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Watch: 5 Exercises with Trainer Johnny Pearman to Get You Street Fair Ready: Video

Over the years I have observed within the gay community all sorts of rituals based around street fairs, parades and parties. Basically, annual events that have the potential for you being shirtless or nude in public. I have heard or been part of conversations involving men’s workout routines prior to street fairs, parades and parties. And […]

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An Idea That Turned Into A Passion: Happy Birthday Accidental Bear Video Wishes From Familiar Faces

  WATCH VIDEO HERE Today Accidental Bear Website turns one year old and we couldn’t be any happier of the direction we are going. An idea turned into a hobby, that turned into a job, that has now turned into my passion.  There are many websites out there bringing you LGBT news and entertainment, so […]

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Accidental Bear Teams up with Celebrity Personal Trainer Johnny Pearman for a Series of Fitness Videos

The night before my meeting with personal trainer Johnny Pearman was a restless night of sleep. Fitness for most can be that pink elephant in the room that you just do not want to acknowledge. You know you should pet it more and take better care of it, but chose to ignore it. So, meeting […]