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StandUp with Ben Cohen | Dan Savage: American Savage | TakePart TV

Dan Savage profiles elite athlete Ben Cohen, who quit playing rugby at the height of his career to focus on a global movement to combat homophobia and bullying via the StandUp Foundation. Learn More About the StandUp Foundation: http://www.standupfoundation.com/ Subscribe Now!: http://full.sc/SwIjS1 Watch More American Savage: http://bit.ly/REEREi About American Savage Author, columnist, TV personality, and co-founder of the […]

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Ben Cohen and StandUp Foundation Provide $200,000 in Anti-Bullying

ATLANTA (January 17, 2013) – The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation today announced nearly $200,000 in support provided to anti-bullying efforts since launching less than two years ago, in April 2011. Of the $198,900 in support, $58,200 was given in direct grants to 18 anti-bullying groups across the US, UK and Ireland. Another $140,700 went to […]

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Ben Cohen Hanging Out with Bears in P-Town: Photo

The studly Ben Cohen of hanging around with some P town Bears (Boston USA) at the Marc Jacobs store. The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation The world’s first foundation dedicated to anti-bullying. The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, Inc. is the world’s first foundation dedicated to raising awareness of … Photo from Ben’s FACEBOOK PAGE

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Rugger’s Delight – Bingham Cup Photos: Gareth Thomas, Ben Cohen, the Players & The Queen!

You don’t have to twist are our arm one bit to post anything involving Ben Cohen! Popular Publicity reports: At last, photos en video (above) from the gay-inclusive, international rugby tournament, the Bingham Cup, held in Manchester June 1 – 3 (Great Britain’sQueen’s Diamond Jublee weekend), courtesy of  the event’s top sponsor, dating site Gaydar.net. Featured in the […]

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UK Stars Ben Cohen, Gareth Thomas & US Champs Head to Manchester For Gay-Inclusive Bingham Cup Tournament

  Top Dating Site Gaydar.net is #1 Sponsor Below: Interview with gay rugby superstar Gareth Thomas (Soundcloud) and video of the winning play by 2010 Bingham Cup champs, The Gotham Knights Story from www.popularpublicity.com Come June 1, jetloads of rugged rugger men from around the world will descend upon Manchester, England for the 2012 Bingham Cup, the now world-famous gay-inclusive tournament […]

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Ben Cohen and Ginger Prince Harry Stand Proud with StandUp Against Bullying Jersey (Photo)

We made have just died and gone to supposed heaven! Ben Cohen says on his FACEBOOK PAGE, Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, The world’s first foundation dedicated to anti-bullying www.standupfoundation.com: “Played against Prince Harry at football. Harry is a great supporter of StandUp. Ben” The individual love we have for each of these men and that combined is hard to […]

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Ben Cohen is Pride House London Ambassador

From Ben Cohen’s official fan site: ENGLAND RUGBY PLAYER BEN COHEN ANNOUNCED AS PRIDE HOUSE AMBASSADOR 2003 World Cup Winner and Chairman of The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation supports Pride House London during the Olympics this summer 25 January 2012 – England Rugby champion Ben Cohen MBE will be joining the impressive line-up of Ambassadors for […]

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Ground Breaking Documentary “Legalize Gay” (View Video Trailer)

FILM VIEWING COSTS — LEARN MORE  Part of the proceeds from the “Legalize Gay” film go to Campus Pride to provide LGBT & Ally scholarships and support for the 2012 CAMP PRIDE SUMMER LEADERSHIP CAMP.  More information online atwww.CampusPride.org/CampPride Campus Pride is offering a special opportunity to preview an incredibly inspiring film that captures the courage […]