the shiniest pop moments on the new collection; the album […]

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“Taxi Zum Klo” – Tribute to an Obscure German Art Film from 1981 by Sexy Duo known as Microfilm

A track written as a tribute to the obscure German art film from 1981; a paen to all-night clubbing, finding love and pleasure. A track recorded during the sessions for Microfilm’s third studio album ‘AggroPastels’. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] This track will not appear on the new album but is a […]

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Streetwise Electronics and Pure Pop; Microfilm

    Marriage of minimal techno, synth-pop nostalgia and cinematic samples… Microfilm was birthed in early 2006 in Chicago when the duo of Matthew Mercer and Matt Keppel aimed to create a perfect blend of streetwise electronics and pure pop. Within their first six months of existence, Microfilm had appeared on BBC’s premier Radio 1 network, […]