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Take a Stand Against Bullying on #Spirit Day | Oct 19th

It’s more important than ever that we stand up to bullies. Join us for #SpiritDay and help us show love for LGBTQ youth. You in? Take the pledge at glaad.org/spiritday For more information about GLAAD’s work, please visit www.glaad.org, Facebook and Twitter.

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The LGBT Members of Toronto Police Department’s Video to “STOP. BULLYING. NOW”: Watch

  (Because I am shallow, some notable cuties from video above) STOP.BULLYING.NOW. Toronto Police LGBT Members Speak Out Against Bullying The Toronto Police Service believes no one should be bullied, for any reason. This video features civilian and uniform members of the Toronto Police Service – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) members – speaking directly […]

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Bad Behavior Online: Bullying, Trolling & Free Speech: Food for Thought Video

Term of the day:  Online disinhibition effect – “The core concept of the Online Disinhibition Effect refers to a loosening (or complete abandonment) of social restrictions and inhibitions that would otherwise be present in normal face-to-face interaction during interactions with others on the Internet.” Wikipedia The internet is a powerful tool for communication, but it can sometimes […]

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Watch: Sydney Swans AFL Team Speaking Out Against Bullying

Aussie athletes to the rescue and speaking out against bullying. Theses guys have a strong and powerful message which sounds even better with their sexy Australian accent. Tommy Walsh, Shane Mumford and Nick Smith from the Sydney Swans AFL team are urging people to put an end to bullying. In the short clip, they send the message […]

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“Drown”: Aussie Lifeguards Big Night Out Filled Homophobic Fears and Tragic Booze-Fueled Bullying: Watch Trailer

Three lifeguards on a big night out. Jealousy, homophobic fears and unrequited lust culminate in a tragic booze-fueled episode of near-fatal bullying. In 2013, DROWN will be released in cinemas. It is an independent film that deals with bullying and homophobia in Sydney. The film is currently in production and is based on the play by Stephen Davis. […]

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7-Year-Old’s Suicide is a Result of Bullying: Shocks Detroit Community

Where were the adults! freep.com reports: Peering through the keyhole of a locked door in her family’s home near Detroit’s New Center, a 14-year-old girl saw the unthinkable: her 7-year-old brother hanging from a bunk bed with a belt around his neck, a police report says. The girl alerted her mother and called 911. The mother […]

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Ben Cohen and Ginger Prince Harry Stand Proud with StandUp Against Bullying Jersey (Photo)

We made have just died and gone to supposed heaven! Ben Cohen says on his FACEBOOK PAGE, Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, The world’s first foundation dedicated to anti-bullying www.standupfoundation.com: “Played against Prince Harry at football. Harry is a great supporter of StandUp. Ben” The individual love we have for each of these men and that combined is hard to […]

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Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles Joins with the It Gets Better Project for a Nationwide Tour

Sing your hearts out men, make us proud (we already are!). For several years, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles has used music to share with high school students the importance of fairness and equality through their educational anti-bullying Alive Music Project. Now Executive Director Thom Lynch has announced a new collaboration with the It Gets Better Project and […]

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The Trevor Project PSA with Daniel Radcliffe [OFFICIAL]

“I’m Daniel Radcliffe and I believe that reaching out for help is the bravest thing a person can do. If you are struggling and need support, call The Trevor Lifeline at 1.866.488.7386. It’s free, confidential and trained counselors are there to listen 24/7 without judgment. To learn more about The Trevor Project’s lifesaving work for […]

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“It Does Get Better” by The L Project: Lyrics to Live By

It is wonderful to hear more women’s voices in the fight to stop bullying. Men move aside and stop hogging the spot light. The L Project single “It Does Get Better” aims to help raise awareness and money for charities which work to prevent LGBT bullying among young people. The song – words and music written […]

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“Truth Is” (Official Music Video): 16 Yr Old Expresses Feelings in Support of Anti-Bullying

Sixteen-year-old Marcella Fruehan sings what the “Truth Is” about bullying. I LOVE that she has braces on! It make the whole scenario more real unlike high school tv shows theses days played by 40 year old actors. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJSBWVT8aik&feature=player_embedded I wrote this song to express my feelings in support of anti-bullying. As a 16 year old […]

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Victim of Brutal LGBT Bullying in Ohio School Tells His Story (Video)

Last fall, the brutal, unprovoked beating of Zach, an openly gay student at Unioto High School in Chillicothe, Ohio, made national headlines when a video of the incident went viral online. Today, the ACLU is releasing a new video that features Zach and his mom, Becky Collins. Zach and Becky describe years of unending discrimination and harassment […]

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‘Think Before You Speak,’ Anti-Gay Bullying Campaign Produced By GLSEN, To Air At Super Bowl (VIDEO)

Just the basics, ‘Think Before You Speak!’ Madonna’s highly-anticipated halftime show has been hyped as “bringing gay” to the Super Bowl, but a series of public service announcements will ensure other aspects of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) life are emphasized during the big game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nasp3euSqjM&feature=player_embedded The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network(GLSEN) will share its new […]

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Former Saints Star Ben Cohen to Receive Honorary Degree from University of Northampton

I vote for straight ally Ben Cohen to be honorary President of the United State. FORMER Saints and England rugby international Ben Cohen is to receive an honorary masters degree from The University of Northampton.   The former Franklin’s Gardens star, who played almost 150 times for Saints and picked up 57 caps for England, […]

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“School Bullying Outbreak” Infograph: Facts, Consequences and Preventative Measures

To create bully-free classrooms, it’s necessary that we educate teachers, students and parents about the prevalence and consequences of it. We all believe a school should be a safe place for the children, a place where they can learn without fear or apprehension. In accordance with Bullying Awareness Week, which took place just about a month […]

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ANOTHER Gay Teen Took His Life Because of Bullying

We are living in a time where there is plenty of information out there on bullying, homophobia and tolerance, but it is still not enough. Imperfect world, another special young man took his life because of bullying. This information on how to spot and stop bullying needs to be implemented into the raising of our […]

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Bullying Claims Another Victim, 14 Yr Old Inspired Leader of Other Families

A letter written to Marlo Thomas, Award-winning actress, author, and activist: Hi Marlo – Our son Kameron was bullied relentlessly and committed suicide on January 18th. He was 14 years old. In lieu of flowers we asked for donations be made to St Jude’s, my mom’s favorite for decades. I know you’re busy, but just wondering of you […]

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GLSEN Releases Groundbreaking Study of Bias, Bullying and Homophobia in Grades K-6

“Playgrounds and Prejudice: Elementary School Climate in the United States” First National Study to Look at Homophobia, Gender Nonconformity in Elementary Schools. Gender Nonconforming Students at Particular Risk for Bullying, Many Teachers Unprepared to Address Issues of Gender Expression, LGBT Families www.glsen.org On February 1, join GLSEN for an in-depth look at the study findings from […]

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Teen Killed Himself After Torment at School Was Too Much

Same story, different face, but still hurts like the first time. Jacob Rogers at Cheatham County Central High School had been bullied from freshman year on and hoped his senior year would be different. It wasn’t . He took his own life because he couldn’t take it anymore and all the teachers and adults at his […]

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Soapbox: Rugby Star Ben Cohen on Bullying and Homophobia (Video)

Standing up to bullies is not a trend, but a life style needed to be adopted by everyone. StandUp with Ben Cohen! Watch video HERE Former England rugby international Ben Cohen tells the BBC’s Daily Politics why he is campaigning against bullying and homophobia. Each year stories of bullying and the long term damaging effects […]

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Accidental Bear Spends a Day with Ben Cohen and His StandUp Foundation Team (Videos)

Meeting up with Ben Cohen and his StandUp FoundationTeam had my brain twirling with excitement. I broke a few laws speeding to San Jose where  The Cisco Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Advocates (GLBT&A) Employee Resource Group(ERG), came  together with the Cisco Disabilities Awareness Network ERG, and brought Ben to the Cisco San Jose campus […]

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11 Year Old Disabled Boy’s Suicide Over Bullying

No, not again! Someones needs to be held accountable and a finger needs to pointed at someone. I point my finger right, smack dab in the middle of the foreheads of the parents of these bullies. This is beyond disgusting and unacceptable. What will it take for this to stop? Is all this media attention […]