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Gay Filmmakers and Boy Scouts Create Art: Video

Gay Filmmakers and Boy Scouts Create Art: Video

todd bieber writes: I’m a filmmaker and an Eagle Scout. Recently, while serving as merit badge counselor of Cinematography Merit Badge, I invited several gay filmmakers to help teach some Boy Scouts about making movies.  Featuring Chris Kelly (Saturday Night Live), Denis O’Hare (American Horror Story, True Blood), Will Graham (Onion News Network), Matthew Kirsch (Late

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Jon Stewart’s “Gaywatch – Unprecedented Penetration Edition”: Boy Scouts and the NFL Video

  More Jon Stewart brilliance! Jon just may be our funniest, SMARTEST ally to our LGBTQcommunity hands down. The Boy Scouts of America enact a measure to allow gay men into the neckerchief-based organization, and a former NFL player assaults his ex-boyfriend. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire

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Jon Stewart Says “Eat Mor Cok” & Pokes Boy Scouts and Chick-Fil-A for Being ‘Holdouts’ Against Equality

“Eat Mor Cok” says Jon Stewart. We say, “We eat as much “cok” as humanly possible.” Last night, Jon Stewart dedicated an entire segment of The Daily Show to two groups who have been attacking the LGBT community over the past week: the Boy Scouts of America and Chick-fil-A. Stewart said, “I don’t want to minimize the concerns of the


Boy Scouts Of America Embraces GLSEN’s ‘No Name-Calling Week,’ Anti-Bullying Event Established By LGBT Organization

Sometimes I wonder why we all put so much emphasis on the Boy Scouts, as if putting them on a damn pedestal. It’s great that the Boy Scouts of America may become more accepting to amazing little gay boys. But it almost seems like in a twisted way, like begging the bully or ‘cool’ kid at school to be

Scouts Get Prepared for More Gay Recruits

“It’s OK to be gay and a Scout!” BE PREPARED – for equality. In a landmark decision, the Scouts are looking to welcome more gay recruits and leaders. Britain’s best-known youth organisation is keen to dispel the myth that homosexuals cannot join the organisation and as part of this it has produced a document entitled