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California Transgender Woman, Allegedly Tased In The Crotch By Imperial County Desert Rangers (VIDEO)

California Transgender Woman, Allegedly Tased In The Crotch By Imperial County Desert Rangers (VIDEO)

There has got to be an awful bottom surgery joke in here somewhere, but I am not going to touch it. It appears that officers got outraged after seeing on the driver’s license of Brooke Fantelli, that she use to be a male and thing escalated from there.   A California transgender woman is reportedly planning


Today in SF CA: HUG A HUNK! Benefiting the Trevor Project at The Edge

San Francisco’s bar The Edge will be hosting HUG A HUNK today, Sunday the 4th, benefiting The Trevor Project. This will also will be a platform for Ms Kylie Minono to continue her climb to become  Grand Duchess of San Francisco. This will be the perfect opportunity to go to a bar on sunday, help

Results of the 1st Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Championships [Updated]

  “You know competition’s tough when Abraham Lincoln comes in third place.”

Whiskey Waxing Competition: Beard & Mustache Extravaganza in San Francisco’s North Beach 8/15

Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders will be one of the three judges Monday evening for the competition portion of the evening. Not to be missed.    Live Barbershop Quartet!!! At Comstock Saloon Monday August 15, 2011 7 PM Registration 8 PM Competition FACEBOOK PAGE Welcome to the 2011 Whiskey Waxing Beard & Mustache Competition. Whiskey Waxing

Beardy Wonder Defends his National Scrabble Champion Title

There you have it. With a beard comes wisdom, with wisdom comes a beard. End of story. Or should I have come up with a longer word for this piece on the bearded wonder Scrabble champion? photo source:Patricia Hocker/PR NEWSWIRENigel Richards successfully defended his National Scrabble Championship title in Dallas, winning a $10,000 first prize.

Does the Law Allow Jurors to be Dismissed for Being Gay?

Wow, this would be great, then I could stop playing crazy, unstable and a tear producing fool to get out of my duty. AB A lesbian was allegedly kicked off a jury because of her orientation, and now lawyers are arguing to a federal appeals court that it should never happen again, the Los Angeles Timesreports.

What is Your Spirit Animal? Whisker Wars Coming Soon: Aug 5th (VIDEO)

A docu-comedy set in the world of competitive facial hair growing. Following a group of men as they travel the country in search of top honors in a host of competitions, from the National Beard and Mustache Championship in Bend, OR to the World Competition in Norway. With Germany the reigning champion, over 80 local

Hairy Men and Hard Alcohol: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Whiskey Waxing Event

This week artist Walter Green takes the helm of Drawing Crowds. Jay Sacher, the column’s originator, has moved onto greener pastures back East. He will be missed! To kick things off, Drawing Crowds bravely waded into a gathering of hirsute men (and the people who love them) having their facial hair massaged into wacky shapes

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Accidental Bear Takes a Casual Walk Thru Dore Alley Street Fair: Video Evidence

There are some things in life you shouldn’t pass up while your heart is still ticking and body is still willing. One of those events is San Francisco’s Dore Alley Street Fair “Up Your Alley.” You never know who you may run into with their pants down. Leather, Bears and flogging, oh my.

News Briefs: ‘HE-SHE FREAK,' Brown’s Anti-Gay Views, Pelosi to Bachmann, Sept. Arguments in Prop. 8 Case

Trevor’s David McFarland On Teen Suicides In Anoka-Hennepin School District Civil rights organizations are pushing district to address suicide epidemic. Anti-gay groups accused of fueling & ignoring crisis. Thomas Roberts talks with David McFarland from The Trevor Project. Pelosi to Bachmann: Address the Teen Suicides in Your District Republican presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann’s failure to address a

Golden Bear for Unionmade Seals Stadium Jacket

If you never lettered in any sport in high school, you are only half the loser your dad told you, you were. You can now by one of these awesome Stadium jackets and role play high school jock with your boyfriend or girlfriend. AB Unionmade’s Seals Stadium jacket, manufactured by SF locals Golden Bear, draws

Tattoo Model Alert: Beautiful Ful Men’s Collection Autumn/Winter 2011

Punk dress up day or punk-young-professional? Yes, that’s Beautiful Ful (one l) Men’s Collection. Los Angeles based, Beautiful Ful looks to bring classic looks of menswear in line with the California ideals. While this is not always a match made perfect, the collection for Autumn 2011 does offer a few garments that may lead you to examine

Timber! T-shirts: Only 161 Days until Christmas

the t-shirts… TIMBER! t-shirts are hand-drawn and hand-screened in a garage in California. All shirts are made in the USA. www.timberpreservationsociety.com the beginning… In early 2006, artist and six year screenprinter, Chad Eaton, drew a lumberjack line drawing and printed it on a few t-shirts for his own amusement. Friends began asking for them. Friends

R.I.P. Betty Ford

RIP: Former First Lady Betty Ford, wife of the late former president Gerald Ford, has passed away this afternoon in her Rancho Mirage home. She was 93. Ford, whose personal struggles with alcoholism led her to co-found the Betty Ford Center, a California-based chemical dependency recovery hospital, dedicated her life to public service and social activism. For her work,

Sen. Mark Leno: Excluding LGBT Americans From Textbooks Is Censoring History

California lawmakers ok bill to add LGBT figures to history textbooks. Thomas Roberts talks with state senator Mark Leno who introduced the bill. Not teaching our children about LGBT members in history who have fought for civil rights for all would be given them a handicap in life. Half- truths about history is never a

State Assembly Passes Fair Education Act Authored by Senator Mark Leno

This is a big deal people! Sacramento – Today, the California State Assembly in a 49-25 vote passed a bill that would require schools to fairly and accurately portray the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights movement and the historic contributions of the diverse LGBT community in social science instruction. The Fair, Accurate,

Melissa Haslam “Kigurumi”| Unveiled July 15th, 2011

On July 15, 2011 LeBasse Projects will unveil the first major solo exhibition from Australian artist Melissa Haslam. Haslam, who has shown in group shows throughout the United States, will share paintings exploring her fascination with the Kigurumi seen. Participants in Kigurumi fashion themselves as living stuffed animals, wearing what they call “disguised pajamas.” Haslam,

Baxter of California for Unionmade KML Candle | SF CA Localism

Invoking the warm embers of a glowing camp fire, the “KML” candle by Baxter of California for Unionmade is a bold blend of Cedar and Sandlewood moderated with Guiacwood Oil. A true collaborative effort, the “KML”candle was conceived in tandem by J.P. Mastey, President BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA and Todd Barket founder of UNIONMADE. Housed in a sophisticated

Adam Kimmel Spring/Summer 2012 Runway

Clothes tell stories. They say thing like, “Hi, I’m a junkie whore” or “Hi, I want to look like a just crawled out of bed but I spent 2 hours getting ready.” Adam Kimmels’s Spring/Summer 2012 looks tells me that the wearer might be a surfer boy who was told by his girlfriend that he

Hair Ball of the Day : Artist Parker Tilghman


For those Inclined, RuPaul Will be at Amoeba San Francisco 6/11

RuPaul, the hit recording artist, television star, and author, will be signing copies of her new album, Glamazon, at Amoeba San Francisco (1855 Haight Street) this weekend on Saturday, June 11th. Purchase Glamazon at the store and receive a pass to attend this special signing event (space is limited – while they last). The CD signing begins


California Gays Music Video To Katy Perry California Gurls Parody GAY CHEESE ALL TIME HIGH!

New Social Science Textbooks to Include a Study of the Role and Contributions of LGBT Americans

  California lawmakers fight over bill to teach students about gay people’s contributions By Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times Reporting from Sacramento — As the battle over same-sex marriage makes its way through California’s courts, another gay rights fight is smoldering in the Legislature. Democratic lawmakers have revived a plan to require state schools to

Eadweard Muybridge Take a Bow

Visionary photographer gets his due ‘Helios: Eadweard Muybridge in a Time of Change’ at SFMOMA

California Man Swept Away by Tsunami

Horrible tragedy but you can’t say you weren’t warned. Mother nature is all powerful and not to be underestimated. __________________________________________________ via Gawker.com The Japanese earthquake is having truly global effects. Rescue workers are searching for a California man who was washed into the sea by a tsunami when he was trying to take pictures of the

Where Have all the Great Whites gone?

I am a water baby and often daydream of living under the sea. I imagine the water of the Bay Area swarming with great white sharks. I obsessively stare at the surface of the water in an attempt to make a shark fin appear.  I know found out it’s much less likey than I had


I saw this bouncing around blogs and websites yesterday. Crawling into bed spooned up ( or spork if you like) next to my better half and decided to end my wild friday night at home with this 2 minute clip of what appears to be Santa Clauses brothers sitting on a bench. The story has


After viewing the film We Were Here at the Castro Theater in the San Francisco last evening I have more love for my queer community than ever. It made me want to march out the theater, protest down market street, volunteer every spare minute I have and give long heart felt hugs to everyone in

Apparel with Hip-Hop Roots Isn’t Just About Bold Logos and Graffiti

via www.selectism.com The Scifen Company Spring 2011 Apparel with hip-hop roots isn’t just about bold logos and graffiti based graphics. Barmak Badaei’s second season of the new look Scifen Company exhibits a paired down aesthetic with bold attention to fabric. Badaei’s take on classics, if you will, has a brash edge to it for sure, but isn’t

Bearracuda at IBR is this Saturday! SF CA

B B B Bearracuda ( sing like chia-pet song) is happening this Saturday and it’s not one you’ll want to miss! Bears from around the WORLD will be in town and on the loose! Sit back set your BEAR TRAP and you will have a successful weekend. Via Bearracudas Facebook page One of our BIGGEST

Imagine, a Gay-centric Gay-borhood in the Desert

First thought Burning man, second thought desert porn shoots, third thought, TOTALLY RAD! I am going to follow this super cities planning and jump on board! I’m far from retiring, but not I’m continuously told to be a better planner. ———————————————- Gay Super City Planned for Calif. Desert By Advocate.com Editors Almost a dozen architecture

Lazy Bear Gets the Green Light 2011

HAIR BALLS UNITE FURRY DELICIOUSNESS “Lazy Bear Tags for LBW-15 are on sale online and they are available for online purchase at the early-bear price of 85.00 at www.lazybearweekend.com This is a banner year for LBW on a number of fronts: not only does it mark our return to the lovely town of Guerneville after a year

Limbaugh is just an Ass, Nothing More, Nothing Less

What I want to say but wont is (smiley face) , why are ll the bullets wasted on good people. I in no way advocate gun violence, but come one people. What year is this? Somebody please pull the plug on this hot bag of dog shit and air names Limbaugh. Please and thank you! Via http://thinkprogress.org/ California

Scuba dub dub , 3 Men in a Tub. Death by Bath Salts!

Ok, do I have your attention? Man, I’m totally jonesing for some green tea, lavendar rose hip-tree bark bath salt, Im ithcing, I need Bad Drug Alert: Fancy Bath Salts Might be the New Meth A new drug is hitting the streets from the Deep South to California and it’s got some pretty terrifying side

Jack LaLanne Dies

Taped to walls as a queer kid were the typical BOP Magazine pin-ups , Duran Duran, Corey Hart, Cyndi Lauper and so on. I also had a fitness section with photos of body builders (now we know I just had then to stare at their man lumps in their banana hammocks). I distinctly remember  a

Elton John lashes out at gay marriage opponents

  YOU TELL IT HOW IT IS SIR ( COUGH) ELTON Don’t let the sun go down on you ( snap fingers in circle), for you take that golden brick road home and count your bling! VIA- Entertainment – GMANews.TV – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News BEVERLY HILLS,

California’s Gold Huell Howser You Inspire Me To Be More Like Dora The Explorer

To catch my attention you don’t  have to have a hit record ( or a wonderfully bombed one either) , have a beard or have a leaked sex tape. By accident a few time a month I find myself plopped on the couch after work on Saturdays watching Huell Burnley Howser ((born October 18, 1945) is

Drive, Hike and Gawk with Me: Joshua Tree

Up until today Joshua Tree National Park at 74485 National Park Drive Twentynine Palms, CA has escaped me. U2’s album Joshua Tree was a a staple record to pass the long days of summer back in high school ( ahem, just a few years ago). But that was all I knew of Joshua Tree at the time.

All Eyes on: Flora Grubb

  Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 5:00 Sunday 10:00 – 5:00 1634 Jerrold Ave, San Francisco, CA  415.626.7256 http://www.floragrubb.com/idx/index.php Contact Us We are Hiring