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Daniel Radcliffe Turning into Quite the Fox by Paul Wetherwell for Cover of GQ

Daniel Radcliffe Turning into Quite the Fox by Paul Wetherwell for Cover of GQ

Daniel Radcliffe on the cover of the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of GQ Style Germany, photographed by Paul Wetherwell.

Jon Hamm on Cover GQ UK September 2014 Issue | Hamm, You Give Me Fever!

Jon Hamm Covers GQ UK-’Mad Men’ actor Jon Hamm covers the coveted September issue of GQ UK, posing poolside for photographer Gavin Bond. Dressed in dappersuiting, which is not out of the ordinary after a seven season run on ‘Mad Men’ playing Don Draper, Hamm talks to the magazine about what’s next. Explaining the path to success post ‘Mad

The Adorable Chris O’Dowd In The June Edition Of GQ: Video

“Chris O’Dowd is adorable. I realize most men prefer adjectives that don’t immediately conjure a basket of ribboned kitties, but for O’Dowd at least, it comes with perks. Chiefly: Women love him. After seeing his Bridesmaids performance (he was Kristen Wiig’s traffic-cop love interest), a good friend whispered to me: “I think I just dropped an ovary.”  Read

GQ Names the 25 Most Stylish Men of 2012 and We Choose Ours From Their List

    Above are some of our favorites from the list. “Whether it was athletes stepping up their game off the field, rappers saying goodbye to gaudy excess, or actors actually giving a shit, 2012 was the year famous guys finally got serious about taking risks and looking good. These are best-dressed gents we saw

James Franco On The Cover Of GQ Style Brazil

James Franco styled by Antonio Branco and photographed by Cliff Watts in São Paulo for the first ever GQ Style Brazil, out today. Pictures of the editorial exclusively at Made In Brazil courtesy of GQ Brazil. Hold on tight because more coming next week.

Jesus Christ! It’s Tim Tebow on an Invisible Cross for GQ Magazine: Photos

GQ Magazine asks, “Have You Accepted Tim Tebow as Your QB and Sunday Savior?” And our reply, “We’d totally skull fuck him, does that count?” A fragile Jets fan and fierce denialist tries to make his peace with the arrival of Tebowmania in New York. PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARK SELIGER  

Parks & Recreation’s Nick Offerman: Shirtless for ‘GQ’ with Eagle Shaped Pubes!

    Read full interview at GQ. Here is what the 42-year-old Parks and Recreation actor had to share with the mag: On his wife Megan Mullally: “I have to give Megan a lot of credit. I was still a young actor when we started dating. She had to point out that if I wanted to commit to this, I’d

Model Tony Ward’s Mustache-A-Licious Editorial – GQ Spain April 2012

Tony Ward always has just the right amount of sleaze factor to make him, in my humble opinion, one of the sexiest men alive. The mustache is asking to be ridden. Model Tony Ward looks comfortable with in the Spaniard look in last month’s issue of GQ Spain. The model plays various roles in the

Dustin Lance Black To GQ: Grow (the fuck) Up!

Dustin Black is right on the money with this one. It is hard for non-gays, guys especially, to think that ALL gay men don’t want them. This feeds one of the basic roots of homophobia, fear, and puts out there the wrong idea that gays are all lecherous trolls. Mike Enders  via Advocate Dustin Lance

Handpicked News: Gay Comic Character, Studio Lot to Get Rainbow, Larry King Wants to Marry Anderson Cooper…

Gay Comic Character to Get More Play Kevin Keller, the gay pal of Archie, Betty, and Veronica, is going to get more ink: Next year he’ll star in a monthly comic in which he becomes president of his Riverdale High School class, and the ongoing Life With Archieseries will delve into Kevin’s future — including his marriage. Kevin,