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Heavily Bearded Hugh Jackman Happily Tweets A Pic of Himself and “Laughing Man”: His Collection of Ethical Teas, Coffee, Chocolate and Gifts

Today a heavily bearded Hugh Jackaman tweeted a photo of himself  in UK department store, Harvey Nichols. Hugh just happens to be  in London filming his new movie among other things. He is launching his brand, Laughing Man, a collection of ethical teas, coffee, chocolate and gifts in the London store. He is glowing like a proud new […]

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Karl Lagerfeld Designed Himself a Chocolate Young Man “Companion” (video)

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with star French chocolatier Patrick Roger, to create a hotel room made from over 10 ton of chocolate. Included in this design is a chocolate young man “companion” holding what looks to be a fudge sickle (slightly awkward). But you are Karl Lagerfeld after all, do what you […]