Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross New Version for John Carpenter’s Halloween

Reznor: “John Carpenter, it’s your fault that I turned out the way I did.” John Carpenter’s Halloween by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross To stream or download this track: John Carpenter’s ‘Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998,’ out October 20 on Sacred Bones Records. Carpenter shared a statement of his own, saying that Reznor and Ross’ […]

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Gay Vampire Trick in San Francisco Park Turns Bloody | Photos by Mike Enders

Trick or treat? Bearded hunk finds himself in a San Francisco park after work. Gazing out over his fair city he is seduced by young vampire.  After a blood sucking feast, the two spend the day high above the city of San Francisco getting acquainted, and waiting to spot their first feeding together. Don’t ask […]

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Halloween Photo Shoot with the Cast of Where the Bears Are by Dusti Cunningham

Where the Bears Are shot some wicked sexy Halloween promos for their Season 2 DVD. On the Where the Bears Are Facebook Page they wrote, “It’s Joe Dietl’s Birthday today. I’m sure he would love it if you all bought a Season 2 DVD.” Order your Season 2 DVD HERE See more photos from this shoot […]

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ARTINFO Itinerary: Ghoulish Gallery Choices for the Halloween Season: NYC

by Allison Meier for During the days leading up to next week’s All Hallows’ Eve, why not embark on a quest to see some exhibitions of the more unsettling kind? Here, in place of our usual weekly New Yorkitinerary, we present a twisted trail of art to gnaw at the dark recesses of the mind and perhaps […]

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And to You, a Happy Halloween! Video

You’re welcome! “Republicans vomiting toxic ideas…” Chainsaws, explosions & zombies, oh my! Share this LOL zombie comedy bloodbath that fights the brain-dead Republican zombie White House takeover. Show your friends on Facebook and Twitter how scary it will be if Republicans win the White House in 2012!