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“Taxi Zum Klo” – Tribute to an Obscure German Art Film from 1981 by Sexy Duo known as Microfilm

A track written as a tribute to the obscure German art film from 1981; a paen to all-night clubbing, finding love and pleasure. A track recorded during the sessions for Microfilm’s third studio album ‘AggroPastels’. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] This track will not appear on the new album but is a […]

Music Queer News

LISTEN UP: Dubplate Dionysus’s ‘Upcoming Legendary’ an Inspiration From Balls and Voguing

The force behind Dubplate Dionysus are Frederick Royster [music] & Matt Keppel [voice] Dubplate Dionysus was an idea formed in 2012 by friends Fred Royster, a graphic designer by day, remixer/producer by night and Matt Keppel, lyricist/vocalist of electronic pop act Microfilm.  ‘Upcoming Legendary’ is the first in a series of singles coming out throughout the next year. A debut album, due in 2013, […]

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Streetwise Electronics and Pure Pop; Microfilm

    Marriage of minimal techno, synth-pop nostalgia and cinematic samples… Microfilm was birthed in early 2006 in Chicago when the duo of Matthew Mercer and Matt Keppel aimed to create a perfect blend of streetwise electronics and pure pop. Within their first six months of existence, Microfilm had appeared on BBC’s premier Radio 1 network, […]