Colby Keller Goes Full Frontal for Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign ‘Mirror the World’ Our Spring-Summer 2016 campaign ‘Mirror the World’ is about saving Venice. The problem there is one of repair, mass tourism on cruise ships and of climate change. Shot around the alleys & canals, shipyards and palazzos of Venice, the campaign highlights the beauty & decay of Venice and the […]

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Colby Keller Announces Rentboy Scholarship Fund for Male Sex Workers | Video #Cash4Class

Wow! Well done Rentboy. Judge Colby Keller announces the #Cash4Class 2015 Rentboy Scholarship at To win $1,500, submit an essay or video on the topic “Why is going to school part of achieving your dream?” by September 15, 2015. Supported by and CockyBoys. Details at

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Colby Keller Does New Mexico | “Interrogating Sexuality & Sex Work in Today’s America | NSFW

  My standard of not posting full on porn goes right out the window when it comes to Colby Keller. Colby casts a spell over me pretty much in whatever he is doing, art or porn. Have you guys been following his project Colby Does America?  “Colby Does America is a crowdfunded project in which […]

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Colby Keller, Jinkx Monsoon, & Kenny Brain in Season 2 of “Capitol Hill” | Watch Trailer

Last week we premiered the first Trailer for Season 2 of Seattle’s hit “Capitol Hill.”  Trailer #2 is now out and shares a boat load of new characters and special guests including Waxie Moon, Kenny Brain, Baby Bear and the cast of Season 2, including Jinkx Monsoon, Colby Keller, Waxie Moon, BenDeLaCreme, Robbie Turner, Guinvere Turner, Jackie Hell, […]

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Intimate Moments with Colby Keller and Jan on a Farm | Photographs by Barry Salzman | NSFW

  Colby Keller and Jan krajewski photographed on Jan’s farm in Tennessee by Barry Salzman. See the full set of photos at There energy is undeniable in these shot and there is no doubt in my mind the action happened long after the camera stopped shooting. “Barry Salzman is a New York based artist whose work […]

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A New Colby Keller’s Package & Poetry – “At The Window”

  It’s so cute Colby Keller reads and makes these video just for me! #notreally Colby’s package is poetry. Artist, blogger and adult film star, Colby Keller takes you on a calming journey into his soul. He’s not only passionate about his #iseepenis tags, but his also passionate about poetry. Today’s episode he recites “At […]

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Watch: In Bed With Colby Keller: Now Where is that Prostate of Mine?

  MMM MM I love the words prostate and Colby Keller in the same sentence. “Where exactly IS your prostate? Let Manhunt’s official “sexpert” Colby Keller show you where and what to do when you get there!” MANHUNTnet For all your dating and hookup needs click here at MANHUNT, the official Tour sponsor of this summer’s  Accidental […]

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Watch Jake Deckards’ “Men in the Sand” Scene 1 Revealed: Hot Damn!

So, what has porn god Jake Deckard do with his summer you ask?   Jake Deckard‘  artistically “re-envisioned” the iconic 1971 film by Wakefield Poole, Boys in the Sand. Boys in the Sand is a landmark American gay pornographic film. The 1971 film was directed by Wakefield Poole and stars Casey Donovan. Boys in the Sand was the […]

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In Bed with Colby Keller: How to Have a Three-Way: Video

MANHUNTnet‘s sexpert Colby Keller says this about threeways. “You don’t want to have an orgy, but you DO want to invite someone into your play.” Colby’s here to walk you through it! Colby introduces some threeway taxonomy: 3 unknowns, fuckbuds, LTR tag team, 2 tops 1bottom, 1 top 2 bottoms and open season. Watch video to […]

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Sexpert Colby Keller Helps with Hook Up Hurdles: “Neither Of Us Can Host! What to do?” Video

The lovely, scrumptious, witty, funny and down right edible Mr Colby Keller, resident sexpert for Manhunt Daily helps solve the dilemma that goes back as far as caveman days, “Your cave or mine?” The dilemma is that neither of you have a rock to lay your head on or parents upstairs from your basement apartment […]

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In bed with Colby Keller: Don’t Cock Block Yourself with Your Your Online Sex Profile: Video

Is your online sex profile cock blocking you from getting your freak on? Manhunt’s resident “sexpert” Colby Keller would like to talk to you about naming your online profile.   Last week episode below : In Bed With Colby Keller: Ten Tips For Throwing A Successful Orgy   Want more Colby Keller? check out his blog and […]

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Colby Keller and Sidekick Dale Cooper Answer, “How To Get Started In Porn?”: Video

Manhunt’s resident “sexpert” Colby Keller along with special guest Dale Cooper give some tips on breaking into the gay porn business! I wasn’t sure which way this would go at first, but the two of them give some good solid advice that will give you some longevity in your porn career if that is the […]

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Colby Keller is Behind That Beard Made of Cherry Blossoms (Photo Spread)

Colby Keller, one of our VIPs, porn super star, artsy fartsy kid, sex advice columnist and all around good guy, posts behind the scene photographs for his interview with  Next Magazine coming out next week on his highly entertaining NSFW blog Big Shoe Diaries. Colby says, “If you’re in NYC, find me in the free stack at […]

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New Music: Jonny McGovern “#TOTDF” (Texting On The Dance Floor) Feat. Drew Droege, Colby Keller and Selena Luna! (Video)

Jonny McGovern cracks me the hell up, enough said #LOL #LMFAO Lots of rad cameos including some of our VIP’s Drew Droege, Colby Keller and Selena Luna! Why do we get the feeling like Jonny McGovern is pointing his finger at YOU? “The Gay Pimp” Jonny McGovern’s new single “#TOTDF” aka “Texting On The Dancefloor” from […]

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Hair Ball of the Day: Porn Star Colby Keller in a Cupboard Photo Spread (NSFW)

You are warned. Only scroll down if you like penis and balls. Oh Colby, you playful little minx! Don’t forget to go and get a taste of Colby Keller over at his blog He is very flavorful.                     Photos courtesy of Gabe Ayala and a special “styling” thank you […]

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Kim Jong Il Dead At 69, DUDE! Colby (Keller)Dong Il Still Kicking

The dynamic and hunky-dory Colby Keller pays an arty fartsy tribute to  the passing of  KIM JONG IL: To pay tribute today, we’re calling on graphic designers and anyone who can use FREE TRANSFORM in photoshop to check out KJI Looking at Things and find their favorite Kim Jong Il photo, THEN find a Colby head from […]

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An Idea That Turned Into A Passion: Happy Birthday Accidental Bear Video Wishes From Familiar Faces

  WATCH VIDEO HERE Today Accidental Bear Website turns one year old and we couldn’t be any happier of the direction we are going. An idea turned into a hobby, that turned into a job, that has now turned into my passion.  There are many websites out there bringing you LGBT news and entertainment, so […]