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What’s it Like Being LGBT in Japan? Watch Interview at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2015 | Video

What’s it Like Being LGBT in Japan? Watch Interview at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2015 | Video

“There’s a lack of awareness that LGBT people exist normally,” he says. “Not all the people understand that LGBT people are right next to them.” Video by That Japanese Man Yuta H/T NewNowNext    

Watch Interview with Dynamic Performer AB SOTO and Mike Enders | Video

  The high energy performer AB SOTO came through San Francisco like a storm and I had a little catch up time with him at his hotel before he was off to perform for the SF night life. We touched base on his new viral music video Cha Cha Bitch (Watch below) , new music,

Kat Robichaud from The Voice Sits Down for an Interview with Mike Enders & Performs on “This Town” Vodcast

In this weeks This Town Vodcast, I was thrilled to have singer Kat Robichaud from Season 5 of NBC’s The Voice stop in for an interview focussing on before, during and after her experience on The Voice. I was dying to know what happens to contestants on shows like, The Voice and American Idol after

Video | Mike Enders Behind the Scenes of “Kurios” by Cirque du Soleil | Opening Today in San Francisco!

  Mike Enders of Accidental Bear Website, takes a behind the scenes look at “Kurios” by Cirque du Soleil just days before its US premiere in San Francisco. Mike was able to chat with Artistic Director Bruno Darmagnac, and acrobat performer, Nathan Dennis. Under and outside of the Big Top there was buzz of excitement

Tub Interview with Christopher Daniels: Porn, Escorting, Folsom Fair, DP and Staying Healthy Physically & Mentally

In the newest interview from the tub, Mike Enders catches up with porn actor Christopher Daniels. They go into details about Daniels’ current and upcoming projects, escorting, his book “Moneys on the Dresser,” double penetration, dancing and how he takes care of himself physically and mentally and much more! Follow Christopher Daniels : Twitter @CtopherDaniels

Body Image, Self Acceptance and More in Part 2 of Hot Tub Interview with Modern Bears: Watch

Getting real with the lovable Travis Smith and Chris Bale of Modern Bear. On a lovely stroll through the lovely San Francisco, you never know what you may run into. Fortunately on this day, I avoided any homeless junkie hookers and managed to dodge every steaming pile of human feces I came across. To my

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Let’s Talk about Sex | Interview with Connor Habib

    Do you need another reason to love Conner Habib? Watch video below, that should close the deal. Abby Martin talks to sex and relationship expert, Connor Habib, about the defunding of sex education from public schools and that taboos surrounding pornography. breakingtheset Follow Conner HERE  

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Benjamin Godfre Interviews Jeremy Lucido of Starrf*cker Magazine: Video

  Let’s watch the video together and get the dirt on Jeremy Lucido of Starrf*cker Magazine. Our pal Benjamin Godfre delivers a variety of questions, from porn to dick to Randy Blue to art. Find out more about Jeremy Lucido at: www.starrfuckermagazine.com More on Benjamin Godfre at: benjamingodfre.com

Photograph: Suki Dhanda for the Observer

Interview with Out Retired Rugby Player Gareth Thomas: Mickey Rourke, Drinking and Lying

  Check out the interview by The Observer with Gareth Thomas,  retired gay rugby player, 38, on Mickey Rourke, drinking and lying. Rugby is like a sleeping giant that’s starting to wake up and players are becoming public figures. But at the heart of it, they are good, honest people. Their mentality is hard work. They don’t give up. The

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Radio Interview with Triple Threat Actor, Writer & Producer Gerald McCullouch from “BearCity 2”

The Candi and Randy Show welcome to the show actor/writer/producer Gerald McCullouch to talk about his new movie “BearCity 2.” Gerald McCullouch has received international notoriety not only as the star of the hit film “BearCity” but as Bobby Dawson (‘the gun guy’) on the hit TV show CSI, and as a recurring guest host of ‘FYE!’ on E!TV. He

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Jake Deckard, Porn Star & Super Babe Bath Tub Interview: Exciting Future Film Project Revealed and a Wet and Wild Chat: Video

  Jake Deckard, porn star/ super babe/ really nice guy jumps in the tub with Mike Enders from Accidental Bear  for an amazing wet and wild conversation. Topics covered: Pride, topping or bottoming preference, twitter, cooking, massage, swank loft in NYC and some thoughtful ideas on gay men and  their issues with aging. Jake gives

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New Interview “In the Tub”: Find Out What Gives Foxy NYC Singer KOORTWAH Goosebumps!

In our newest addition of interviews “In the Tub,” we get to know up close and personal singer KOORTWAW. You could say he charmed the pants right off of us. We love the nitty-gritty, raw vibe of the interview, just like art and artist should be. Nothing fancy, just rich discussion. In our conversation naked

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Avant/Garde Diaries Features Rick Genest, Also Known as Zombie Boy (Video Interview))

It is fascinating listening to this interview with Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy as he  talks about life before tattoos, brain tumor, the publics perception of him and more. The latest Avant/Garde Diaries profile features Rick Genest, also known as Zombie Boy, who discusses his life leading up to his discovering Montreal by Formichetti and Mugler. During a

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Accidental Bears’s Interview with Intoxicating Male Model and Entrepreneur Benjamin Godfre (Video)

Since we have caught wind of male model Benjamin Godfrewe have been all eyes and ears. Bejamin says: Most people know me as a model.  I’ve been part of the modeling industry for most of my life.  I was just ten years old and living back in Minnesota when I started my training. I took

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Interview with Scruffy Aussie Bear Puppets Roger & Bryce: Puppy Piles, “Woof,” and “Brag” Bear Drag (Videos)

We are infatuated with all things down under. There is a magnetic energy pulling our focus to Australia and all of its LGBTQ News. We get visions of surf, surfers and blonde fuzzy body part glistening in the hard heat. “Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth” but I am feeling wet. Landing in

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My Secret Life: Gareth Thomas, 37, Rugby Player “I Cry A lot” (Interview)

“I cry quite a lot”, says Gareth Thomas. Oh how we love a big softy! Especially ones covered in muscle and Neanderthal good looks. I meant that in a good way. Check out this interesting fill in the blank interview with Gareth from www.independent.co.uk My parents were… really loving. I’m one of three boys who all had


Gay Singer Justin Utley Chats With Accidental Bear About Leaving His Life as a Mormon and Finding “Self-Worth”

“Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Justin Utley began his career as a Mormon-Contemporary singer/songwriter, touring throughout the west United States to mostly religious and faith-based audiences during the late-1990’s. In 2002, he was a featured performer at the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics, and earned numerous awards during his time in

Photo by Austin Young

Selene Luna Has a Passion For Bears and Her Spunky Career (Interview)

I started my long distance relationship with the lovely Selene Luna gracefully, over some morning coffee. Thanking her for talking to me because I was  feeling somewhat unworthy, I awkwardly blurted out, “Thanks for talking with me. I know you are a busy California girl and probably have a day full of Botox appointments, coffee


Fun Video Interview with Musician Tim Carr; “The Shadows” (LP) Released February 7, 2012

If you ask Tim Carr to describe his music you will find a consistently pure answer. His music is a portrait of the world through his eyes. He’s not going for anything in particular – not melodrama, certainly not vanity, and not fame. He’s just sharing his experiences and observations. He’s just being Tim. Tim invited me


Photographer Bruce Weber Interview on The Talks “Have A Viewpoint”

Weber who has been giving us black and white, breath taking photos for decades speaks with The Talks about his favorite photo ever taken,  the sexual aspect in his body of work, and the way in which he perceives life. He lives a life full and big, meaning, “Go out in the world and live!” READ INTERVIEW

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(NSFW) Straight Porn Star Charles Dera Gives Descriptive Visuals on Oral Sex (Video)

Straight men are people too. This is as much comedy as a total chubby enhancement video interview. Straight porn star Charles Dera gives descriptive details on what makes a good blow job. I can’t help but to feel like he is about to crack up in this video. Nonetheless, I love his playful enthusiasm and rugged


It’s a Bird, a Plane… No, it’s Lady Bunny Talking About RuPaul’s Drag U, Her New Show and More

Fun interview with Lady Bunny. No surprise, she’s candid and always one feisty bitch (meant in young, cool, hip way). I have to tell a quick funny Bunny story I have of my own. A few years back she was performing at a gig here in San Francisco on Van Ness Street. After she performed,

photo credit Kevin Tachman

Interview: Ana Matronic Talks About Harnessing the Power of The Fierce & Says “Gender Shmender!”

We lassoed ourselves a fire cracker named Ana Matronic. The stunning lady- ginger, vocalist for Scissor Sisters, fresh off the road from a gig in Dublin for Arthur’s Day, takes some time out to play with Accidental Bear. It was immediately clear when Ana was answering questions that she is a story-teller and I was


Interview| Dear Mr President, Life After DADT: Gay Soldier in Afghanistan Talks

Dear Mr President, while you and members of the congress were wrestling in early September through paper work, red tape  and massive egos, debating whether or not homosexuals should be allowed to revel their true identity without be punished as a service member, a gay, US Army soldier, Carlos Urtiaga was in a combat zone,  in

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Video | Oprah interviews Ralph Lauren and Checks Out his Teepees

Does Ralph Lauren‘s family always dress like cowboys, or just for interviews with Oprah? This rare interview is fascinating and odd. [vimeo 24302823 w=400 h=225]      


Actor Michael Cyril Creighton from the Web Sitcom Jack in a Box, is 1 Cup Uproarious, A Dash Smarts & A Splash of Sass: Interview

  This Jack in a Box is FDA approved. Michael Cyril Creighton who plays Jack in the web sitcom, harnesses the powerful health benefits of laughter and humor, and squeezes them into bite size videos. I insist on calling Micheal Creighton, Doctor, seeing that laughter studies so far have shown that laughter can help relieve pain, bring greater joy, and

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Accidental Bear Interviews the Men from FridayNight Furlosophy from Australia: Video

We are very excited to kick off our new series called Interviews on a Budget: no frills, no fancy drink with umbrellas, just jam-packed chit-chat. Jason and Malcolm from FridayNight Furlosophy were the perfect way to “get the party started.” These two adorable Australian Bear homosexual  Homo sapiens are playful and spicy, or maybe that’s the


Singer, Song Writer Eric Himan Tells Me Why “You First” | Interview with Accidental Bear

Look what I caught in my dream catcher, Eric Himan. While watching his stellar performance at the El Rio here in San Francisco last month I got pulled into a story he told during his introduction for his new song “You First”. He puts into words something that I have scratch my head over before

Queerty Reels in a Big Catch: Interview With Jake Shears & Armistead Maupin About ‘Tales Of The City’

From http://Queerty.com: An interview with Jake Shears & Armistead Maupin about their new musical based on the Tales of the City novels. Jake Shears & Armistead Maupin talk about coming from different generations and how they collaborated on ‘Tales Of The City’. They have “cute” chemistry during the interview, defining terms from their own generations

My Chat with Cazwell is a Hot Potato; Interview

My interview with Cazwell is like a hot potato- I cannot hold it any longer. This shit is too good. We touched base on his upcoming album, collaboration with Peaches, Amanda Lepore and his dad’s love of air instruments. You will be proud of me , I held back from any skin flute jokes. The