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News Flash: São Paulo, Brazil Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

The state of São Paulo, Brazil, has legalized same-sex marriage, having updated its registration rules in accordance with a decision by the Brazilian Supreme Court. Previously, same-sex couples had to obtain a court order before they could obtain a marriage license. Even foreigners can now obtain a marriage visa, which is much easier to obtain than […]

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Chris Evans Showing Off Beard Promoting ‘The Avengers’ In Brazil (Photos & Video)

And beard fans everywhere go wild. Hunky Monkey Chris Evans  sported a beard on a visit to Brazil to promote  his film The Avengers on April 9, 2012. When we meet let’s do a beard rub Chris, No homo! Oh, and great choice of shirt color Chris, this blue makes your eyes pop something fierce! […]

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Sao Paulo, Brazil: Metro Launches Campaign to Combat Homophobia

 “See beyond prejudice. Respect differences.” The Brazilian State of São Paulo in partnership with the São Paulo City Metro (Underground) launched yesterday a campaign to combat homophobia entitled: “See beyond prejudice. Respect differences.” Its objective is to increase respect towards, and decrease discrimination against, LGBT people living in South America’s most populous city. The first […]

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Brazilian Volleyball Fans Show Outpouring of Support for Gay Player

Brazilians are not just know for their skimpy man thongs, but starting to get a reputation for tolerance. In the sports arena machismo runs rampant. World, I am addressing you as a whole, lets look over Brazils shoulder and learn a thing or two about compassion. ________________________________________________________ via www.afterelton.com Last week we mentioned the story of a […]