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Facing the Torsos: Scruff and Other Smartphone Hookup Apps Are the Future of Porn by Conner Habib

Facing the Torsos: Scruff and Other Smartphone Hookup Apps Are the Future of Porn by Conner Habib

  Food for thought.   by CONNER HABIB You’re at a gay bar with a group of searching, horny guys, and you’re talking to a bunch of them at once. “Pull your dick out,” you say to one of the cuter ones. He does, and it’s hard and good-looking. “Nice dick!” you say, naturally. “Sup,” someone

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Conner Habib Gives 3 Simple Rules To Love the Body You’re In Including Walking Around the House Naked: Watch

This is what I have always thought as well, confidence is the most sexy feature a guy could have. Conner Habib’s newest Sexpert video for NewNowNext talks a lot about loving the body you have instead of getting stuck in the trap of ‘perfect’ body image that are stuffed down our throats in most gay-centric papers,

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How to Start a (Sexual) Revolution Course Hosted by Conner Habib

Hosted by Conner Habib 3 Sessions, starts June 19 Explore the power of sex to catalyze deep change in yourself and in society.    Sex is every person’s creation story.  Sex and desire pulse through our everyday lives, as well as our cultural institutions, relationships, and even our political structures. It creates intense attractions, brings


“Guys I Wanted To Fuck In High School” by Conner Habib: Part 4 – Senior Year

Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School is a series of short essays about growing up  frustrated in small-town Pennsylvania.  (This is the last entry in the series, and will be followed up later this year with a series of limited edition print chapbooks, each with a different cover by a different artist.) by

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Conner Habib Answers “How Do You Navigate An Open Relationship?” with Help from The Maverick Men: Video

  Conner Habib is back with a brand new Ask the Sexpert segment! And this week he’s brought along Hunter and Cole Maverick, a.k.a. porn impresarios The Maverick Men) to talk about open relationships. How do you avoid jealousy? When is an okay time to open things up? Listen to the boys break it down. And be

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Conner Habib & Chris Donaghue Talk Grindr, Hook Up Apps: Ask The Sexpert for NewNowNext

Conner Habib is back with a brand new Ask the Sexpert, and this week he has brought along the host of Logo’s Bad Sex, Chris Donaghue. Watch above as Conner and Chris tackle dating and hook up apps, weighing out the pros and cons and discussing how to behave when engaging online. And be sure to tweet Conner

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Two Dates with Conner Habib This Weekend SF: “Sex and Your Cellphone” with Sexologist and Logo TV Star, Chris Donaghue

  Straight from Conner Habib’s blog! Doesn’t get more fresh and sexy than that! Conner write: I have two appearances this weekend in San Francisco – One on Saturday, April 6th, and the Center for Sex and Culture.  I’m speaking with sexologist and Logo TV Star, Chris Donaghue – who hosts the show Bad Sex.  We’re talking abou how

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How To Break Up With Your Fuck Buddy: Conner Habib Ask The Sexpert: Video

Conner Habib reports, “We all love us a fu*k buddy guys (and girls), but sometimes it can be hard (HA!) when that purely physical relationship comes to an end.” Watch below as Conner Habib breaks down what the end of banging can mean in a brand new Ask the Sexpert, and what the implications can,


Why Are We Afraid To Talk About Gay Porn? by Conner Habib

  “After I was invited by a student group at Corning Community College to give a talk on sex and culture, my presentation was canceled when the school’s president found out that I do porn. This is exactly why we need to have more candid conversations about sex, porn and American culture.”   by Conner Habib Corning, New

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Conner Habib Talks Small Penises, Big Penises, His Penis: Ask The Expert

Ok, mom don’t listent to this. I want to take a quick poll and ask how many of you have ever thought about putting Conner Habib’s penis in your mouth? If there is one thing that all men, straight, gay, bi or asexual, obsess over, it is penis size. This week, Conner Habib is back with a

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Can I Get HIV From Oral Sex? Ask The Sexperts Conner Habib and RN from San Francisco’s Magnet

You may know the answer to this, but you would be surprised at how many people do not know or are misinformed. Conner Habib is sitting down to answer a very serious, and frequently asked, question this week — can you get HIV from oral sex? Watch above as Conner and Tim Ryan, a registered nurse


“Why Do Gay Porn Stars Kill Themselves?” by Conner Habib

by Conner Habib Why do porn actors kill themselves?  Who is responsible? Whenever a porn star – especially a gay porn star – commits suicide, theories show up, and people act very, very certain about them.  Arpad Miklos, who was as much as a porn “star” as anyone can be in a time when we

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Sexpert Conner Habib Talks Gay Monogamy on NewNowNext.com: Video

 NewNowNext’s  Sexpert  Conner Habib  is taking on the subject of gay men and monogamy this week. That question is as hard to answer and controversially as which came first the chicken or the egg, in this case the cock. Can gay men have monogamous relationships? Or are gay couples just deceiving themselves thinking that they can?

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Conner Habib and Danielle Bolelli Debate God, Porn, Sex, Science, and Death on The Duncan Trussell Podcast

Danielle Bolelli (The Warriors Path) and our pal Conner Habib  inject The Duncan Trussell Family Hour with the fusion of their etheric mind-bodies. We ask ourselves out loud, “What can’t Conner do?” He’s a smarty-pants-stud puppy; perfect combination of man! About The Duncan Trussell Family Hour The Duncan Trussell Family Hour is a weekly audio podcast by comedian

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Conner Habib On How To Clean Your Backdoor (Butt Hole): Video

I was just excited to write butt hole in the title! Let’s face it, as a gay man you talk about your bunghole more than most people. Let’s check of what NewNowNext’s Sexpert Conner Habib has to say about cleaning your mangina! Conner Habib is back once again folks, and this week answering a question we know many

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Porn Stud, Conner Habib Talks Women & Gay Porn With Mr. Pam: Ask The Sexpert

Porn stud, talented write and all around nice guy (damn you!) say, “Happy 2013 folks!” Conner Habib, your NewNowNext sexpert, is back this new year, and today he is talking all about gay porn, a topic he knows everything about. Watch above as Conner, and special guest Mr. Pam, help answer one anonymous lady’s question

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Conner Habib & Chris Donaghue Talk Sex Addiction: Ask The Sexpert

  Wacking off 20 times a day? Thinking about sex in the dentist chair? Can’t satisfy that sex drive of  yours? Afraid you may be ‘abnormal,’ then watch this video of New Now Next’s Sexpert Conner Habib as he tackles the topic of sex addiction. Conner Habib is getting a little bit serious this week, joining up with Bad

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Conner Habib Talks Comic Book Sex with Studmuffin Artist Justin Hall: Ask The Sexpert Video

Hooray! Here we get a double whammy of hotness with this weeks sexpert video with Conner Habib on the bodacious website NewNowNext.  This week Conner rallies in Justin Hall, a comic book writer and illustrator who recently compiled and edited No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, the most definitive collection to date of LGBT comics, answer

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Conner Habib Talks No Sex With His Ex, Singer Jeb Havens: “Don’t Have Ex Sex!”

Conner Habib is back giving you the sex and relationship advice you cannot live without, and this week he has a very close friend helping him out — his ex Jeb Havens. “Well friends, Conner is talking about maintaining a relationship with your ex after you have both gone your separate ways, and confirming what we


“The Virtues of Being an Object” by Conner Habib

Conner Habib writes: Below are excerpts from my essay in the book Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness (Evolver Editions/North Atlantic Books), “The Virtues of Being an Object”.  The essay is about all sorts of things; but all relate to the charge that porn “objectifies” people.  We’ve all heard that argument, but I wasn’t so sure

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Conner Habib Talks Online Hookups: New Ask The Sexpert Video

Men, first off, don’t forget to use common sense. Conner Habib is back to answer your questions sexy and non-sexy sexy questions. This week Conner is talking online hookups. Are they good? Are they bad? How the hell do you get rid of the guy who looks nothing like his picture? Find out about all

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Watch: Conner Habib Talks Dating Older Dudes: Ask The Sexpert

The question of, “Should I date a daddy?” seems really simple … Yes! Here NewNowNext’s Sexpert Conner Habib is back and answering an age old question this week — is it cool to date an older dude? Watch below as Conner helps one 25-year-old figure out if all is chill with him being with a man 15

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Conner Habib & Drew Droege Talk Laughter & Orgasms: Ask The Sexpert Video

This is what I like to call, When Worlds Collide! Here we have two of my favorite people together talking sex and sex things. Conner Habib has a very special guest this week as he tackles a very funny reader question — gay comedian Drew Droege aka Chloe Sevigny. Watch above as the pair help a viewer

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Watch: Conner Habib Talks Big Dicks: Ask The SEX-pert

New Now Next’s sexpert “Conner Habib is taking on a very, very big problem this week, and dealing with it as aggressively as possible — big dicks.” You want me to put that where!  Watch below as Conner walks you through this breath by breath and addresses one eager bottom’s massive problem his boyfriend is presenting. (Um, pics please!) And,


“Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School: Neighbor Boy” by Conner Habib (Part 3)

by Conner Habib Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School is a series of short essays about growing up  frustrated in small-town Pennsylvania. The only thing the boy thinks about as much as sex is escape. The boy is me and is fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and he feels consumed by a sort of cloud.

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Conner Habib Talks Gently to Those With a Foot Fetish: Video

Conner Habib, NewNowNext’s resident  sexpert, is back, and this week he is taking on the ticklish subject of foot fetishes. Watch Conner advises all you foot lovers on how to broach the subject with your partner, or slowly get what you want with a one-night stand. He’s got all the information you need to knock your


The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs: Episode 20: Adult Film Star, Writer Conner Habib

We’ll file this under, We love a man that can read! Conner Habib never ceases to amaze us. Anthroposophist, writer and adult film star Conner Habib drops in at the DisinfoCast to discuss science and religion, sexuality, the occult and more. When youre done listening, visit Conner HERE to find out more about what goes on in


“Extinction” by Conner Habib: Animals Killing all the People, the End of the World, Trains, and the Harvard Museum of Natural History

Extinction by Conner Habib This essay is inspired by the ten years I spent in Western Massachusetts studying writing and biology. The road is always lined with dead animals. Beneath the red maples bursting into velvet blossoms: groundhogs, possums, squirrels, rabbits; soaking into grass and pavement. Sometimes there’s a porcupine with its quills accusingly pointing

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Conner Habib Talks Sexual Racism: Video

Hey Honky. Conner Habib,  NewNowNext’s resident sexpert, is kicking things up a notch this week by talking about a very taboo subject — sexual racism. Do you have a favorite flavor of skin? Does that make you racist? Watch above as Conner answers a question from a reader who is wondering if, as a white man, his

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Conner Habib Talks Porn Addiction: Ask The SEXpert

Porn is not the problem, porn is your best friend (sarcasm). Unless your fingers are blisters from google searching fisting videos then… Conner Habib, NewNowNext’s man with the answers to all of your sex questions, is back and taking on a subject he knows very much about, porn addiction. See Mr. Habib and Salon sex reporter Tracy Clark-Fory (follow

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Conner Habib and the Tore Up Beauty CHRISTEENE Talk About Pride, Beer & Banks: Video

I would have given my left testicle to have been the third Musketeer to Conner Habib and CHRISTEENE! Get More: Watch Reality TV, Video and Movies, Logo TV If you are having trouble viewing video watch it HERE NewNowNext’s resident sex and relationship expert Conner Habib is back today to tackle a question that springs up every


Conner Habib Flexes His Brain Muscle on The Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast: Listen!

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour is a weekly audio podcast by comedian and writer Duncan Trussell. Designed as a 21st century salon, each episode features Duncan and a special guest exploring a diverse range of topics, including art, society, politics, religion, and more.  On episode 26 Duncan is joined by philosopher, author, and gay porn star

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Ask The SEXpert: Conner Habib and Peaches Christ Talk: Is Drag and Sex Like Oil and Water?

Is Drag & Sex like oil and water? Conner Habib is joined by magnetic drag queen Peaches Christ this week and they tackle subject of internal homophobia and when it might be appropriate to throw in the towel with your boyfriend. Watch, learn and laugh. Keep your eyes peeled, Accidental Bear will be making a special appearance with Conner on

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Ask The SEXpert: Conner Habib Playful in a Cowboy Hat Talks About Sexual Hang-Up “Come & Go”

New Now Next’s real live resident sexpert  Conner Habib gives advice on that feeling you may get right after the fireworks ( after sex/ cum shot) to run out the door or to kick your trick to the curb. As always, you can send your own questions in to Conner by emailing them totips@newnownext.com.   Get More: Watch


Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School, Part 2 “Hall Pass” by Conner Habib

“Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School is a series of short essays about growing up  frustrated in small-town Pennsylvania.” ~Conner Habib. Find Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School, Part 1 (Gym Class) HERE. Spend some time bopping around Conner Habib’s blog and delve into the depths of his mind while think about the depth

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Ask The SEXpert: Conner Habib On Open Monogamy (Video)

Smart, charming, informative, helpful and most importantly realistic. All the components from what a Sexpert should be. Great job Conner, you are our go to guy for all of our sex questions! NewNowNext’s resident sexpert, Conner Habib, is back this week. And he brought some friends. Different couples approach monogamy in different ways. Today, Conner answers


Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School: Part 1 “Gym Class” by Conner Habib

Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School is a series of short essays about growing up  frustrated in small-town Pennsylvania.   from Conner Habib blog #1 – Gym Class I don’t know if this is normal, but in the early mornings before I left for school, I would actually get down on my knees


Conner Habib Reviews “The Cabin in the Woods”: The New Old Real Fake Ones

Conner Habib is use to stripping bare himself. Read below as strips “The Cabin in the Woods”  bare for www.peacheschrist.com The Conspiracy and Spectacle of The Cabin in the Woods by Conner Habib If you don’t believe in a world ruled by secret, unseen forces that control how we think, feel, and treat others, there’s a quick remedy to

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Conner Habib is New Resident SEXpert for NewNowNext: Lack Of Sex Drive Conundrum (Video)

Conner Habib tackles sex questions straight on as well as on a philosophical and psychological level. Conner will often turn the mirror back on the person asking the sex question to get the bottom of things. Smart SEXpert, knowledgable and lots of fieldwork, Conner Habib is the right man for this job.   NewNowNext’s Renaissance Man of


Rest Stop Confidential: How I Ended up Having Sex With Men in Bathrooms By Conner Habib

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/ kongsky Across America, countless men are meeting up for sex in highway bathrooms. I’m one of them. Here’s why.  By Conner Habib I was 15 the first time I found out that men have sex in public. On the way to Maine with my mom and stepfather, we pulled off the highway and