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Laura Jane Grace and Transgender-Fronted Band Spook School Chat | Video

Laura Jane Grace and Transgender-Fronted Band Spook School Chat | Video

It is amazing to sick back and be able to watch the world changing and people’s perceptions of trans people and the community as a whole. I have to admit my ideas of trans have changed as well. I have always been a supporter of trans people but my understanding of the trans journey is

Miley Cyrus & Laura Jane Grace Perform “True Trans Soul Rebel” | Watch here

  Hot hot hot! I will never grow old of these backyard sessions of Mileys. And now that she has layered on to them her Happy Hippie nonprofit organization, which” rallies young people to fight injustice facing homelessyouth, LGBT youth, and other vulnerable populations,” the impact of them is powerful. Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions – True Tras

Laura Jane Grace, Joan Jett, and Miley Cyrus Cover the Replacements’ “Androgynous”

    This is so major! A few days ago we posted about Miley Cyrus launching, The Happy Hippie Foundation, Anti-Homelessness, Pro-LGBT Nonprofit, and singing with Joan Jett. Today Miley has shared on Facebook, Happy Hippie Presents: “Androgynous” feat. Joan Jett & Laura Jane Grace   WATCH VIDEO HERE  Happy Hippie Presents: “Androgynous” feat. Joan Jett &

Miley Cyrus Might Be Recording With Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace!

  I fully support this possibility. I truly believe that Miley Cyrus’ career hasn’t  even begun to bud, and over the next few decades she will become a powerhouse in the music world. Now she is just a baby finding her feet and learning how to walk. Stereogum has reported: Teenage homelessness has been a

Joan Jett Debuts New Song with Special Guest Laura Jane Grace: “Soulmates to Stangers”: Video

Sorry, can’t talk! My inner lesbian is having a wet dream! Thanks Jon F. for the tip. Brand new song for Joan Jett, first time played at a live show w/special guest Laura Jane Grace! Silver Springs, FL Read more at suburbanapologist.com  

Against Me!’s Transgendered Lead Singer Laura Jane Grace Talks Fashion & Beauty Tips: Video

Against Me!‘s lead singer Laura Jane Grace invites House of Style into her home in St. Augustine to talk fashion, beauty tips and what life is like as a transgender woman. In second video below a bonus clip from Laura Jane Grace’s interview with House of Style. Jane discusses the beauty products she loves and her fitness routine. Her

Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace Talks Transitioning Fears While Being Married

It’s a real challenge for a punk rocker to generate anything resembling actual shock nowadays. Thirty-five years after the Sex Pistols sang God Save the Queen, what seemed transgressive now looks practically quaint. It’s been almost as long since sex-change surgery could work up much interest either. Even the tabloids have wearied of “gender bender” headlines about butch

Laura Jane Grace, Transgender Against Me! Singer Does First Post-Coming Out Show

I wish we had a universal LGBTQIQ Pride hand signal to throw in the air, like in the days of the Black Panthers and the raised fist was/is a symbol of solidarity and support. It is also used as a salute to express unity, strength, defiance, or resistance. We are so proud of  Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! that we want to throw this un yet