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David Beckham and James Corden’s New Underwear Line for Hot Bodies

Love the sense of humor and the important message of self acceptance. Hot comes in all shapes and sizes. “Fashion icon and soccer legend David Beckham shares an exclusive sneak peek of the advertisement launching his new underwear line with James Corden (Not real). Just don’t look for it on shelves any time, ever. “ The […]

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New: Web Series JACK IN A BOX, Has a Pest in the Work Place “The Pest” (Video)

The eternal question, “When did you give up on your dreams?” maybe answered in the newest episode of JACK IN A BOX titled ““THE PEST.” March 26th, 2012, New York, NY– Downtown fixtures Cole Escola (Logo’s Jeffery & Cole Casserole) & Becca Blackwell (Untitled Feminist Show) and Comedian Katina Corrao (The Good Neighbor Minute) return to Michael Cyril Creighton’s critically acclaimed web sitcom, JACK IN A […]

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Watch Video | Gavin McInnes on “How to Dress Your Age” #LMFAO

Take it for pure humor and some semblance of reality. Author Gavin McInnes is 41 years old and tired of wearing BAPE. How does he solve this dilemma? By hitting that ginormous vintage shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. His new memoir, How to Piss in Public: From Teenage Rebellion to the Hangover of Adulthood is available now at finer […]

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Book: “Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook”

Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook Some of the greatest creative minds in the world can credit some of their success to a little inhaled inspiration—including Stephen King, Tarantino, and pretty much every musician ever. It’s pretty well known that there’s a link between creativity and cannabis, but unfortunately the same can be said […]

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Gay Bar Rejection Tutorial Video

A day late and a dollar short but still a gem. This video was made for “Happy Fucking Valentines Day,” but may be applied to all you bar flies out there, all year long!   “Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Learn how be optimistic about certain rejection at the bar. ” Twitter http://www.twitter.com/sometipsforlife Facebook […]

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The Canada Party, America But Better: Vote Canada for US President (Video)

When something is right, it’s just right, and this is so right on it makes my head spin. I am officially supporting Vote Canada for President. Canada is already leading America in health care, gay rights, and lumberjack fashion, so why not just let it lead America? (thedailywh.at)   Meet the Canada Party. (@TheCanadaParty) Written and Directed by […]

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It Gets Betterish “Orgy” Nerves Getting the Best of You?

“Heeey, we’re here for the intercourse!” This is a classic case of the mind getting over-stimulated and psyching you out from having a really good time. Nerves get the better of these two men while anticipating an orgy. If they had better mind control they might of enjoyed a great night of three-ways, fisting, donkey […]

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Martha Stewart Schooled Jesse Tyler Ferguson on How to Cook a Turkey Dinner

Ginger dreaming with cute and cuddly Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Jesse oozes with excitement from having the one and only, beast of the kitchen Martha Stewart, teach him how to prepare a turkey dinner. His cooking skills have grown leaps and bounds from years past spent with his “siblings Kelly and Ben in Kelly’s shoebox-sized (I’m […]

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Occupy Sesame Street Gets Violent & Resonate with Kids: AWESOME!

Just awesome, that’s all I can get out after seeing this hilarious piece! via www.tauntr.com  Occupy Wall Street is a major movement both on the streets and on the web, but it isn’t getting the media attention it deserves. Why? Because it doesn’t resonate with kids. Kids drive the market and therefore the media, but […]

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Chloe “I like Toast” Sevigny on Simply Plimpton #7: YOUTH

To my pleasing the wonderful Chloe  “I like Toast” Sevigny spreads her love in numerous ways. Today I caught wind they she has made an appearance on the super amazing Simply Plimpton #7: YOUTH. In this gripping episode of  Simply Plimpton “Martha tries to reclaim her youth on an epic night out but even Emmy […]