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Police Detain 14 Men for Holding ‘Gay Party’ in Indonesia

Silence = Death. Please share what is still happening to LGBT people around the world. Don’t become complacent as you sit at Starbucks sipping your frappaccino using free wifi. Gay Star News reports — Police officers in Indonesia’s second biggest city arrested 14 men for performing ‘deviant sexual acts’. At around midnight on Sunday, officers […]

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Meet The Brave People Fighting Homophobia And Transphobia In Africa

Above image: “People describe me as a young, soft-spoken boy, but I have never hesitated to publicly express my sexual orientation.” — George, former model and leader of the LGBTI organization Out in Kenya, in the center of Nairobi. Kenya, May 2013.  And you thinking waiting in a ling line at Starbucks is brave. Meet the people fighting […]

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New Film Highlights Struggles of Gay Palestinians in Israel

  TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — During last summer’s Gaza war, Khader Abu Seif was living with his then Israeli boyfriend in Tel Aviv, wondering whether Hamas rockets could reach them from the coastal strip. He thought yet again of the dichotomy of his life as a gay Arab Israeli citizen considered an outcast by […]

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Beating Reveals ‘The face of Homophobia’ in France

  The Local France’s English News Paper Reports: This is the shocking picture of Wilfred de Bruijn, the apparent victim of a brutal homophobic attack in Paris at the weekend. Gay-rights groups say the on-going protests against gay marriage in France have led to a rise in homophobic acts. This bruised and bloodied face belongs […]

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The Last Closet: New Campaign to End Homophobia in Men’s Professional Sports

The Last Closet began as a documentary film produced under the auspices of Woman Vision. The documentary had goals similar to this present campaign—we wanted to know why no male player in any of the top five major sports has come out publicly while actively playing. As we compiled research materials and interviewed our first subjects for […]

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“Drown”: Aussie Lifeguards Big Night Out Filled Homophobic Fears and Tragic Booze-Fueled Bullying: Watch Trailer

Three lifeguards on a big night out. Jealousy, homophobic fears and unrequited lust culminate in a tragic booze-fueled episode of near-fatal bullying. In 2013, DROWN will be released in cinemas. It is an independent film that deals with bullying and homophobia in Sydney. The film is currently in production and is based on the play by Stephen Davis. […]

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Hair Balls of the Day: Kissing Soccer Players Poster to Combat Homophobia in the Ukraine

Out Sports reports: With Euro 2012 dominating the soccer world for the month, and against the backdrop of gays being warned against being open in Ukraine, one of the host countries, we find a poster from a German group that asks fans to consider homophobia. “Would you also beat up your favorite player for this?” asks Maneo, […]

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Illinois School Board Bans Family Diversity Book

Will someone get these inbreds a time travel machine and bring them to 2012 with the rest of us!  The Erie, Illinois School Board has banned Todd Parr’s “The Family Book” from being used in its elementary school after parents complained that on one page, it mentions that “some families have two moms or two dads.” They argued that […]

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“IDAHO” International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia May 17th

Following other initiatives such as the National Day Against Homophobia created in 2003 in the Quebec province of Canada by the Fondation Emergence and celebrated in June, Louis-Georges Tin, a French university lecturer, campaigner for Black and LGBT Rights and chief editor of the «Dictionary of Homophobia», launched in August 2004 an initiative to create an […]

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“HOMOPHOBIA” Gay Bullying Themed Short Film: Released May 11, 2012 (Video)

Project Homophobia is a short film about gay bullying and self-acceptance by Austrian filmmaker Gregor Schmidinger. Release in May 2012. Homophobia means being afraid of homosexuality. But what if you would be afraid of your own homosexual feelings? What if you could not handle them? The short film Homophobia explores these questions. We invite all […]

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Is Some Homophobia Self-Phobia?

I will answer the question “Is Some Homophobia Self-Phobia?” . My answer is thorough and very scientific, “Probably.” Science Daily reports: Homophobia is more pronounced in individuals with an unacknowledged attraction to the same sex and who grew up with authoritarian parents who forbade such desires, a series of psychology studies demonstrates. The study is […]

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1 Gay Person is Killed Every 24 hours in Brazil

The overall crime rate is falling sharply in Brazil, but “murders of gays and lesbians are on the rise,” the Daily Beast’s Kristian Jebsen reports. “Attacks against gays have climbed steadily for most of the last decade, with 272 murdered in 2011—one every 36 hours, according to Grupo Gay da Bahía, a leading gay-rights group that […]

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NHL Stands Tall Against Homophobia in Sports “You Can Play” – Part Two Video

Patrick Burke of the Philadelphia Flyers and Brian Burke of the Toronto Maple Leafs are joined by James Van Riemsdyk (PHI), Mark Fayne (NJD), Frans Nielsen (NYI), Tyler Bozak (TOR), George Parros (ANA), Brandon Prust (NYR), David Steckel (TOR), Andy Greene (NJD), RJ Umberger (CBJ) and Brian Boyle (NYR) to tell LGBT athletes: “If you […]

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Gay Man Beaten with Cane by 71-Year-Old Woman Speaks Out (Video)

Homophobia is viscous at any age. Proof below: RICHLAND HILLS, Texas — A 71-year-old North Texas woman accused of beating her neighbor with a cane is being charged with a hate crime. Richland Hills police say Wanda Derby repeatedly hit 25-year-old Lloyd Guerrero with her wooden cane and used it to choke him. “As I lifted […]

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Pat Robertson: Homosexuality is ‘Related to Demonic Possession’ (Video)

When real life seems like a Saturday Night Live skit. Oh, how I love good comedy, thanks Pat!   Today on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson profiled a man who had undergone ex-gay therapy, and with the support of his wife was able to achieve “repentance and deliverance from the homosexual lifestyle.” Despite his “success,” Robertson […]

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100 Shocking Tweets From People Who Say They Will Murder Their Gay Child #ToMyUnbornChild

 Speechless. Feel like making yourself sick? MORE TWEETS Here are 100+ real tweets from real people who used Twitter to tell the world that if their child turned out to be gay or lesbian they would murder them. Yes, there actually is a hashtag, #ToMyUnbornChild, which, among other things, has been encouraging people to tweet they will […]

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Burke Family: “You Can Play” Project to Combat Homophobia in Professional Hockey (Video)

This PSA may resonate with those of you that have ‘father issues” more than the next.   Brian and Patrick Burke have launched the “You Can Play” project to combat homophobia in professional hockey. Mission statement: You Can Play is dedicated to ensuring equality, respect and safety for all athletes, without regard to sexual orientation. You Can […]

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“I Was a Twenty-Something Gay Basher” by Ex-Homophobe

Posted on February 10, 2012 via lgbt-bju.org By Robert Stribley I place the struggle for the victory of reason and of moral values above a peace brought by their loss. – Václav Havel My Own Words I don’t remember how the subject of homosexuality even came up, but one Sunday morning on the way to breakfast at the […]

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Sao Paulo, Brazil: Metro Launches Campaign to Combat Homophobia

 “See beyond prejudice. Respect differences.” The Brazilian State of São Paulo in partnership with the São Paulo City Metro (Underground) launched yesterday a campaign to combat homophobia entitled: “See beyond prejudice. Respect differences.” Its objective is to increase respect towards, and decrease discrimination against, LGBT people living in South America’s most populous city. The first […]

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Perfume Genius Video Gets Banned From YouTube For Not Being “Family Safe”

Say what? We proudly featured this beautifully filmed commercial recently, Perfume Genius, and this morning read that it is banned from YouTube for not being “Family Safe.” You have got to be kidding me. With the amount of insane, almost pornographic video of young dunk guys writing things on their bare asses and drinking beer […]

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GLSEN Releases Groundbreaking Study of Bias, Bullying and Homophobia in Grades K-6

“Playgrounds and Prejudice: Elementary School Climate in the United States” First National Study to Look at Homophobia, Gender Nonconformity in Elementary Schools. Gender Nonconforming Students at Particular Risk for Bullying, Many Teachers Unprepared to Address Issues of Gender Expression, LGBT Families www.glsen.org On February 1, join GLSEN for an in-depth look at the study findings from […]

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Why Rappers Are Suddenly Speaking Out in Support of Gay Pride

Hip-hop hooray-ho, No Homo! Hip-hop and homophobic hate speech have long gone hand in hand—but now MCs from Fat Joe to The Game are changing their tune. Chris Lee on rap’s gay-friendly tipping point. Has hip-hop finally had it with homophobia? Since the genre’s explosion into the public consciousness in the early ’80s, rap music has […]

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Homophobia in UK Prisons is Endemic, But Often Unreported or Ignored

Homophobia is not sexy! Prisons seems like the perfect, dark, private, ruled by ultimate power environment for homophobia to hide. “The charity (jail) has been told that gay prisoners are advised by officers to ‘act less gay’ as a survival strategy.” A new report claims that while homophobia is widespread in the UK prison system, anti-gay […]

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London Wasps Sign Government Charter Against Homophobia

Ben Cohen says, “Great to see London Wasps signing the Charter. First Rugby Club to do so. Who will be next?” Ben London Wasps have become the first professional rugby union club to sign the Government Charter for Action to rid sport of homophobic and transphobic abuse. www.wasps.co.uk The Charter was launched by Equalities Minister Lynne […]

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Stunning LGBT Campaign Ads From Argentina: Can You Believe This? (Videos)

Amazing LGBT rights campaign ad from Obs.Salta in Salta, Argentina. A year ago, Argentina became the first country in Latin America to grant same-sex couples full marriage rights. Before this year is over, the Argentinean congress might very well pass a groundbreaking transgender-rights law extending health care protections to transgender individuals and making it easier […]

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Accidental Bear Spends a Day with Ben Cohen and His StandUp Foundation Team (Videos)

Meeting up with Ben Cohen and his StandUp FoundationTeam had my brain twirling with excitement. I broke a few laws speeding to San Jose where  The Cisco Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Advocates (GLBT&A) Employee Resource Group(ERG), came  together with the Cisco Disabilities Awareness Network ERG, and brought Ben to the Cisco San Jose campus […]

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Interview: All-American Wrestler Hudson Taylor Discusses His Athlete Ally Pledge & His Fascination with Magic

Finding strength and support in the unpredicted is something splendid. Straight alliance, Herbert Hudson Taylor lV (had to say his whole magnificent name), an All-American Wrestler is plowing forward today and making the world a safer, more accepting place for the gay community. Hudson’s main focus for breaking down barriers and squashing stereotypes is within the super […]

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The Gay Who Wasn’t Gay Enough: Homophobic? | Gay Rugby Video

I get it, it’s cute…but I think it is a strong case of gays displaying internalized homophobia. An online mockumentary by Toronto’s gay rugby team — inspired by the players’ true stories — about one man’s quest to find himself. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txg9PBGy7FY&version=3&hl=en_US] Muddy York RFC presents: ~ THE GAY WHO WASN’T GAY ENOUGH ~ coming […]

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MSNBC – Ben Cohen Quits Rugby To Combat Homophobia | Video

Thomas Roberts talks with U.K. rugby star Ben Cohen who is touting his “Standup Foundation” on U.S. “Acceptance Tour”. Ben not only talks about how he got involved with his acceptance tour called Stand Up but also shares personal story about how his father was murdered while trying to protect someone at a night club […]

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Hateful ‘gay free zone’ stickers Gets Man Arrested

I love unicorn, rainbow, cotton candy, water melon and kitten stickers but not anti-gay stickers. It seem like a lot of work just to post your hate publicly. Cases like this usually end up with the perpetrator going off his crazy meds or something mental health related. Now, will some get this boy some scratch […]

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“Can You Hear Me Now?” Guy, is Queer and Talks

A frickin’ 9 year contract, that’s insane. I actually didn’t assume he was gay from the Verizon adds. I thought maybe he was just one of those sensitive, straight hipster types. Now that I know, I am curious what he has to say. He mentions that his contract made it impossible to report  homophobia. I’m […]