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Star on the Rise Andrea Cammarosano; Artist, Desinger and Breath of Fresh Air- Q & A

Artist, designer and man on the town, Andrea Cammarosano, has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. He has changed the way I see inanimate object. I see a large piece of plastic in the closet and my mind is triggered into, “How can I sculpt that into an outfit?” Andrea doesn’t just think outside […]


Eric Himan @ El Rio Tonight w/ Namoli Brennet 5/16 SF CA 8PM [youtube] San Francisco, CA El Rio Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $5. Age restrictions: No Minors. Address: 3158 Mission Street San Francisco, CA, 94110. “Though the rest is still “UNKNOWN”, I intend for “SUPPOSED” to take me to great places I haven’t been before.”-Eric Himan

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NYC Here Comes Two Storms called Aaron Smith & Anthony Iacono; Sloan Fine Art

MAIN GALLERY: Aaron Smith, “Coterie of the Wooly-Woofter” PROJECT ROOM: Anthony Iacono, “Victor Victoria” RECEPTION: Friday, June 3rd, from 6 to 8 pm EXHIBITION: June 2 through 26, 2011 Aaron Smith and Sloan Fine Art would like to invite you the join the ìCoterie of the Wooly-Woofter,î a bad-ass neo-dandy beardo brigade from beyond time. […]

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ILGA launches 2011 ILGA State-Sponsored Homophobia Report at University of London

source Every year, ILGA produces maps on Gay and Lesbian rights in the world as well as its State Sponsored Homophobia report. Most material is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. You can download them on this page. ILGA launches 2011 ILGA State-Sponsored Homophobia Report at University of London Founded in 1978, ILGA, […]


Bid for Warhol Self-Portrait Took 4EVER; $38.45 million

Somethings are worth fighting for.   “Longest” Bid for Warhol Self-Portrait By Editors A Christie’s auction of post-war and contemporary art ended with a bang Wednesday night when a self portrait of pop-art icon Andy Warhol sold for $38.45 million after a 16-minute bidding war. Following the sale of the piece, the auctioneer exclaimed […]

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Artist/Model Benjamin Dukhan Blows My Mind: Dark, Mysterious & Gorgeous. Our Chat was Scrumptious!

The first time I laid eyes on Benjamin Dukhan was a photo taking when he walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier. His glorious beard was not the usual for such a place. At that moment I was under some sort of spell. I needed to know more about this character. To my pleasure what […]

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Hair to Stay: From the Shaggy ’70s to the Modern Otter Daily breaks done hair politics and trends like 1,2,3. —————————————————————————————————– By Kit Christopher & Joe Thompson Hair. For gay men, it can be a complex topic. Those thousands upon thousands of tiny strands do more than frame your features and enhance your masculinity. They are a social signifier that can communicate everything from how […]

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√ Palm Springs Backs Same-sex Marriage

Palm Springs City Council backs same-sex marriage via In a surprising unanimous vote Wednesday, Palm Springs’ City Council adopted a resolution that proclaimed its support for same-sex marriage. The vote came after supporters shared emotional testimonies and opponents voiced their concerns about how the resolution would affect the city. Local gay rights advocate’s walk […]

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Equality Forum 2011

The Organization The MISSION: Equality Forum is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to advance national and international gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) civil rights through education. Equality Forum coordinates GLBT History Month, produces documentary films, undertakes high-impact initiatives and presents the largest annual national and international GLBT civil rights forum. Equality Forum […]

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Male Student in High Heels Booted from Class

Lets not jump to conclusions. Maybe they were ugly heels? _______________________________________________________________________ By Editors A male student at a Florida high school was removed from class when the response to his wearing high heels sparked “safety” concerns from the principal. Fox Tampa Bay reports on the incident involving an unidentified student at Riverview High School. […]

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BLOWOFF SF: Bob Mould & Rich Morel Will be on Fire 4/23

Rock and electronic musicians Richard Morel and Bob Mould host and DJ BLOWOFF, featuring their signature mix of indie rock, electro and house. Join the Blowoff group on Facebook! Tickets and venue info:–hosted-and-DJ-d-by-Bob-Mould-and-Rich-Morel– BLOWOFF group page: BLOWOFF home page: