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Hair Ball of the Day | Hunky Artist Sir Andrew Silver Will Get Your Motor Going

Hair Ball of the Day | Hunky Artist Sir Andrew Silver Will Get Your Motor Going

Find  Sir Andrew Silver on Tumblr and Instagram. See his art on Instagram •BTS• #working#painting#customs#artistlife#hustle#art A photo posted by @billdabutcher on Mar 4, 2016 at 8:51am PST Shot by @gilbertpereda for @pandcoclothing @pandcoclothing shot by @gilbertpereda Photo by @gilbertpereda by @mariuszjeglinski shot by gilbertpereda for pandcoclothing


Hair Ball of the Day | Howie Tung by Alessandro Calza

Photographer: Alessandro Calza  About Photographer: Born in 1970, after Architecture studies, he moved into the field of graphic and digital media design, working for some of the major brands on the market, Nokia, KLM, Bausch & Lomb, Motorola, Lion’s Gate Films to name a few. Focused on portrait and self portrait,  Alessandro favourite approach is simple chiaroscuro portrait photography, where inspiration

Pioneer Sergeant

Hair Ball of the Day | The Only Army Rank Allowed to Have a Beard on Parade #HubbaHubba

  For the love of beard! forces.tv reports: Meet the Pioneer Sergeant, the holder of the only position within the British Army allowed to have a beard when on parade. Pioneer Sergeants have existed since the 1700s. The tradition began when every British infantry company had one ‘pioneer’ who would march in front of the regiment. He would wear

Hair Ball of the Day | Hottie ‘Owns’ His Office and Gotz the Skillz to Pay the Billz | Video

Youtuber Jake H shares, “office layoffs. just me and that 6′ hoop for my final days.”

Dale Fraser

Hair Ball of the Day | Scruffy Dale Fraser Photographed Naked at the Beach by Wong Sim | NSFW

    Just going to put this right here. The stunning  Canadian model Dale Fraser photographed by Wong Sim. Location: Bali, Indonesia Grooming: Angie Anggoro See more photographs by Won Sim at wongsim.com H/T Homotography


Hair Ball of the Day: The Man Who Loved Flowers

Model: Terence Williams Photographer: Brandon Stanciell. 21. Flower enthusiast. | valleyhoodlum.tumblr.com H/T Sissydude 

Daniel Norris1

Hair Ball of the Day | Pro Baseball Player Who Lives in a Van with His Beard

National Post reports: Toronto Blue Jays prospect Daniel Norris finds peace while living in his van and enjoying the outdoors. Read full story HERE  

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 9.00.48 PM

Hair Balls of the Day: Scruffy Male Models Used as Props

“For the sexually-charged editorial, that leaves little to the imagination, Munroe is joined by male models JJ Clark and Jonathan Guijarro. ” Find out more at myportiswaspsays.com


Hair Ball of the Day: Painted Sac Graffiti

Source: hyt-holdyourtongue  


Hair Ball of the Day: Got Crabs?

  Source: zoikastilio  


Hair Ball of the Day: Helping Hands

  Source: bangarangblog  


Hair Ball of the Day: Shag Rug

Source: edowski


Hair Ball of Day: Pure Smut, Gorgeous-Gorgeous Smut

Hi, so I have sex written all of my face? Yes, yes you do. Source: guigodelano


Hair Ball of the Day: “Tell Your Grandma To Get Her Panties Off My Night Stand”

Stolen from World of Wonder XOXO

Screen shot 2012-08-31 at 9.46.35 AM

Hair Ball of Day: The Fearless Tony Ward: Photos

Tony Ward by Terry Richardson for Sergio K Spring/Summer 2013


Hair Ball of the Day: Naked Squat

Source: eanbaptistehuong

Screen shot 2012-08-01 at 4.23.10 PM

Hair Ball of the Day: Australian Swimmer and Otter James Magnussen: Photos



Hair Ball of the Day: Super Sexy Silver Medal Winner Nick Thoman with Daddy Voice

With or without the beard Olympic swimmer Nick Thoman is one scrumptious hair ball. Just imagine that low rumbling voice whispering sweet nothings into your ear and your ear drum vibrating back and forth, back and forth (just go with it). Nicholas Thoman is now an Olympic silver medalist, who specializes in the backstroke and has won, in


Hair Ball of Day: A Smorgasbord of Male Model Tom Bull


Hair Ball of Day: Nude Ginger at the Creek

Source: gingerbush

Screen shot 2012-07-24 at 8.21.43 AM

Hair Ball of the Day: Speedo Australia’s Blue Eyed Fox

Check out some of our ambassador’s collecting their Speedo products!


Hair Ball of the Day: Nude Sunday

Source: boyswithbeard


Hair Balls of the Day: Beary Good Friends


Hair Ball of the Day: Faggots Are Fantastic

Source: mramorphous

Screen shot 2012-07-04 at 12.43.10 PM

Hair Balls of the Day: Red, White and Blue (Beards)

This is as patriotic as we get. Have a sexy, fun and safe 4th of July!


Hair Ball of the Day: Lasagna Del Rey

Source: gingerandloud


Hair Balls of the Day: Kissing Soccer Players Poster to Combat Homophobia in the Ukraine

Out Sports reports: With Euro 2012 dominating the soccer world for the month, and against the backdrop of gays being warned against being open in Ukraine, one of the host countries, we find a poster from a German group that asks fans to consider homophobia. “Would you also beat up your favorite player for this?” asks Maneo,


Hair Ball of the Day: Wicked Beard Profile and Sittable Nose!

Source: srtoro sittable: Referring to something you can sit on, esp something comfortable to sit on. Thank your Urban Dictionary 


Hair Ball of the Day: Ti-Grrrrr!

Source: acidcupcake


Hair Balls of the Day: Brighton Swimming Club, 1863

Brighton Swimming Club, 1863  


Hair Ball of the Day: Bear Cub Snuggles With Stuffed Bear Cub

A quarantined black bear cub plays with his stuffed toy at The Oregon Zoo in Portland. (AP / Oregon Zoo, Carli D

Screen shot 2012-05-11 at 3.51.19 PM

Hair Ball of the Day: Not Every Boy Wants To Be A Soldier

Source: thelunaticwindbag


Hair(less) Balls of the Day: Penis Heads Dressed up in Frocks, Gowns & More

Why not! Source: pervygirl


Hair Ball of the Day: Let’s Go For a Hike & a Swim!

  Model: Josh Dibble Photos: Jahn Hall


Hair Ball of the Day: It’s Hot and Sweaty Out and So is He

Source: kuchenbaeckerin


Hair Balls of the Day: Is Mans Best Friend a Dog, Beard or Tattoo?

source unknown


Hair Balls of the Day: Bloody Kittens & Human Hearts

Source: oblitusprinceps


Hair Ball of the Day: Boys with Beards with Cats to the Sky



Hair Balls of the Day: Rugby Rugbears by dronio

Rugbear by dronio Source: goliathsc


Hair Ball of the Day: Green Thumb in a Speedo Realness