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“Street Photography Now” at Contributed Studio for the Arts Berlin: Video

In candid moments captured in split seconds, from parks and beaches to streets and shopping malls, street photographers reveal the humour and drama of the everyday. Street Photography Now brings the most up to date review of the current state of the genre in the world: the great masters, the emerging photographers, the new directions. […]

Hair Ball of Day

SF Photographer Parker Tilghman: Limited Edition Box Set of Portraits from Berlin

    Local artist and friend Parker Tilghman is in the middle of a, “Make it work moment (thanks Tim Gunn).” This amazing, super talented, world traveller, bearded wonder, student, has few short months to go before my final exhibition and has set some pretty lofty goals for himself. Goode taste come at a cost sometimes. Parker […]

Art Music

Southern-fried Christeene’s gender-fucked Prowl Group from Austin Invades Berlin

Our princess, Christeen of the U.S. of A. has jumped the pond and landed in the sexy and pervert Stockholm & Berlin to get her raunch on. Europeans are just getting a taste of Christeen’s plattter. Let’s hope their eye’s aren’t bigger than their stomaches because they will have indigestion after witnessing her performance. via BUTT […]

This Town Vodcast Videos

Accidental Bear’s Interview with International Film Star Domiziano Arcangeli: Nothing Held Back

At an early age he was laced with a rebellious twinkle in his eye. International film star Domiziano Arcangeli, as a teen, was plucked from the streets by Helmut Newton and flown to Berlin for photo shoots which scored him magazine covers. His life never returned to “normal”. Domiziano was a hot potato, bouncing in the hands […]

This Town Vodcast Videos

Accidental’s Q & A with Tim Kruger (Adult Film Star); Revealing and Honest

*** Warning: Graphic (enjoyable) Language*** Years before finding out about Tim Kruger’s cinematic talents, I stumbled upon this photograph above. In order to keep this a classy joint, I covered the goods. Tim informed me that his English was not the best and was apologetic ahead of time for his grammar. Tim, I must say, […]