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#MyNameIs Protests Facebook at SF Pride Parade

  Press release states: Campaign protests company’s contingent, says “dangerous and discriminatory” names policy harms LGBTQ people and other communities On Sunday, June 28, the #MyNameIs campaign—a coalition of LGBTQ people, Native Americans, survivors of domestic violence, and others whose accounts have been reported and blocked on Facebook’s—will march in the annual San Francisco Pride […]

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Anonymous Hacked the Facebook Page of Westboro Baptist Church, Kittens and Gay Rights for All

    Anonymous has hacked the Facebook page of Westboro Baptist Church and replaced most of the posts with photos of cats and pro-gay graphics. Just what if someone cast a spell on them all, wouldn’t that just be the best happy ending. JoemyGod reports, “ Some suspect that the hacking is just a parody page, but […]

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Thousands of Soldiers Support Prince Harry with Naked Facebook Salute: NSFW Photos

The world was in an uproar over Prince Harry’s clothing-optional Vegas romp, but many of his military colleagues are showering the prince with support in an unusual, lighthearted, and entertaining way. Mirror reports,“Hundreds of soldiers have stripped off in support of the prince for a rapidly-growing Facebook group called ‘Support Prince Harry with a naked salute’.” The group has […]

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A Philippine Catholic School is Not Allowing 6 Boys to Graduate Because of Facebook Photos Showing Them Kissing

Stay out of my bedroom, stay our of our vaginas, stay out of my Facebook! Will this be our new equal rights chant? MANILA, Philippines — A Philippine Catholic school is witholding the diplomas of six high school boys who uploaded Facebook photos that appear to show them kissing each other, an education official said Friday. A […]

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Rugby Stud Gareth Thomas Teases Facebook Fans with a Bedroom Undies Shot, Packing Heat!

Rugby star and now reality TV star of UK’s Big Brother, Gareth Thomas, teases his (we’re not complaining) Facebook fans with a self-portrait of himself wearing nothing but skimpy undies. He adds,”Appropriate underwear for today. So just be warned people I’m armed if you come near! 😉 Looking forward to another rugby filled weekend. I […]

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Important Tips for Adjusting Facebook Privacy Settings From The ACLU

So, you’ve done it all right. You’ve meticulously chosen your Facebook privacy settings so that only your closest friends can see the most personal information about you. No one else has access. Or so you think. Turns out, it’s more like your designated closest friends and anyone who advertises on Facebook. (And, P.S., anyone *can* advertise on Facebook. Doesn’t […]

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Covey Center’s Facebook contest: “Make Your Own Oak Ridge Boys Beard!”

The Covey Center for the Arts is hosting The Oak Ridge Boys in Feb. 9. Tickets for this event are SOLD OUT, however, you can still get tickets. There is only one thing the Oak Ridge Boys are famous for besides (their music): their facial hair. Enter the Covey Center’s Facebook contest: “Make Your Own Oak […]

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News: Boos Of Gay Soldier, White House New LGBT Liaison, Bullied Teen Remembered, CHAZ BONO…

PARENTS OF BULLIED TEEN REMEMBER HIM A YEAR AFTER HIS DEATH  This week marks one year since we learned of the suicide deaths of several teenagers as a result of anti-gay bullying. One of them was 13-year-old Asher Brown from the Houston area, who took his own life a year ago today. His parents have recorded […]

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Gay Activists Use F-Word-Filled Comedy Video with 12-Year Old Boys Sharing Same-Sex Kiss to Raise Funds to Fight Minnesota Gay Marriage Ban

FCKH8.com’s newest F-word-filled video brings together cussing drag queens, two pre-teen boys kissing in it’s attack on the “Top 5 Reasons to Ban Gay Marriage”. Group pledges 10¢ for each Facebook “Like” or Twitter tweet up to $10K as part of its latest gay marriage T-shirt sales fundraising effort. [vimeo 26083711 w=400 h=224] Los Angeles, CA – […]

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First Ever Animated Tattoo – By K.A.R.L.

  On June the 16th 2011 Paris based tattoo artist K.A.R.L. realised the first ever animated tattoo. Streamed live on Facebook, users accessed his mind through the Human API, shared his thoughts and influenced the tattoo. Log in now to the Human API at http://www.facebook.com/ballantines. Share a creative mind’s thoughts, chat, ask questions and help him […]

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Handpicked News: JOHN WAYNE & BACHMANN, New DADT Discharges, Facebook Hates the Gays…

 THEY DID IT AGAIN:Facebook Sorry for Censoring Kiss In the latest of a recurring problem for the company, Facebook is apologizing for censoring a photo illustration of two men kissing that commemorated passage of the marriage equality bill in New York and that was posted by The Advocate on Friday. Pentagon Confirms New DADT Discharges  N.Y. Marriage: Taiwanese-Style […]


Ever Thought How Odd Your Online Life Is? Rib-tickling Funny Video

Making fun of ourselves is fun, especially when it’s clever. This Is Funny, You Should Watch It of the Day: To promote Nico Muhly’sTwo Boys — “a new opera that lifts the lid on the dangers of living our lives online” — the English National Opera sent out an actor to perform familiar Facebook and Twitter actions IRL. Unfriendilarity […]

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Christians Now Hate Old Navy: But What Will they Wear?

Gary Cass of DefendChristians.org says Old Navy is promoting a lifestyle that is in “complete rebellion against God.” “Rather just focusing on giving good products to their customers, they want to use their products now to advocate for a very controversial topic, much less a very immoral and very deadly topic,” notes Cass. The T-shirt designs include […]

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VIDEO: Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph Describe the Journey of a Fart

I finally cleaned myself up from my death that occurred from laughing so much at the film Bridesmaids, and now, my laughter has gone amuck again. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ2dZ-qTP3k&w=375&h=299] This clip from the French Bridesmaids junket was uploaded to YouTube over a week ago, but only now is its splendor started to light up newsfeeds and Facebook scrolls […]

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The Man Behind Str8cam.com Talks with Accidental Bear & Things get Steamy

In the adult entertainment industry the term “straight” on the gay side of the road is a hot commodity. There is much skepticism because these so-called straight actors are filmed getting gang-banged on site after site showing up on Sean Cody and other such sites with “first time”, “straight seduced”, “broke str8 guy” tags. I […]

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Great Loss; 15 yr old, Jumped to his Death

Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me, may need to be updated. I cry in my coffee this morning. ______________________________________________________ Schoolboy, 15, jumped to his death after rumors he was gay via www.pinknews.co.uk A Gloucestershire teenager jumped to his death after rumours circulated that he was gay, an inquest has heard. […]