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Is Community A Postmodern Masterpiece? | Idea Channel | PBS

Food for thought. “Though the TV show Community has never achieved huge ratings, it has a passionate cult following, including us here at Idea Channel. The show plays with genre and narrative in such a creative way that it brings to mind the cultural and artistic theory of Postmodernism. Previous TV series have been self-referential […]

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SF: Local Artist Christopher Tandy’s Solo Show “Running Out of My Mind” 11.4 – 12.4

Wanna go on a date? How about November 4th, at 7pm and we can soak up some local art together.  Freelance artist/illustrator, Christopher Maxwell Tandy will be holding a reception for his first solo show ever. Being nosey as I am,  I asked him if he was nervous. He replied, “I am really excited and also really nervous. […]

Hair Ball of Day

BearCity 2 Teaser Trailer (Video)

Are you ready to get your bear on? In Post-Production! Join the Family… Donate or become an Investor at http://www.bearcity2.com BearCity is a hirsute “Sex and the City,” following the funny, romantic, and occasionally dramatic adventures of a group of bears and cubs in New York City. The sequel, BearCity 2 follows our familiar characters and […]

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Bank of America Grants S.F. Gay Orgs $130K

BOA putting their money where it counts. If you were a school girl, I’d carry your books home for you. BOA, I’m sweet on you. AB Local entertainer Donna Sachet (left) and Bank of America’s senior vice president Patrick D. Strieck (second from left) award $130,000 to nine local LGBT nonprofit organizations. Bank of America, […]

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Out Athlete & Coach Help Campus Diversity

I am an Athletic Supporter, Spread the Word ——————————————————————————————– By Michelle Garcia @ advocate.com Bowdoin College tennis coach Colin Joyner A group at Bowdoin College in Maine is making headway in helping student athletes feel like part of a community when they decide it’s time to come out. Men’s tennis coach Colin Joyner said that when he […]

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Gays, They’re Everywhere and Growing; 9 Million to Date

9 million Americans estimated to be gay or bisexual, but solid figures elusive via Washington Post In an attempt to encourage more research into the health and well-being of gay people, a California demographer has estimated that more than 9 million Americans are gay, lesbian or bisexual, a number equivalent to the population of New […]

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Finally; Red Meat – A Monthly Party for Gay Redheads and the Men Who Love Them/ SF CA

A monthly club night for gay redheads and the men who love them… The 2nd Saturday of each month beginning May 14th, 2011   Address : 1151 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 · Get Directions Phone: 415-431-1151 Website: http://www.facebook.com/redmeatsf Hours: Sat 9pm – 3am Related Articles Redheads Anonymous (ourpoetrycorner.wordpress.com) Why redheads feel more pain (imryanhouston.wordpress.com) Top 5 with […]

Hair Ball of Day

San Francisco Movie Bears; Fur Gatherings

Unless you are opposed to mingling with chaming, bearded men (potential ex-bf’s), enjoying smashing films, going out on a school night (not booze focussed, a plus), eating movie theater food for  dinner and a gay old time, San Francisco MovieBears is for you. Coordinators: Up coming fur ball gatherings: All movies are Wednesday, unless otherwise […]