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Accidental Bear LGBTQ Weekly Entertainment Recap: Jake Deckard, Dunk Grindr, AB SOTO, MC Crumbsnatcher, Le Sexoflex, Mister Chase & More!

  Welcome to this weeks Accidental Bear LGBTQ Entertainment News Weekly Recap. Featured this week: Jake Deckard, Dunk Grindr, AB SOTO, MC Crumbsnatcher, Le Sexoflex, Roy Kinsey. Mister Chase, The Go-Go’s, B-52s , Tyler Homes and more. Make sure you watch the end where we get a special studio visit from Jake Deckard!!   Featured […]

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Jake Deckard Announces His Retirement From the Porn Industry in Tub Interview! Watch 3 Part Interview

Check out our 3 part tub interview with the one and only Jake Deckard. Jake is our first double-tubber, meaning his 2nd tub interview with Mike. This time he comes loaded with amazing insight, life updates and some HUGE news that is an exclusive for Accidental Bear. The decorated porn actor announces in part 2 […]

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Watch Jake Deckards’ “Men in the Sand” Scene 1 Revealed: Hot Damn!

So, what has porn god Jake Deckard do with his summer you ask?   Jake Deckard‘  artistically “re-envisioned” the iconic 1971 film by Wakefield Poole, Boys in the Sand. Boys in the Sand is a landmark American gay pornographic film. The 1971 film was directed by Wakefield Poole and stars Casey Donovan. Boys in the Sand was the […]

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Jake Deckard, Porn Star & Super Babe Bath Tub Interview: Exciting Future Film Project Revealed and a Wet and Wild Chat: Video

  Jake Deckard, porn star/ super babe/ really nice guy jumps in the tub with Mike Enders from Accidental Bear  for an amazing wet and wild conversation. Topics covered: Pride, topping or bottoming preference, twitter, cooking, massage, swank loft in NYC and some thoughtful ideas on gay men and  their issues with aging. Jake gives […]