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How to Start a (Sexual) Revolution Course Hosted by Conner Habib

Hosted by Conner Habib 3 Sessions, starts June 19 Explore the power of sex to catalyze deep change in yourself and in society.    Sex is every person’s creation story.  Sex and desire pulse through our everyday lives, as well as our cultural institutions, relationships, and even our political structures. It creates intense attractions, brings […]

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Conner Habib and Danielle Bolelli Debate God, Porn, Sex, Science, and Death on The Duncan Trussell Podcast

Danielle Bolelli (The Warriors Path) and our pal Conner Habib  inject The Duncan Trussell Family Hour with the fusion of their etheric mind-bodies. We ask ourselves out loud, “What can’t Conner do?” He’s a smarty-pants-stud puppy; perfect combination of man! About The Duncan Trussell Family Hour The Duncan Trussell Family Hour is a weekly audio podcast by comedian […]

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“The Virtues of Being an Object” by Conner Habib

Conner Habib writes: Below are excerpts from my essay in the book Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness (Evolver Editions/North Atlantic Books), “The Virtues of Being an Object”.  The essay is about all sorts of things; but all relate to the charge that porn “objectifies” people.  We’ve all heard that argument, but I wasn’t so sure […]

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Watch: Conner Habib Talks Big Dicks: Ask The SEX-pert

New Now Next’s sexpert “Conner Habib is taking on a very, very big problem this week, and dealing with it as aggressively as possible — big dicks.” You want me to put that where!  Watch below as Conner walks you through this breath by breath and addresses one eager bottom’s massive problem his boyfriend is presenting. (Um, pics please!) And, […]

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Conner Habib Talks Porn Addiction: Ask The SEXpert

Porn is not the problem, porn is your best friend (sarcasm). Unless your fingers are blisters from google searching fisting videos then… Conner Habib, NewNowNext’s man with the answers to all of your sex questions, is back and taking on a subject he knows very much about, porn addiction. See Mr. Habib and Salon sex reporter Tracy Clark-Fory (follow […]

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Ask The SEXpert: Conner Habib On Open Monogamy (Video)

Smart, charming, informative, helpful and most importantly realistic. All the components from what a Sexpert should be. Great job Conner, you are our go to guy for all of our sex questions! NewNowNext’s resident sexpert, Conner Habib, is back this week. And he brought some friends. Different couples approach monogamy in different ways. Today, Conner answers […]