Short Film “Je suis acculé” (I am cornered) Feat. Model Matthieu Charneau

Male model Matthieu Charneau stars in short film called “Je suis acculé” (I am cornered). He is interrogated at what appears to be a health clinic where he is concerned about a recent sexual encounter, where a condom was used and not used. Video from Nicolas GOERGEN Follow Matthieu Charneau on Facebook un film de Nicolas Goergen avec: Claire Traxelle & […]

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YEARBOOK FANZINE Issue 3 with Cover Model Matthieu Charneau (FTW)

This is the PRINT version, you can download the bonus eBOOK version from 8th November, 2012 by visiting the ZINE stand Cover Model: Matthieu Charneau at Success Models, Paris by Laurent Humbert. Released 8th November, 2012 Welcome to the 3rd issue of Yearbook Fanzine, a cool and candid look at a few of our favourite male […]

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Model Matthieu Charneau by Exterface for MUTO # 7

There are exactly two things we shy away from posting. Men smoking and gun exposure. Here we make the exception for Matthieu Charneau to prove our love. Call me! Matthieu Charneau by Exterface for MUTO no. 7, Commando ‘Some says life is a game. A lifetime adventure. You’re been given a body to play with, a misterious world full of levels, […]