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Watch Gay Infomercial Introducing Boy Butter

Watch Gay Infomercial Introducing Boy Butter

Not sure why, but I all of the sudden crave corn on the cob and butter. Check out the world’s first gay informercial for Boy Butter Personal Lubricants starring Dean Monroe airing on TV in N. America 2015. Visit boybutter.com for more info and purchase. Video from Boy Butter

Freeway’s Manbeard Lotion Infomercial: Are You Tired About Being A Baby Faced Bitch Ass Mother Fucker? Video

“When veteran Philly emcee, Freeway, calls upon the brain trust over at Eric’s World TV to help promote his new album…the conventional hip-hop promo route, is the route least taken.” EricsWorldTV asks, “Are you tired about being a baby faced bitch ass mother fucker?”