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Watch Interview with 73 Yr Old Gay Punk Rock Country Singer, Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country

When I think of punk rock, two things come to mind, the “look” or the punk mentality. I much prefer the punk mentality always over the kids these days with their one stop shop Hot Topic punk looks. The forward thinking, let’s change the planet, DO SOMETHING and lets start a revolution is pleasing for […]


SF | C O M M A N D O, Lavender Country, & Spray Tan Perform July 6th | Do Not Miss!

COMMANDO is a recurring live music event and the moniker of the event’s hosts, a radical queer rap-metal collective comprised of some of the most extreme and renowned queer music-makers in the United States. The collective and the event fuse rap and hard rock like it’s 1999 in the service of crafting a sincere space […]