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Fetish Fight Club – Dating Site for Gay Men Who Fight Each Other for Sexual Gratification | Video

You do you, fuck everyone else. VICE enters the underground fetish wrestling community fueled by social media site, MeetFighters.com – a dating site for gay men who fight each other for sexual gratification. “Members of the site set up wrestler profiles and send out match requests to organise no holds barred fights in living rooms, hotel […]

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Exhibition Showcases Gay Donors’ Banned Blood

(Above: This handout photo provided by American University/Jordan Eagles shows Eagles seven-foot-tall sculpture that includes the blood of nine gay, bisexual and transgender men.) WASHINGTON (AP) — A Washington museum will exhibit a sculpture that uses the blood of nine gay, bisexual and transgender men to protest the federal ban on blood donations from gay and […]

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Gay Men are 5 Times More Likely to Commit Suicide Says Survey

  FS Magazine surveyed over 600 gay men who all admit to having experienced mental health issues. Ranging from 17 to over 65, their different lives and experiences have common threads which echo throughout. FS Mag recently surveyed over 600 gay men and asked them to answer a series of questions revolving around health issues. The survey […]

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Gay Men and Bottom Shaming | Video from Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey

Food (butt hole) for thought. “Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey breaks down the psychological nuts and bolts of how and why we tend to label ourselves and other gay men. He goes on to describe how this common practice can be really limiting individually and collectively as well as begins to describe how we can challenge bottom […]

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Larry Kramer to Be Honored by Gay Men’s Health Crisis

By PATRICK HEALY for the New York Times: Larry Kramer and Gay Men’s Health Crisis are coming full circle. The volunteer AIDS organization, which grew out of a gathering in Mr. Kramer’s living room in 1982, but whose leaders ousted him the next year due to his confrontational tactics for drawing attention to the epidemic, will honor him at […]

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Two More Southern California Meningitis Deaths Come to Light

  By Brandon Lowrey Two more recent Southern California bacterial meningitis deaths have come to light after the illness rapidly killed a West Hollywood man last week. Brett Shaad, 33, a West Hollywood attorney died on Saturday night. Officials in West Hollywood quickly alerted the gay community to the case of the sometimes deadly, contagious infection. The AIDS Healthcare […]

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Free Meningitis Vaccinations In LA

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation will offer free meningitis vaccinations to gay men in the Los Angeles area. Read full press release: In response to cases of bacterial meningitis among men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) that has affected men in Los Angeles and New York, AIDS Healthcare Foundation will offer free meningitis vaccines starting Monday, April 15th at its AHF […]

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Book: What Every Gay Man Needs to Know About Prostate Cancer

  The Essential Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery  Edited by Gerald Perlman, PhD Breaking the silence around the special concerns and issues faced by gay men diagnosed with prostate cancer, this new book explores the full spectrum of experiences from diagnosis to recovery.   March 8, 2013 – Riverdale Avenue Books/Magnus is proud to publish the […]

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Study: Why Straight Women Are Often Close With Gay Men

  Duh!   theatlantic.com reports:  The gay best friend, or GBF, may be a cliché, but it’s a powerful one. Powerful enough — at least in the minds of straight girls — that a helpful article from Wikihow feels obligated to warn GBF seekers that, “Even if you believe you must have that flamboyant gay man to be your […]


Study Suggests Half of Men Who Use Hook-up Apps Have Unsafe Sex

You know what they say, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” or something like that. www.xtra.ca reports: A new survey of gay and bisexual men shows almost half report having unprotected sex always, often or sometimes. Of the 725 men surveyed, most say they are educated about HIV/AIDS, […]

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Libyan Militia Plans to Execute 12 Gay Men

Think Progress reports:  An extremist militia in Libya has captured twelve men and promised to mutilate and execute them for being gay. The group posted pictures of them on Facebook, describing them as the “third sex,” a regional derogatory term comparable to “queers.” Human rights Watch Libya identified the group as Al-Nawasi militia, know for championing Salafist jihad. Al-Nawasi […]

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Gay Men and Body Image: It’s Time for a Revolution

by Jacob Tobia Last week Lady Gaga made history yet again by “coming out” as someone who has struggled with both bulimia and anorexia for the past 10 years. In doing so, she launched a movement through the Born This Way Foundation and littlemonsters.com called “Body Revolution 2013.” The premise of the campaign is simple: Gaga fans from across the Internet are […]

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Gay-on-Gay Bullying: The New Mean Girls

Essay by Carl Sander at the Huffington Post: In the past two years mobile dating apps have transformed the lives of gay men worldwide. You can now be on a remote island, at Home Depot, at church, or even on another date and easily find someone nearby to meet (or, in some states, marry). Mobile […]

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What Do Limp Wrists Have To Do With Gay Men?

After encouraging fathers to “punch” sons who exhibit stereotypically gay behavior, North Carolina pastor Sean Harris said on Tuesday that he should have chosen different words. In his April 28 sermon, Harris said, “Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist.” Why do we associate a […]

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Video of Polyamorous Relationships in New York City: Lover & Son?

It may be clear from the photo above that Vinny, the third member may have brought  into this relationship as a play toy for the other two. All eyes on <—— Is that true or is this polyamorous relationship three-way-equal? A look into a polyamorous relationship in New York City. Franco, Mark and Vinny have been […]

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Gay Men Who Lesbian-Bash: What’s Up With That?

WTF? You know it’s true though. Being a lesbian is the butt of many gay guy jokes: “You’re such a lesbian!” etc. Shortly after Mitt Romney’s new gay foreign policy spokesman, Richard Grenell, was announced, he wasscrubbing his caustic tweets about women and the media from his Twitter feed amid much attention to them. Among the […]

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A Social Network for HIV+ Gay Men is Bridging Oceans:: POSITIVELYFRISKY.COM

HIV+ Gay Men, confronting a common stigma, once found themselves socially isolated from the broader community. Frankly, it is hard to make new friends when most people at social events don’t understand the true nature of their affliction. As with others, the development of niche social networks on the Internet has removed many of the obstacles to building friendships […]

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Davey Wavey’s 3 Day NO Grindr Challenge (Video)

Can YOU give up Grindr for three days? Take the three-day Grindr challenge! This video challenge of Wavey Daveys  is oozing we gay stereotypes and assumptions of gay men. What makes it funny is that it applies to large population of gay men and absolutely true. Gay men our obsessed with gadgets and apps like […]

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“In Their Room- London” is a Film Project that is Sexually Charged but Not Porn, That’s Life

IN THEIR ROOM – LONDON is a fim project that is sexually fueled but not porn. Travis Mathews has a provocative point of view, skating the fine line of art, porn, sensuality and reflections of those issues within the lives of gay men. Mathews’ teaser are artistic and inmate, moments captured of gay men in their bedrooms, their natural […]

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Underbear 2012 – Photobooth by Dirty Queer Magazine (Heaps of Photos!)

Words that always catch our readers attention: bear, underwear and photobooth. This making the recently published photographs on dirtyqueermag.com sure to be a major hit! On Wednesday 29 February it was time for another Underbear party with the Harbour City Bears at the Oxford Art Factory. We ran a photobooth again, and we really hope you enjoy these shots. […]

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A Relational Perspective on The Psychological Treatment of Gay Men: Treating Symptoms or Treating People?

In Continuing on our health journey, our brother site, Inside First :Men’s Health Resource, we are aiming for better health, current and quality  information on issues of mental health, fitness and nutrition. We are expanding and strengthening our team everday. Below our teams newest contributor, Dr. Todd Troutman. “Dr. Troutman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a […]

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Bears Tackle Body Image in “Man Boobs”

VicBears will tackle body image issues in its first-ever theatrical production being staged as part of this year’s Midsumma festival. Described as a story of sex, self-worth and body image, Man Boobs follows Spence (Phil Webster), a man who has spent the last 20 years struggling to cope with the burden of a painful memory, […]

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True LGBTQ Stories: One Gay Man’s Struggle with Meth (VIDEO)

Riveting, real and raw! This is a wonderful learning tool and an inspiration that things can change and/or improve even when you are scratching on the bottom. I’m From Driftwood is a 501(c)(3) non-profit forum for true lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer stories. Earlier this year, founder and Executive Director Nathan Manske and two companions […]

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Shedding Light on Depression Symptoms of Men (Video)

2012 is here and let the resolutions begin and end. It’s the time of year to conquer your to-do lists and to-be list’s. Although these may lead to healthier choices and life style changes, they may also lead to you being extremely and unreasonably hard on yourself. You may be stacking yourself up to your […]

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News: Dick Head Santorum , Buy Gay, Student Assaulted by Principal ,Gay Men Unhireable? Condoms Rush to Thailand

Santorum Doesn’t Care: ‘I Still Haven’t Listened’ To Debate Tape Of Audience Booing Gay Soldier Rick Santorum has come under criticism from conservatives within his own party for failing to condemn the jeering of a gay soldier at last month’s GOP presidential debate in Florida. The former Pennsylvania senator claimed to have missed the booing, but appeared […]