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‘Bully’ Doc Gets PG-Rating in Canada, Despite MPAA’s R-Rating Stateside

Another example of how America has become so ass backwards and why Canada beats us to it (the right thing to do), again. Director Lee Hirsch applauds liberal British Columbia film censors for slapping no age restriction on the documentary about bullying among school-age kids. TORONTO – The Lee Hirsch documentary Bully, given an R-rating stateside by the […]

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The Canada Party, America But Better: Vote Canada for US President (Video)

When something is right, it’s just right, and this is so right on it makes my head spin. I am officially supporting Vote Canada for President. Canada is already leading America in health care, gay rights, and lumberjack fashion, so why not just let it lead America? (thedailywh.at)   Meet the Canada Party. (@TheCanadaParty) Written and Directed by […]

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“Among Friends” Immigrants Fleeing Home Country Due to Sexual Persecution (Video)

Shared Time Project: Shared Time shows the impact of everyday volunteers and inspires others to join the movement. When you volunteer, you do more than just share your time – you share yourself. Through giving, volunteers build their communities, locally, globally and culturally. They make the world, and themselves, a better place. There are many […]

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Teachers in Ontario, Canada to Receive Mandatory LGBT Diversity Training

 New teachers in Ontario, Canada will “soon graduate from college with an improved understanding of gender and sexuality,” Xtra! reports. In 2013, teachers will be required to “complete two years of training instead of one” with an “increased focus on equity and diversity…as a way for new teachers to better understand the gay, lesbian, bisexual and […]

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All Eyes on Matthew Parsons’ T-shirt Art: ‘Bear Hug’ & ‘Don’t Care Bear’

An Englishman living in Canada. Mathew Parsons is a dedicated fine art photography graduate who is passionate about imagery as a form of expression and communication. He spotlights and puts emphasis on self-challenge, within the realms of photography and video, to convey impressions, emotions and statements conclusively. He hopes that his work entertains and motivates others […]

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Four Year Strong Project Greenroom Interview

It is no secret Accidental Bear’s “bromance” With Four Year Strong. Want to know more about Four Year Strong’s upcoming third full length? “The records not a punk record, it’s not a pop-punk record, it’s not a hardcore record, it’s a rock record. Listen up to Project Greenroom’s sit down with these hunk-of-burning-loves and listen to them […]


Naked & Famous Denim for Tenue de Nimes: Do you Have What it Takes to Fill these Pants Out?

(via Selectism) Canada’s Naked & Famous denim house goes head to head with AMS’s own Tenue de Nimes for a special 24 pair run of 13oz green rope-dyed repro denim. They have a vintage army feel to them. “Specific attention has been paid to matching the shade of green perfectly. The mid-green color proved a […]


Furni Black “Rockassins” Comfort Over Style

Help! I really am interested in these. It may be a case of giving in to comfort over fashion (although these are quite cute in a probably wouldn’t leave the house in them way, but I wear them all the time at home). Shush, it’s old age. ————————————————————————————————————– via Selectism Furni Black “Rockassins” On May […]