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The Abbey in WeHo Serves Religious Freedom Cakes Benefitting Human Rights Campaign

  The Abbey Food & Bar, known as “The Best Gay Bar in the World,” announced today that it would start selling Religious Freedom Cakes benefiting the Human Rights Campaign and their efforts to fight LGBT discrimination nationwide.   “Everybody is talking about whether the baker can legally refuse to serve the LGBT community,” said […]

Queer News

Anderson Cooper, Adele Bake Cupcakes And Talk Wigs On ’60 Minutes’ (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper and Adele make for quite the double act. Adele, as we all know, is officially having a moment, what with her Vogue cover and best-selling album and, last but not least, the overflowing parcel of Grammys she won on Sunday night. In a neat bit of corporate synergy, she also sat down with Cooper for a “60 Minutes” […]

Hair Ball of Day

Accidental Bear's "It Gets Better… Mmmm Cupcakes" Video

Accidental Bear’s owner Mike Enders joins the It Gets Better troops and talks about the many different types of gays you can be. He expresses the celebration of Bears love for men who are fuzzy, husky and tattooed and their appreciation for CUPCAKES!!! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkDl9M562-0&w=400&h=224]