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Naked Tub Interview with Sexy Italian Artist Mattia Caracciolo | Video

Mike Enders brings his popular Tub interview series from the dead to chat with Italian Artist Mattia Caracciolo. Mattia has been dreaming about San Francisco for years. You know him from our past collaborations, Ginger Rocker and the wildly successful Merman Hug. We see a life time of collabs together to come. We play a little […]

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Tub Interview with Christopher Daniels: Porn, Escorting, Folsom Fair, DP and Staying Healthy Physically & Mentally

In the newest interview from the tub, Mike Enders catches up with porn actor Christopher Daniels. They go into details about Daniels’ current and upcoming projects, escorting, his book “Moneys on the Dresser,” double penetration, dancing and how he takes care of himself physically and mentally and much more! Follow Christopher Daniels : Twitter @CtopherDaniels […]

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Interview with Out Retired Rugby Player Gareth Thomas: Mickey Rourke, Drinking and Lying

  Check out the interview by The Observer with Gareth Thomas,  retired gay rugby player, 38, on Mickey Rourke, drinking and lying. Rugby is like a sleeping giant that’s starting to wake up and players are becoming public figures. But at the heart of it, they are good, honest people. Their mentality is hard work. They don’t give up. The […]

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Radio Interview with Triple Threat Actor, Writer & Producer Gerald McCullouch from “BearCity 2”

The Candi and Randy Show welcome to the show actor/writer/producer Gerald McCullouch to talk about his new movie “BearCity 2.” Gerald McCullouch has received international notoriety not only as the star of the hit film “BearCity” but as Bobby Dawson (‘the gun guy’) on the hit TV show CSI, and as a recurring guest host of ‘FYE!’ on E!TV. He […]

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Avant/Garde Diaries Features Rick Genest, Also Known as Zombie Boy (Video Interview))

It is fascinating listening to this interview with Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy as he  talks about life before tattoos, brain tumor, the publics perception of him and more. The latest Avant/Garde Diaries profile features Rick Genest, also known as Zombie Boy, who discusses his life leading up to his discovering Montreal by Formichetti and Mugler. During a […]

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My Secret Life: Gareth Thomas, 37, Rugby Player “I Cry A lot” (Interview)

“I cry quite a lot”, says Gareth Thomas. Oh how we love a big softy! Especially ones covered in muscle and Neanderthal good looks. I meant that in a good way. Check out this interesting fill in the blank interview with Gareth from www.independent.co.uk My parents were… really loving. I’m one of three boys who all had […]

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Gay Singer Justin Utley Chats With Accidental Bear About Leaving His Life as a Mormon and Finding “Self-Worth”

“Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Justin Utley began his career as a Mormon-Contemporary singer/songwriter, touring throughout the west United States to mostly religious and faith-based audiences during the late-1990’s. In 2002, he was a featured performer at the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics, and earned numerous awards during his time in […]

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Selene Luna Has a Passion For Bears and Her Spunky Career (Interview)

I started my long distance relationship with the lovely Selene Luna gracefully, over some morning coffee. Thanking her for talking to me because I was  feeling somewhat unworthy, I awkwardly blurted out, “Thanks for talking with me. I know you are a busy California girl and probably have a day full of Botox appointments, coffee […]

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Accidental Bear Interviews the Men from FridayNight Furlosophy from Australia: Video

We are very excited to kick off our new series called Interviews on a Budget: no frills, no fancy drink with umbrellas, just jam-packed chit-chat. Jason and Malcolm from FridayNight Furlosophy were the perfect way to “get the party started.” These two adorable Australian Bear homosexual  Homo sapiens are playful and spicy, or maybe that’s the […]

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Queerty Reels in a Big Catch: Interview With Jake Shears & Armistead Maupin About ‘Tales Of The City’

From http://Queerty.com: An interview with Jake Shears & Armistead Maupin about their new musical based on the Tales of the City novels. Jake Shears & Armistead Maupin talk about coming from different generations and how they collaborated on ‘Tales Of The City’. They have “cute” chemistry during the interview, defining terms from their own generations […]