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The Day the Grindr Died | Watch These Guys Struggle Through It

The Day the Grindr Died | Watch These Guys Struggle Through It

This… “The day the Grindr died: a day that will live in infamy may just teach a few app-addicted guys how to live…” Director: Kevin Grant Spencer Written by: Matt Ludwinski Edited by: Kevin Grant Spencer Video from Cool Kid Adjacent

Why The Dad Bod Is Worse Than Ebola by Bro Science Life | Video

  Bro Science Life‘s 2cents on the ‘dad bod’ conversation that’s been happening on the internet.

David Beckham and James Corden’s New Underwear Line for Hot Bodies

Love the sense of humor and the important message of self acceptance. Hot comes in all shapes and sizes. “Fashion icon and soccer legend David Beckham shares an exclusive sneak peek of the advertisement launching his new underwear line with James Corden (Not real). Just don’t look for it on shelves any time, ever. “ The

Hair Ball of the Day: Pug Face

Source: No Hope For the Human Race

Brilliant Video Dedicated to Hard Working Internet Trolls Everywhere “Thank You Hater!” Video

This video may be this best thing we have ever laid our eyes on. Even better than a 30 minute bukkake cumplilation video on Xtube! Dedicated to hard working internet trolls everywhere. Love ya, keep on trollin’! X Isabel & all the Clever Pies

Beardy Guys Makes Fun of Tree Huggers in TV Commercial: Brilliant! (Video)

Yeah, pick me up some of those soy flax seeds too, but hold the bag and carry them in your beard to me. Thanks. Weird pickler guys, Birkenstock wearing tree-huggers….there are lots of stereotypes out there about folks who go solar, but we know taking control of your electric bill can be just as important

The More You (Lou) FERRIGKNOW: Episode 3: Kitties & Zombies (Video)

Have you been keeping up with Lou Ferrigknow? Created by OnlineSchools.org Online students have the most to risk from this kind of threat. After all, they spend every day on a device that often seems like it was designed for the sole purpose of spreading cute videos about cats in boxes or cats hugging stuffed

New: Web Series JACK IN A BOX, Has a Pest in the Work Place “The Pest” (Video)

The eternal question, “When did you give up on your dreams?” maybe answered in the newest episode of JACK IN A BOX titled ““THE PEST.” March 26th, 2012, New York, NY– Downtown fixtures Cole Escola (Logo’s Jeffery & Cole Casserole) & Becca Blackwell (Untitled Feminist Show) and Comedian Katina Corrao (The Good Neighbor Minute) return to Michael Cyril Creighton’s critically acclaimed web sitcom, JACK IN A

Watch Video | Gavin McInnes on “How to Dress Your Age” #LMFAO

Take it for pure humor and some semblance of reality. Author Gavin McInnes is 41 years old and tired of wearing BAPE. How does he solve this dilemma? By hitting that ginormous vintage shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. His new memoir, How to Piss in Public: From Teenage Rebellion to the Hangover of Adulthood is available now at finer

Book: “Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook”

Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook Some of the greatest creative minds in the world can credit some of their success to a little inhaled inspiration—including Stephen King, Tarantino, and pretty much every musician ever. It’s pretty well known that there’s a link between creativity and cannabis, but unfortunately the same can be said

Our Pretend Lover, Ewan McGregor, Reacts To Louis C.K. Sex Joke On ‘Conan’ (VIDEO)

Comedian Louis C.K. after claiming his place in the heterosexual kingdom goes on to say, “The one guy I would blow, based on who he is would be Ewan McGregor. Seriously, I’m not gay in any other way but I want to, seriously I want to fuck that guy right in the beep beep!” Well, we

Masterpiece Classics: A Straight Guy Pissing All Over A Toilet Seat (Video)

My life is now complete. Off to practice my aim. Directed by Daniel Rampulla and conceived by New York City-based actress, Cole Escola, “A Straight Guy Pissing All Over A Toilet Seat” is a timely exploration into sexual poverty and poetic deformation. This work has been seen throughout Europe and won every award.

Child Safety PSA Spoof with a Dave Franco Full Frontal (Video)

Today we have a double dose of Dave Franco, brother of James. Hot off the success of his Funny Or Die videos  we mentioned earlier, “Go F*ck Yourself You’re So Hot”  and an upcoming role in 21 Jump Street, Dave Franco sat down with Complex Magazine to break down the rules for keeping your young ones

Brother of James “Go F*ck Yourself Dave Franco”, And That He Does (Video)

Actor Dave Franco (James’ brother) is a professor of how to love yourself before you can love others. The Franco family has great bone structure. Now you make your own bone reference (wink).   Go F*ck Yourself with Dave Franco from Dave Franco

Interview with Scruffy Aussie Bear Puppets Roger & Bryce: Puppy Piles, “Woof,” and “Brag” Bear Drag (Videos)

We are infatuated with all things down under. There is a magnetic energy pulling our focus to Australia and all of its LGBTQ News. We get visions of surf, surfers and blonde fuzzy body part glistening in the hard heat. “Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth” but I am feeling wet. Landing in

Dollar Shave Club Has a Strong Argument for Cheap Razors, But We Say Make Art with them Don’t Shave (Video)

We don’t encourage you to actually use these razors at this Cray-Cray price. We want you to make art out of them. For instance, make a statue of me out of razors. Damn good idea, right? Just watch the video and forget we ever talked! “Dollar Shave Club couldn’t be simpler. Select one of our

Meet Roger & Bryce, Two Scruffy Bear Puppets Out on a Venture and Holding a Mirror up to the LGBT Community

Here is where the welcomed madness all began,  “A parody on the Sh*t people say videos Roger & Bryce take cliches to the next level…and they’re puppets so it’s funnier.”  Roger & Bryce rain on us from  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and  say, “now we’re developing it (their act) into a bit of a satirical series with a

Gay Bar Rejection Tutorial Video

A day late and a dollar short but still a gem. This video was made for “Happy Fucking Valentines Day,” but may be applied to all you bar flies out there, all year long!   “Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Learn how be optimistic about certain rejection at the bar. ” Twitter http://www.twitter.com/sometipsforlife Facebook

Gay Ginger Breeders Looking to Spread Their Seed (Video)

Watch out women of the world, at the Gay Ginger Breeders Headquarters, they have a plan to violate you vulva and to turn your womb into a easy bake ginger oven. You have been warned!   In 100 years, redheads will be extinct. It’s time to do something about it! Like Gay Ginger Breeders on

Daily Testosterone: Candy Taco Night – Epic Meal Time Video

Candy Taco Night dawg! Call up your dentist and apologize for all those terrible things you said! We got all these candy bacon weaves and all these gay baconstrips!!   TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/epicmealtime FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/epicmealtime T-SHIRTS!!! http://shop.epicmealtime.com

The Canada Party, America But Better: Vote Canada for US President (Video)

When something is right, it’s just right, and this is so right on it makes my head spin. I am officially supporting Vote Canada for President. Canada is already leading America in health care, gay rights, and lumberjack fashion, so why not just let it lead America? (thedailywh.at)   Meet the Canada Party. (@TheCanadaParty) Written and Directed by

Santorum (san-TOR-um) Frothy Mixture of Lube and Fecal Matter Says Google

  Mitt Romney struggled to pull off a victory in the Iowa caucus last night, his campaign ads are showing up on a site poking fun at the man he beat by only eight votes. Buzzfeed reports that the campaign itself, not Romney’s SuperPAC, is a sponsor of the website at the heart of Rick Santorum’s Google

It Gets Betterish “Orgy” Nerves Getting the Best of You?

“Heeey, we’re here for the intercourse!” This is a classic case of the mind getting over-stimulated and psyching you out from having a really good time. Nerves get the better of these two men while anticipating an orgy. If they had better mind control they might of enjoyed a great night of three-ways, fisting, donkey

PSA: Don’t Bro Me, If You Don’t Know Me!

(via thatsmrfaggottoyou)

Martha Stewart Schooled Jesse Tyler Ferguson on How to Cook a Turkey Dinner

Ginger dreaming with cute and cuddly Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Jesse oozes with excitement from having the one and only, beast of the kitchen Martha Stewart, teach him how to prepare a turkey dinner. His cooking skills have grown leaps and bounds from years past spent with his “siblings Kelly and Ben in Kelly’s shoebox-sized (I’m

PSA of Day: Put Some Fun Between Your Legs (Photo)

Bear vs Bear Video

How to Properly Hide Booze in Your Facebook Pictures From Boozecats.com

I am a non-drinker, but still find these photos piss your pants amusing, as I AM, a cat lady though. Photos from my new favorite site of the right now: www.boozecats.com v       MORE

Occupy Sesame Street Gets Violent & Resonate with Kids: AWESOME!

Just awesome, that’s all I can get out after seeing this hilarious piece! via www.tauntr.com  Occupy Wall Street is a major movement both on the streets and on the web, but it isn’t getting the media attention it deserves. Why? Because it doesn’t resonate with kids. Kids drive the market and therefore the media, but

Chloe “I like Toast” Sevigny on Simply Plimpton #7: YOUTH

To my pleasing the wonderful Chloe  “I like Toast” Sevigny spreads her love in numerous ways. Today I caught wind they she has made an appearance on the super amazing Simply Plimpton #7: YOUTH. In this gripping episode of  Simply Plimpton “Martha tries to reclaim her youth on an epic night out but even Emmy

Video: Half Naked Men Dance to Hurricane Irene

Spirited young men dance in the street for laughs for what was a terrifying time for most.


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PSA: Dad's Slutty New Shorts are Really a Bear Magnet"

Bearded Bobble Head Looking Men sing, “Blister in the Sun” in the Grand Canyon

Beer Commercial Awesome, Beer Bad (Beats Chest)

Most EPIC beer commercial EVER  

Animated Drunken Voicemails Are Painful to Listen to and Hilarious

Animated Drunken Voicemail of the Day: Redditor HisFriendEvan says: “I just found out that my friend has been saving my drunken voicemails to him so that he can animate them later.” DON’T DRUNK CALL!       My Friend Evan: Episode 1 from Steve Rold on Vimeo.

Chloe “I like toast” Sevigny gives an Exclusive Interview to Accidental Bear For Your Pleasure

As I approached my conversation with Chloe I thought of it like a secret mission, being dropped from a helicopter onto an untouched island in search of yet found orchids. If I were to name an orchid, it would be called Chloe and it would smell of lavender and a mist of sage. I also

Rapture Wear: Handi Rapture Ready Diapers for Mature Men and Women of Faith

Get them while they’re hot! Wait, what!?!? Order Now Do you have what it takes to be rapture ready? We have what it takes to make you Rapture Ready. Rapture Ready Diapers automatically disolve upon completion of levitation leaving you fresh and as naked as the day you were born. Be sure to stipulate size,

Marriage Proposal: Just Like in the Movies, at the Movies (video)

Dear Mr. Tender Heart, I have full body goosebumps! I don’t expect anything less than this and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that’s all. Love, Man with no ring on his finger

A Protester Dumps a Box Full of Glitter on Republican Presidential Hopeful Newt Gingrich

Oh god this is brilliant (raises hands to sky, I believe , I believe). “Feel the rainbow Newt, stop hate, stop the anti-gay politics.” the protester protested.