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Wish List | Nasa-Inspired Apollo 8 Conical Light by Woodlabo

Wish List | Nasa-Inspired Apollo 8 Conical Light by Woodlabo

Must have! “A French design company with its sights set on the stars, Woodlabo base their entire ethos on the ambitions and achievements of 1960’s NASA. While advancing space travel and designing wooden lighting systems may not seem like parallel pursuits, “meeting the challenge, practising the highest standards, savoir-faire, rigour, innovation and perseverance” are described as their common


View Approved Design for the Future New York City AIDS Memorial at St. Vincent’s Hospital Park

Ah-mazing! The design for the future New York City AIDS Memorial at St. Vincent’s Hospital Park was approved by Manhattan Community Board 2. The coalition will now work to seek approvals from the Department of City Planning and the Landmarks Preservation Commission. We will continue to develop the design as we also manage the capital

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“Bro-llows” Pillows For Dudes :: A Product Design Project by Toban Nichols

I have a total pillow fetish. They are the basis of my comfort foundation while lounging. Besides their comfortably, I like to stack them all pretty like before I leave the house, so upon arriving back home later, the nicely arranged piled pillows give me some sense of serenity. ABOUT THIS PROJECT  I’m Los Angeles

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A New International Prize – The H&M DESIGN AWARD (Video)

H&M has created this brand new international design award with the ambition of supporting talented designers after their graduation. The H&M Design Award aims to push fashion students in the right direction, so that they can continue to grow and develop in their work as fashion designers. GENERAL INFO The contestants come from fourteen of the


Minneapolis, MN: “Graphic Design: Now in Production” at Walker Art Center Until Jan 22

The largest museum exhibition on design since ‘Graphic Design in America: A Visual Language History’, ‘Graphic Design: Now in Production’ captures how graphic design has expanded over the last decade. To be specific, it explores how design-led magazines, newspapers, books and posters have shaped our design landscape. The exhibition showing at the Walker Art Center until 22


Four Day Mega Sale on ‘Bear Hug’ Tee Shirt and Prints

Guess who is a fan. http://www.nowherebad.com/  About the design: The design is based on the old notion of a “bear hug,” or a big powerful embrace. Except, you know, from an actual bear. An actual bear who is probably angry because he smells your peanut butter sandwiches but can’t find any. Who’s behind the design?

Video: The Introduction to Beard Growth & Maintenance Course

“Growing a beard is key to your success.” Directors: Tom Bettany & Nick Graalman Camera: Nick Graalman Editors: Tom Bettany & Nick Graalamn Writers: Tom Bettany, Joel McMillan, Joshua Fielder & Michael Bidstrup Copyright The Beards 2011

Prps Goods & Co. Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook: Glorious & Manly from Head to Toe

Scanning through men’s fashion blog today you might end up being converted to having a fetish for shaggy homeless men. The male models in a large percent of campaigns for Fall/ Winter 2012 are beastly handsome with manes of luscious hair and larger beards with clothes to match. I’m not complaining, just observing. New York’s Prps

Levi’s Made & Crafted

Levi does the body good. Good to the last drop Levi’s Made & Crafted was founded on a simple premise – “Modern items based on the principles of good design.” In that mission, the Levi’s DNA forms a backbone for forward thinking approaches to classic garments and accessories, all of which privileges the right fabrics


BE@RBRICK x Happy Socks: Totally Stoked to Make this Discovery

BE@RBRICK x Happy Socks In this collaboration, Happy Socks have designed an exclusive, creative and a colourful sock. The BE@RBRICK toy is designed as wearing this exclusive Happy Socks, and this exclusive collaboration is sold as a set ( BE@RBRICK sock and the collective toy). Happy Socks were approached by Japanese legend, Medicom Toy Corp to design its

There is Hipster & Then There is Awkward Clothing: Spring/Summer 2012 in-house collection from the Opening Ceremony

I will do Opening Ceremony  the favor of holding off judgment until I see the whole collection, as they say they are holding back from showing the full collection yet. The missing pieces will have to fight an uphill battle in my mind to help out what I see so far. Awkward, very awkward. Men’s Clothing

Say Wah!?!? Han Kjobenhavn 50’s Sweat Shorts

I’m not so sure about these: speechless. So much elastic going onI give them 6 month to live. Han’s 50’s sweatshorts are roomy as hell and finished in a narrow leg to bag them even further. A breathable and fresh take on the very casual side of summer.cstore has them and so should you. (tipped by

Moncler V Men’s Collection Autumn/Winter 2011

  An excellent look at the Moncler V collection for Autumn/Winter 2011. “Entitled ‘Himalaya 1977′, the collection sports wonderful wool patterns and showcases again the knowledge and expertise by Nakamura to tell a story with fabrics. Of course you will also find a good amount of outerwear, accessories, great boots and a premium luggage range

“The Elements of F*cking Style” Book

Cool Hunting points us at a new book that looks to refresh your knowledge on grammar and the proper use of the English langues. The Elements of F*cking Style out now, looks to make the lessons and reminder a fun affair. “The truth about English is that it can get pretty boring. Dangling modifiers, gerunds, punctuation marks–it’s enough

Lee 101 Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection: Woodsy

 Woods, but the real test is, Can you swing an axe? Back in the day Lee was un-cool hand me downs. Through the test of time and durability Lee is stronger than ever. Woodsmen, dock workers, and laborers alike are the inspiration for the Lee 101 collection. “A highlight of the collection is the Logger Jean

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The Facial Hair Handbook by 2 Time Beard Champion Winner :Its a Contest this Time Around

Its a contest this time around.  Submit your most creative, crazy, but SFW submissions. It can your own beard or the beard of a friend.  I’ll pick my favorite and you’ll get this book and some other goodies.  Contest ends July 5th. that gives you a good week to come up with something. It should have

Levi’s Sculpture by Ian Mcchesney

With my love for Levis and my separate closet just for blue jeans, who would have thunk to build a sculpture? Jeans usually last about 3 weeks of wearing before getting washed (shush!) and basically stand up on their own in a sculpture like formation. British architect Ian Mcchesney takes us to a whole new level

2011-12 A/W Fashion Show London On Schedule –» Tim Soar

Tim Soar “Menswear needs designers who are unafraid to demand emotions and to make us weak at the knees. With designers like the clever design duo Steven Cox and Daniel Silver showing in New York and Damir Doma showing in Paris, Tim Soar has joined these ranks, this time in London. Tim Soar began his

Me Wants a Felt Mouse

Joey Roth’s The Felt Mouse via Selectism Joey Roth’s latest project looks to hark back to a time of wood mice with compression clicks. It’s clearly a nicer form, replacing the “razor” movement with a precision optical control. It’s very much a modern mouse with an incredibly unique form. “The Felt Mouse will be launched

Beard Dying Tips via Beards.org

Whether you are a Radical Fairy type and trying to attract a new mate by dying your beard and pubes the same shade of purple or turning salt and pepper via age and stress you might have considered coloring your facial hair. It is a better open for your mid-life crisis than putting a red


All hail the Queen! The questions that still floats in the air, “Why?” Alexander McQueen may have gone elsewhere but his work is no less of a heavy influence on the fashion world today and the future. This retrospective is all that and a bag of chips. Alexander McQueen is watching and loving it! ___________________________________________________________________


Q & A with Nick Burns Co-author of The Bearded Gentleman: The Style Guide to Shaving

I have never had such an informative, enjoyable and dare I say smart conversation about facial hair. My usual conversations goes something like this, ” Uhh, you got something in your beard.”… ” Thanks!” Nick Burns co-author of The Bearded Gentlemen: The Style Guide to Shaving is loaded with helpful information to care for and

Forget Diamonds, I Want Wood; Salontafel


Watch a Teaser for Whisker Wars, the Competitive Beard-Grooming Show

Watch a Teaser for Whisker Wars, the Competitive Beard-Grooming Show. Much, much more hairy details to come!!! Related Articles Dude No. 1 Beard Oil, For Your Freshly-Scented Beard Needs (thegloss.com) Let It Beard (pinkbananaworld.com)

Mjolk; Modern Day Peter Pan Looks/ Winter 2011

This collection is for a modern day Peter Pan. I am dying to find or make an occasion to wear red pants, pink jacket combo. This is my introduction to Mjolk, but I am now all ears. I must confess that this may be a gratuitous moment to post a ginger model. Don’t hate ,

Bill Cosby called, He wants his sweater back

Laduma Ngxokolo’s Xhosa-influenced Knitwear Collection via Selectism Designboom takes a look at Capetown’s Design Indaba Conference which invited “an international selection of recent design graduates to present their work in the form of Pecha Kucha. among this year’s delegates, was homegrown South African, Laduma Ngxokolo who shared his fashion collection which interprets Xhosa beadwork aesthetics into


Light up a Room with Style

I am neurotic about lighting. I enter every room with a suggestion of dimming, switching or flat out turning off of lights. I think I have found my lighting utopia. Design and light quality made to perfection. via www.curatedmag.com Lighting from Monocomplex Monocomplex, a design firm located in Seoul, Korea, has unveiled two new lighting fixtures.

Selectism.com, MY FASHION GO-TO

Fashion, just add beard! Thank you www.selectism.com for being my fashion go-to! Denim Demon ‘Skuvie’ Sweatshirt How many sweatshirts does one man need? That’s the question we ask ourselves, and the answers usually ‘as many as humanly possible’. We like this one because of the chambray chest pocket and the side pocket, making it useful for

BEARDED: Mark Jan Krayenhoff van de Leur (via Dressed for Dinner)

Good stuff You might say that Mark Jan Krayenhoff van de Leur pioneered a beard movement that is stronger than ever before. At the age of 12, a young Mark itched for the opportunity to grow facial hair, but it wasn’t until a post-pubescent 18 that everything came together. Mark is a leader and not

Use me like a Barbie Doll, Dress me Up! Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2011/2012

I want an excuse to look this good. Dolce&Gabbana Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Man show at Milan Fashion Week

WTF App Of The Week: Beard Tracker

Ha Ha, really? Gruff, Scruff, Grind….why not. I have held off on getting an iphone and still using my old-skool basic phone. I think this keeps me safe from hours of nonsense spent on things like Angry Birds ( isn’t that what the kids are playing ?) and Beard Tracker apps. But because of peer

On Display In Portland: The Art Of Beautiful Beards

Times they are changing. In the past to hunt down a grouping of beards you would have to stalk the local Home Depot, truck stops ( get out of the bathroom men), hunting clubs, biker clubs ( HOT) or hippy gatherings ( FYI, Farmers Markets are great for beard watch). Nowadays getting the same street

Burkman Bros and Michael Sanderson Illustrated Prints Spring 2011

2 Dimensional Fashion Take special not to the  fuzzy legs that were added for OUR viewing pleasure! via www.selectism.com To celebrate the launch of their new Spring 2011 Collection, Burkman Bros got together with New York fashion illustrator Michael Sanderson on a series of illustrated prints, showcasing styles from their new Collection. We are always fans of

The Ethical Man; CRUELTY-FREE, Vegan Fashions

MANLY. After all, real men don’t hurt animals Store is now launched! http://TheEthicalMan.com/shop.html   The Ethical Man — to our knowledge, the first dedicated men’s boutique to feature 100% cruelty-free items — launched in late November 2010. Also featuring an essential-reading blog for men, The Ethical Man brings style, value, and peace of mind to

Blog Alert: Kitschy Living

Who would have thunk there are so many awfully hideous things out there, that when put together with other hideous thing  by the right artful eye ; BRILLIANCE http://kitschyliving.tumblr.com/ http://kitschyliving.tumblr.com/

Tom Ford, Heterophobic

Just because you are queer as a $2 bill doesn’t mean you have good taste, can design yourself out of a K-hole or superior in the garment world, but Tom Ford says so. Lets think about this. I mean, we (queers) are light in our loafers, ANAL about detail and sensitive to the color blind

Dolce & Gabbana MENs FASHION SHOW WINTER 2012 (video)

What’s become of me…. this video tickles my back side with a peacock feather. D&G MEN FASHION SHOW WINTER 2012 WELCOME TO THE FUTURE

Today I pull from my Tarot Card Deck; Gay Fashion Card

Sometimes I sparkle and sometime I am plain ole’ matte finish photo paper. Roberto Cavalli makes me want to SPARKLE Roberto Cavalli Fall 2011 | Milan Fashion Week “No stranger to exorbitant details, Roberto Cavalli finds the soul of his latest collection in a rich new outing that boasts a hint of the glamorous 70′s. Finding


PINUPS, You really got me going…..

If I cannot decide whether I’m in the mood to look at porn or a good art book I grab for Pinups Magazine. issues | stockists | upcoming events | press & other projects | contacts | links Special Pinups poster for The NY Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1, November 2010. Click here to preview and order back issues

Yay, Big Boy Swings!

I am always having an internal struggle deciding whether and am a country bumpkin (an unsophisticated or socially awkward person from the countryside), tropical island kind of guy or a city slicker. I have already tried the geographical cure at least 10 times ( I’m a real tough learner). Where ever I plant myself I