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Gay Cupcakes Sold in Seattle to Support Marriage Equality

Gay cupcakes? As in they like int in the ass?   A Seattle cupcake shop, Cupcake Royale, has been raising money in support of R-74, a ballot initiative in Washington to ratify the state legislature’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Jody Hall, the owner of Cupcake Royale, designed a special cupcake, called “The Gay,” for the campaign, and raised […]

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STUDY: Male Homosexuality Has Strong Genetic Basis Offset By Increased Female Fertility

By Zack Ford Italian researchers have made a new discovery that solidifies the understand that homosexuality — at least in men — has a strong genetic component. Though this study does not identify a specific gay gene, which probably does not exist, it does demonstrate what role genetics play. Andrea Camperio Ciani at the University of Padova discovered that […]

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Astralwerks Releases 2nd Annual Gay Pride Sampler Hey Boy, Hey Girl! – Pride 2012

  Astralwerks are proud to announce their second annual Gay Pride sampler, Hey Boy, Hey Girl! – Pride 2012, featuring some of the label’s most acclaimed artists and several newcomers that are already creating waves on the global stage. A limited edition CD version will be distributed free at numerous Gay Pride events throughout June and into the Summer months. A digital […]

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Ukraine Pride Obstructed By Violent Counter-Protest, Disgusting Human Behavior

Totally barbaric! Geography does not apply when we are talking about human behavior, disgusting! Just 30 minutes before LGBT activists were about to embark on Ukraine’s first-ever pride parade, Kiev police advised organizers to abandon the march. They claimed that 500 ultra-conservative counter-protesters with seemingly violent intent were en route to interrupt the celebration. Amnesty International’s […]

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Jon Stewart Chats with the Extraordinarily Cute Zach Walls About His Book “My Two Moms” (Video)

Zach Wahls, who addressed the Iowa House Judiciary Committee in opposition to a proposed amendment to ban gay marriage, discusses his book, “My Two Moms.” Here Zach has a lot of fun with Jon Stewart and discusses among many other topics and the  values he learned by his his courageous mom while one was faced […]

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Weekly Rehash: George Takei, Dads in Briefs, Greek Model, Kissing Paul Rudd, “Seed Money”, Scruffy Aussie Bear Puppets …

  News: JustLeftTheCloset.com: A New Social Networking Site for LGBT Teens Has Launched Dan Savage on MTV’s “Savage U” Gives the Hard Truth, “Don’t stick your d**k in anything you wouldn’t date!” :: Trailer Cover of Metrosource Magazine April/May 2012 Issue Featuring Ben Cohen! “Bully Buster” Accidental Bear T-Shirt & Sweat Shirt Design Contest! It […]

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Weekly Rehash: Neo-Nazis of Brooklyn, “8”, Transactivations, MEAT Zine, ‘Andrew In Drag,’ Andrew Christian, Alan Cumming, Hal Sparks

Hairy Balls: click on image to go to link    Art & Music:  click on image to go to link Transactivations: LA Artists Use Their Bodies as Canvases to Defy Gender Norms (Video) Heather Cassils gained 24 pounds in muscle over six months for the sake of art. Zackary Drucker asked audience members to tweeze the […]

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Weekly Rehash: Royal Penis, “Grindr for Equality,” Scruff Male Models, Barney Frank, Gay Racism, “Bromance,” Dwarf Bullfighters,

Queer News: India’s Gay Sex Legality Debate Creates National Confusion Watch teenage Youtuber Come Out to His Mom Video: I Smell Acting Here We Go Again, Prop. 8 Ruling Appealed SF Castro Gets a New Gem: SF Grill Castro “Almost Famous Panini Grilled Sandwiches” Exciting items on the menu include: Ostrich Sandwich (w/o one of the […]

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Weekly Rehash: Chloe “Valentine’s Day,” Elton John, Rugby Stud Gareth Thomas, Ex-Homophobe, Tom Goss, Double Duchess, John Waters, Zombie Boy & an Erection!

Queer News: 10 Surprising Facts About Heterosexuality SFPD “It Gets Better” Video Mayor Lee & Chief Suhr Unveil First of its Kind LGBT Youth Video. The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) along with Mayor Ed Lee is proud to announce the debut of the “SFPD It Gets Better” video project as part of … Schools That […]