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17 Yr-Olds Story: Stop Bullying in Ohio Schools Propels Enormous Rally Sat March 24th

17-year-old Adam Hoover has rallied for what is hoped to be a magnificent day. The rally for marriage equality has large expectations of being largest gathering in the mid-west in support of marriage equality. Rally will happen in Cleveland, Ohio at the Free Stamp (aka Willard Park) at 9th St. & Lakeside in Cleveland this Saturday March 24th at […]

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Here We Go Again, Prop. 8 Ruling Appealed

When we finally win this battle, and we will win, it will be so well deserved!   SAN FRANCISCO — Three GOP congressional leaders are appealing a federal judge’s ruling that declared a law prohibiting the government from recognizing same-sex marriages to be unconstitutional, according to court papers filed Friday. Private lawyers for the Bipartisan […]

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Cutie Pa-Tootie Jesse Tyler Ferguson ‘Modern Family’ Star Celebrates On Twitter: Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional (Photo)

What more can you say, but super cute and hell yes! Just as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in the state of California, was unconstitutional, one of TV’s most famous fictional gay couples appealed to the better angels of their Twitter followers. Both Jesse Tyler Ferguson and […]

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Watch a New Jersey Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D) Talks with Her Grandchildren about Marriage Equality

“Grammie,” New Jersey Senate majority leader Loretta Weinberg (D), has a calm and  precious moment with her grandchildren and talks with them about Marriage Equality. These kids are going to be some well-adjusted, loving adults, leaving hate in the hands of those opposing marriage equality. By starting with our children and teaching them love, we can […]

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Republican Marine Fights For Gay Brother’s Marriage Rights (Video)

Republican and former Marine Craig Stowell is fighting to protect his gay brother Calvin’s right to marry in New Hampshire. Calvin was the best man at Craig’s wedding and he wants to make sure he has the opportunity to return the favor. He has launched a petition on Change.org calling on New Hampshire legislators not to change the marriage […]

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Marriage Equality Boosts Gay Men’s Mental and Physical Health

Study shows that those states where there has been the legalization of same-sex marriage such as Massachusetts, “there was a significant decrease in medical care visits, mental health visits and mental health-care costs among gay and bisexual men, compared to the 12 months before the law changed.” Let’s not forget men that our mental health is co-partners […]

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News: Romney is a Pussy, Booing Gay Soldier: ‘I Thought It Was Great,’ Transgender Protesters

via ThinkProgress Starvation And Humiliation: A Transgender Protester’s Account Of Mistreatment By The NYPD Justin Adkins found out the hard way that the New York Police Department does not have a protocol for how to treat transgender people when they are arrested. Adkins, who serves as assistant director of the Multicultural Center at Williams College in Massachusetts, […]