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Q & A with David Quantic About His Short Film “Bakersfield, Earth”: Sci-fi Comedy with a Bump of Social Commentary

So what’s this movie “Bakersfield, Earth”all about? Did you know that aliens live in Bakersfield, California? Crazy, right? One of them is Guy Bowman. Guy arrived in 1970 in the body of a cross-dressing hippie. Our film is set in 1990. Guy lives in a middle class neighborhood with his son, Toby. This film takes place […]

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Selene Luna Has a Passion For Bears and Her Spunky Career (Interview)

I started my long distance relationship with the lovely Selene Luna gracefully, over some morning coffee. Thanking her for talking to me because I was  feeling somewhat unworthy, I awkwardly blurted out, “Thanks for talking with me. I know you are a busy California girl and probably have a day full of Botox appointments, coffee […]

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Beards of Comedy Release Second Album “Cardio Mix”

The BEARDS OF COMEDY Tour is quickly becoming one of the hottest shows in the U.S, showcasing four of the funniest, freshest – and bearded – faces in comedy. COMEDY CENTRAL Records releases The Beards of Comedy “Cardio Mix” digital album on Tuesday, November 22. You can get it on Itunes here or Amazon here .  Just click on […]

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“Jackpot” A Comedy About a Boy and his Porno: Help Kickstart this Film

Accidental Bear is in 100% support of  this film being made and so should you be. Kickstart this film and help a “brother” out. Watch video and read how you can help and also get a piece of art by Michael Bilsborough,  Bruce LaBruce and many other memorable artist of our time. “Adam Baran is a sparkling storyteller […]