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Kickstart This Homoerotic Evangelical Exorcism Movie

Kickstart This Homoerotic Evangelical Exorcism Movie

From the Kickstarter Page: THE FILM Four young Evangelical missionaries set up a house church in the inner city of Los Angeles to try and save the neighborhood from a gang with Satanist tendencies. Jordan is a good Christian kid, except that he’s starting to have impure sexual thoughts about his close friend and fellow

Kickstart BAATHHAUS’s “Ascension” Music Video!

BAATHHAUS teams up with film maker Stephen Cone to make a stunning new video for their song “Ascension.” Following the success of their Kickstarter backed video for “Cave Song” BAATHHAUS teams up with hot young filmmaker Stephen Cone (The Wise Kids) to make a video for unreleased single “Ascension.” Lust and longing set against the

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KICKSTARTER: A.B. Announces Summer Queer Music Tour Benefitting LGBTQ Mental Health Services

Press Release July/August 2013: Photo borrowed from Boston Public Library  HELP KICKSTART AND FUND HERE   A.B. Queer Music Tour Summer 2013: Creating a Platform for LGBTQ Talent and Bringing Awareness to Mental Health Issues and Suicide Prevention. Founder, Mike Enders of the hugely popular website, Accidental Bear, has announced that he and his team will be


Bulk-The Series: Kickstart Season 2

  About BULK – The Series is an exciting, raw, sexy dramatic web series exploring the Bear Community in New York City. J. Julian Christopher and D.R. Knott are Executive Producers. Mission As a proud member of the Bear Community, I have noticed media images of gay men who look like me are desexualized or

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“The Big Feminist BUT”: A Comics Anthology About Modern Women’s & Men’s Attitudes Towards Feminism: KICKSTART

The Big Feminist BUT is a comics anthology about modern women’s–and men’s–attitudes towards feminism. BACK IT UP! KICKSTART HERE What’s The Big Feminist BUT? The Big Feminist BUT is a comics anthology about women, men and feminism! It’s about the state of equality between the sexes today and features stories from the likes of Jeffrey

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John Waters Supports The Roxie Theater SF and Encourages You to Have Sex With a Fellow Ticket Buyer: Video

There is no way you love John Waters more than I do! America’s Oldest Continuously Running Theater – San Francisco’s ROXIE THEATER – Is Still Keeping Our Mission Reel! John Waters supports The Roxie. Filmmaker John Waters discusses the mind (AND if you know how to do it right – body) blowing experiences you can


“Hello Mr.”: A Magazine About Men Who Date Men: Watch Kickstarter Video

More than just a magazine, it’s the introduction to a new generation of men who date men. KICKSTART HERE Hello Mr. is a magazine about men who date men. It’s the overdue response to the unending clichés that surround current gay lifestyle publications. Rather than pushing agendas or perfecting appearances, it’s about relevant material for a

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Hilarious Tammie Brown’s New Album – “Hot SkunX!” – Kickstarter

In a sea of Kickstarter projects it takes a very special one to get our attention. We present to this one  by Tammie Brown from RuPaul’s Drag Race because the world needs to see this project finished or their would be injustice in the my world! We are secretly obsessed with Tammie, don’t tell anyone! The


Gay Men of the West Coast – Topics on Sexuality & Identity: A Conceptual Art Project in San Francisco

KICKSTART ABOUT THIS PROJECT During the past few years I have been able to make friends and acquaintances from all over the world from my travels. Many of these people I have met reside on the west coast of the United States.  These men have always been admirable to me, being emotionally open, sexually confident,


“The Outs”: Gay Web Series Based Out of NY & They Want You to Join (Video)

Web series are all the rage right now! Soon we will all say good0bye to cable. Feast your eyes on this 6 part web series The Outs funded entirely by Kickstart. About The Outs:  The Outs is a six-episode web show – you know, like a TV show, but on your computer. Below : A brief

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The Original Grizzly Bear Jacket: It’s Not a Costume, It’s a Lifestyle (Kickstart Video)

Thanks for tip Eric K! ABOUT THIS PROJECT Kickstart Page   As the old First Nations saying goes,  “When a pine needle falls in the forest, the eagle sees it; the deer hears it, and the bear smells it.” Does this relate to Griz Coat in any way? The answer is no. But we thought we’d

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Kickstarter Spotlights Young Transexuals And Drag Queens In Puerto Rico

You remember when fierce actually meant FIRECE!? Take a peek at this kickstart page, it may remind you. ABOUT THIS PROJECT MALA MALA is a feature length documentary exploring the lives of young transsexuals & drag queens in Puerto Rico. Read about Mala Mala on TheHuffington Post here. NEW TRAILER! Hang out with Mala Mala at The Fair   

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“In Their Room- London” is a Film Project that is Sexually Charged but Not Porn, That’s Life

IN THEIR ROOM – LONDON is a fim project that is sexually fueled but not porn. Travis Mathews has a provocative point of view, skating the fine line of art, porn, sensuality and reflections of those issues within the lives of gay men. Mathews’ teaser are artistic and inmate, moments captured of gay men in their bedrooms, their natural

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“Seed Money” Chuck Holmes Built a Gay Porn Empire Taking Porn Out of Dirty Book Stores and Into the Living Room (Video)

ABOUT THIS PROJECT UPDATE! We made the $25,000 goal!!!! Thank you everyone who’s shared, or liked, or donated to us. It’s been an amazing process and we’re humbled and grateful. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t still need your support. Kickstarter an Amazon take about 10% of what we raise, and we’ll probably be in


SF Art Project “When Life Gives You Sprinkles, Make Cupcakes!” by Eddie Valtierra

It is too easy to grab the morning news paper and get covered in murder, rape, kidnappings and natural disaster, sad face. To add some balance in your life Eddie Valtierra says, “When Life Gives You Sprinkles, Make Cupcakes!” An Art project in San Francisco, CA by Eddie Valtierra   Who I am and why I am doing this… Hello, my name

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Help Kickstart this Film | OUT: A Documentary on LGBTQ Youth, Isolation, & Change

For all the info you need to help and make this project a reality go HERE   ABOUT FILM Everyday, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teenagers suffer from identity crisis and feel lost in communities that don’t accept them.  Every 100 minutes another teenager will commit suicide in America.  Because they are often the victims