Male Model

Blaine in Tightie-Whites, Dirt & Covered in Charm Photographed by Mike Enders | NSFW

Model: Blaine | Find Blaine on Instagram | SF resident, transplanted from Texas. Aspirations to perform music. Total babe. I met Blaine the day of the shoot for the first time. He arrived on bike, I arrived by bus. I had him rolling around in the dirt wearing tightie-whities as an ice breaker. And for the 2nd […]

Queer News

Chris Salvatore Stunning in Photographs by Carlos Moscat

Yesterday we gave you Chris Salvatore’s heart felt cover of “Hallelujah,” which was a big hit, and today we serve up Chris Salvatore giving it all to photographer  Carlos Moscat. Chris wants your vote for Out Magazine‘s Most Eligible Bachelor! Click the link and find him and click vote. Follow Chris on FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM |

Queer News

Gay Marines Facebook Page Creator Taunts Us Shirtless While Proudly Holding his New Book “Sugar-Baby Bridge”

We posted a video in the past from and introduced the handsome Creator of the Gay Marines Facebook Page Brett Edward Stout and our readers ate him up. We received exciting news this morning about Brett Stout’s new book “Sugar-Baby Bridge.” While scurrying around the internet we found a lovely shirtless pic of Brett holding his book […]


CRAZY COOL VIDEO | Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2012 (Scruffy Model Love)

Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2012 Collection gets all psychedelic and weird and Roxy Music-ish in this lookbook put together by Harry’s, no strangers to getting trippy. Backgrounds meld into foregrounds meld into clothing and everything just feels right with Bryan Ferry crooning in the background.         Fig. 2: Shooting Jacket in Blue Cotton Cordlane, Popover […]

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Guilty Pleasure: We’re Obsessed with Model Benjamin Godfre and his Youtube Videos! (NSFW)

You know how sometimes you are obsessed with something you know that is not good for you, or you can’t stop eating super hot spicy salsa and YOU KNOW you will have fire in the hole the next day? That is kind of my deal with Benjamin Godfre and his Youtube channel. He stumbled into my […]

Hair Ball of Day

MILLA 2012/2013, Mustafa Sabbagh’s Photo’s Are Everything!

 Mustafa Sabbagh photographs are everything! I want to live in the stories being told by his lens, and revel in my desires that his pictures evoke. Photograph By Mustafa Sabbagh For MILLA   Just like in the decoration of old altarpieces, the profane desire to see the sparkle of gold on raw materials is mixed with the signs of […]

Queer News

Tom Hardy with Full-On Scruff on The Jonathan Ross Show, What a Babe! (Video)

  The basic 411 on actor Tom Hardy brought to you by the lovely and free Wikipedia, ” Edward Thomas “Tom” Hardy (born 15 September 1977) is an English actor. He is known for his roles in Bronson, Inception, Black Hawk Down, Warrior, RocknRolla and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. He will portray the primary villain Bane in the upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises. He also played […]

Music Queer News

Shirtless Hunk Covering “Vogue” – Madonna (Acoustic Cover)

  Youtube cuteness, Joe Bissell, who claims on Twitter, that he is, ” 21 year old singer/musician/entertainment connoisseur. I can be vague, funny, sarcastic, entertaining, stupid, irrational,” rips Madonna’s hit “Vogue” and new one. I’ve been toying around with this one. Finally got the time to film a quick cover of it. Hope ya like it. (And […]

Queer News

Axed Playboy Club Star Eddie Cibrian, Wet, Naked and Selling Fluffy Charisma Towels (Photo Spread)

His television show The Playboy Club was canned last October after it failed to garner ratings. And with his acting offers apparently thin on the ground, it seems Eddie Cibrian is exploring other options.  The 38-year-old has signed up as the face – and body – of the Spring 2012 campaign for home wear company Charisma. […]

Hair Ball of Day

Hair Ball of the Day: Porn Star Colby Keller in a Cupboard Photo Spread (NSFW)

You are warned. Only scroll down if you like penis and balls. Oh Colby, you playful little minx! Don’t forget to go and get a taste of Colby Keller over at his blog He is very flavorful.                     Photos courtesy of Gabe Ayala and a special “styling” thank you […]

Hair Ball of Day

George Michael Has Snatched Himself a Hunk of Burning Love ( or Hot Hooker)

See kids, being a aging drug addict isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact Mr George Michael, when not falling asleep at the wheel or being arrested while being freaking out of his mind high, has scored himself one hot tamale! The Dlisted  says,” This furry bear of a man is George Michael’s newest trophy piece […]

Art Queer News

Sneak Peek: Retired Rugby Hunk Gareth Thomas’s Shoot for US Magazine

   Gareth Thomas known as Alfie, is a retired Welsh professional rugby footballer who played rugby league for the Crusaders RL in the Super League. Now besides being a spokesperson for gay rights is showing off his money (baby) maker. ” Here’s an exclusive image from a shoot Gareth did for a US magazine. The article will be revealed very soon but until then enjoy this […]