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Meet the Owner of P-Town Treasure TIM-SCAPES | Bright Future, Giving Back to Community & More

Meet the Owner of P-Town Treasure TIM-SCAPES | Bright Future, Giving Back to Community & More

After growing up in the East Coast, Ithaca New York, I really never looked back or had any desire to visit, and surely never toyed with the idea of calling it home again. That all changed on my first visit to Provincetown, MA that happened in July 2013. P-Town peaked my interest enough for a


Brazil: Francisco Hurtz Criticizes the Model of Masculinity in “Locker / Room” at the Cultural Epicenter

  I am loving everything about these. Nudity that’s not gratuitous, although there is nothing wring with that. These images intrigue me and provokes questions and conversation. Francisco Hurtz criticizes the model of masculinity  in “Locker / Room” at the Cultural Epicenter The artist Francisco Hurtz presents his solo exhibition “Locker / Room” until February


“Freier Fall”: Gay German Film Opens MoMA’s Kino! Exhibition: Watch Trailer

Continuing a long tradition of celebrating emerging visions from German filmmakers, we are pleased to present MoMA’s 35th annual series of new films from Germany. Selected from major international festivals, including this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, the series features popular narrative, documentary, and avant-garde works that demonstrate Germany’s vital role as an incubator of

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Watch: “STICKY” Issue #1: Gay Erotic Comic Promo Clip!

  Best-selling author Clive Barker describes STICKY as “Sexy, stylish, minimalist…an intense mixture of erotic realism and the freedom of comics storytelling makes STICKY a pleasure to have in one hand.” STICKY is a three-issue comic series of erotic tales of man-on-man carnality and sweetness written by Dale Lazarov and drawn by Steve MacIsaac. “This

Chaim Levin, Michael Ferguson, Seth Anderson

Although Discredited, Gay Conversion Therapy Remains an Option for Minors

“Justin Utley was 25 when he began going to Evergreen, a support group in Salt Lake City, Utah, that helped people “diminish same-sex attractions and overcome homosexual behavior.” After returning from his mission trip as a young Mormon, he’d approached his bishop and told him he might be gay—which led him to seek help using

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Meet Country Fur Ball Singer Drake Jensen and Watch New Video For “When it Hurts Like That”

  GAY COUNTRY ARTIST DRAKE JENSEN TO RELEASE  NEW ALBUM OUTLAW ON MARCH 12   Giddy-up friends and bear down on this! When I do country I really like to do country, my environment and all. I’m going to rent myself a cabin with no running water or electricity and lock myself in, with occasional trip to the


Rick Warren: Being Gay Is Like ‘Punching A Guy In The Nose’ Or Consuming Arsenic

Megachurch (disgusting) pastor Rick Warren remains as ill-informed on gay identity as ever. Unfazed by the notion that there may be a biological cause for homosexuality, Warren told Piers Morgan (dumb ass) on CNN this week that acting on same-sex attractions is no different from “punching a guy in the nose” or consuming arsenic: WARREN: Here’s what we

Men with gay pride message stencilled on their bare chests at the Christopher Street Day Parade in Berlin Germany 2011

‘Being Gay Is Not A Mental Disorder And Cannot Be Cured’ UK Psychotherapists Warn

Somebody remind me what year it it. The largest association of psychotherapists in the UK has sent a letter to all of its 30,000 members, telling them that being gay is not a mental disorder and cannot be “cured.” Pointing to a report by the World Health Organisation “Cures For An Illness Which Does Not

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New Series: “Hunting Season” Based on the Wildly Popular Blog, “The Great Cock Hunt”

A new series the just may be worth watching Hunting Season Hunting Season is a new series based on the funny and painfully truthful blog of ALEX, a single gay 20-something in Manhattan, a smart and successful blogger at Gawker by day, who turns the spotlight on himself and his friends and starts anonymously writing about


Nine Anti-Gay Preachers Arrested at New Orleans Gay Southern Decadence Celebration

I love this shit! Hypocritical lying morons alert.   Nine preachers were arrested Saturday after police said they yelled anti-gay slurs over bullhorns during a demonstration at Southern Decadence, an annual celebration of gay culture in theFrench Quarter. Patrick O’Connell, 45, Rolando Igleasias, 31, Cesar Chavez, 22, Daniel Hoogerhuis, 26, Danny Guevera, 20, Larry Craft, 52,


Legendary New York City Gay Bath House ‘The Continental Baths’ Documentary

Accidental Bear approved! Kickstart this project HERE Principle photography has wrapped on CONTINENTAL. It is your help that got us here. Now..we need to finish it and get it ready for submitting to festivals. After the generous outpouring from people all over the world I was able to head to Australia and get the key


Amtrak Jumps on Pro-Gay Train And Unveils Ads Featuring Same-Sex Families

Amtrak has unveiled two new ads featuring same-sex families traveling together. Advertising that children age 2-15 ride 50 percent off when traveling with an adult, the headlines read, “Priceless Family Moments Are Now Affordable.” Two version of the ad, one with a picture of a male couple and another with a female couple, were distributed.  Both versions include

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“Domesticity Isn’t Pretty!” Leonard and Larry A Gay Comic You Should Know by Tim Barela

LGBTQ Comics and Graphic Artists You Should Know Tim Barela’s Leonard and Larry  Tim Barela (born in Temecula, California), is an acclaimed gay cartoonist, best known for his creation of the comic strip, Leonard & Larry. The Leonard & Larry characters first appeared in a 1984 issue of Gay Comix, then were later featured in The Advocate and Frontiers magazines. The comic series is collected in four volumes published by Palliard Press.


Anderson Cooper’s Message to Andrew Sullivan: “The Fact Is, I’m Gay.”

Read below and intense and honest email sent to Andrew Sullivan of The Dish from one of our faves, the silver fox himself, Anderson Cooper. Andrew says “as a friend for more than two decades. I asked him (Cooper) for his feedback on this subject ( emerging trend: gay people in public life who come out in a much

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Melbourne’s Men Only Dance Party,TRØUGH X Gives You Yummy-Hairy Photo Spread of Manliness

The amount of artistry that goes into club promotions these day blow my mind. Melbourne’s Men Only Dance Party,TRØUGH X Gives us here an outstanding display of photography for up coming dance part on July 28th. Hairy Yum-Yums with an exquisite taste of the worlds finest men displayed in photographs below by JOHN TSIAVIS + NIK DIMOPOULOS. Enjoy

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Big Freedia Talks to Xtra About How She Put the “Sissy” in Bounce Music: Video

Big Freedia is the stage name of Freddie Ross, an American musician known for work in bounce music. In 2011 Freedia was named Best Emerging Artist and Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist in January’s Best of the Beat Awards. New Orleans’ Big Freedia talks to xtra about how she put the “Sissy” in bounce music. Big Freedia’s


Bobby Jo Valentine is a Major Talented Hunk to Watch Out For: Video

I have been lucky enough to see Bobby Jo Valentine perform live several times now and he’s got the X-factor that the entertainment world is always chiming about. Charming, SUPER MUSICALLY GIFTED, and would you just take a look at him! Take some time getting familiar with his work and do your self a huge favor

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“We Speak Bear”: MISTER -The App for Adult Men: Bearomance Ensues in Adorable Video Promo

“Bear Talk” introduces Smart Bear, a cuddly gay bear cub, and his first encounter with MISTER. Bearomance ensues. Woof. MISTER says: Our mission is to bring Maturity, Integrity, Safety, Truth, Enjoyment and Respect to mobile gay dating, to create a healthy alternative to meat-market websites and apps and celebrate adult men. Company Overview MISTER was created

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“No Strings Attached” Video Trailer: A Bearish Romantic Gay Film with Chubster Sex

Mikiech and Keith try to keep their relationship strictly physical, but it’s not long before they learn that they want something more. I think it is humanly impossible to have NO strings attached. This film blows through some issues involved in the A, B and C’s of NSA relationships and their dynamics on friendships. That


Ethiopia: Newspaper Warns of Gay ‘Infestation’

A popular Ethiopian daily newspaper alleges the United States and Europe are plotting to export, spread and promote homosexuality in Ethiopia. In an article published by Yenga daily, on the 18 June, homosexuality was described as rapidly-growing ‘infestation’ whose carriers are now ‘estimated’ to have reached 16,000. The paper also alleged that gays have an

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“Zip Lining & Wet Dreams”: Oso Accidental Travel Blog: On the Road in Puerto Vallarta: Day 4

June 18, 2018 “Zip Lining Over the Jungle” First lesson of the day: When ordering something at  restaurant in a sad attempt at  the local language you never know what might show up at your table. Below a pic of my ice coffee that I ordered. To my surprise it what quite enjoyable. The waiters here


Hair Balls of the Day: Kissing Soccer Players Poster to Combat Homophobia in the Ukraine

Out Sports reports: With Euro 2012 dominating the soccer world for the month, and against the backdrop of gays being warned against being open in Ukraine, one of the host countries, we find a poster from a German group that asks fans to consider homophobia. “Would you also beat up your favorite player for this?” asks Maneo,

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Ex-Wales Rugby Captain Gareth ‘Alfie’ Thomas Turned Reality TV Star Will Star in Aladdin Pantomime as Genie

Former Wales rugby captain Gareth Thomas has signed up for a leading role in a Christmas pantomime. The 37-year-old, nicknamed Alfie, will play the genie in Aladdin at the Stiwt Theatre in Wrexham. Since quitting rugby, Thomas has taken part in Celebrity Big Brother and cariad@iaith, where he had to learn as much Welsh as

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14-Year-Old Radio Host Says Obama and Biden Are ‘Making Kids Gay.’ He Really Needs a Hug

A 14-year-old radio talk show host in West Virginia is claiming that President Obama and Vice President Biden are turning children gay by coming out in favor of same-sex marriage. “Homosexuality is a belief,” Caiden Cowger explained during a May 26th broadcast. “It is not mandatory in that person…it is sickening.” “I’m going to tell you this,


The Science of ‘Gaydar’

What’s the difference between “GAYDAR”  and intuition? “GAYDAR” colloquially refers to the ability to accurately glean others’ sexual orientation from mere observation. But does gaydar really exist? If so, how does it work? Our research, published recently in the peer-reviewed journal PLoS ONE, shows that gaydar is indeed real and that its accuracy is driven by sensitivity