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Tony Ward Full Frontal in Editorial Numéro Homme Germany

Tony Ward Full Frontal in Editorial Numéro Homme Germany

Model: Tony Ward featured in the debut issue of Numéro Homme Germany. Female model: Sara Sampaio Photographed by Philip Gay Hair by Joseph Pujalte. Makeup by Tina Roivainen. l

Mucho Full Frontal Going on Here: Spartacus – A Starz Original Series (NSFW Video)

With programs being watched on all sorts of devices these days, cable, internet and beyond, it is hard to keep track of what standards apply to which in regards to swearing and nudity. I recently viewed the last season of RuPaul’s Drag Race from itunes and was amazed and pleased at how much more cussing

Child Safety PSA Spoof with a Dave Franco Full Frontal (Video)

Today we have a double dose of Dave Franco, brother of James. Hot off the success of his Funny Or Die videos  we mentioned earlier, “Go F*ck Yourself You’re So Hot”  and an upcoming role in 21 Jump Street, Dave Franco sat down with Complex Magazine to break down the rules for keeping your young ones

(NSFW)Sex Hygiene Videos- US Navy Training Film (1942): A Whores Bath Demo

These videos are amazing yet dated. It is amazing though, how most of the basic sex hygiene messages are still the same, put a damn rubber on it! In video part two there is an amazing video demonstration on how to give yourself a “whores bath” in the sink!! Mike Enders This video is distinct