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“Balls Deep” Goes Knee Deep in P-Town “Bears” March 16 on VICELAND | Watch Trailer

“Balls Deep” Goes Knee Deep in P-Town “Bears” March 16 on VICELAND | Watch Trailer

  BALLS DEEP “Bears” MARCH 16 at 11:00PM on VICELAND  Go bears (hand punched into the air with closed fist). “It’s Bear Week in Provincetown, when the burliest members of the gay community descend on Cape Cod to revel in their heft, hair, and heartiest homosexual hankerings. Will Thomas find love with one of the many


Accidental Bear Holiday Gift Pick for 2014 | “Cooking with The Bears: Healthy Recipes from Hairy Men” | Book

  Each year Accidental Bear Website picks a few of our favorite holiday gifts of the year. Our first pick of the year is this awesome photography – cookbook, Cooking with the Bears | Healthy Recipes by Hairy Men. Mike Enders, founder of Accidental Bear, was thrilled to be asked to write the foreword of

Where The Bears Are – Season 3: Episode 4 “Dead Body Bears” | Watch Here

    Uh-oh! While searching for clues in the Cody Summers murder, the Bears are surprised to discover Susie Collins (Loretta Fox) has been reinstated as the County Coroner after a multi-million dollar lawsuit and has used some of her settlement money to splurge on breast implants and a hunky new lab assistant named Big

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Singer Tom Goss Hops in the Tub with Accidental Bear: “Bears,” Flip Flops, Bear City 2 and Future Were Discussed: Video

  Singer songwriter Tom Goss is riding the wave of the HUGE success of his new music video for “Bears,” that has bears and non-bears wild for Tom. While swinging through San Francisco on his cross country tour, Tom Goss took a break to hop in the bath tub with Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders for

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New Music: Tom Goss “Bears” – Gay Bear

Oh Tom! Over 200 “bears” joined together to make Tom Goss’s most recent music video, which released nationally today.  The music video, directed by Aram Vartian and Michael Key, is for the appropriately titled song, “Bears.” Produced by Rich Morel (Deathfix, Blowoff, Kinky Boots, Hot Sauce), both the song and the video celebrate “bears,” complete

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Where The Bears Are – Episode 7 “Bear and Honey,” Not Honey Boo Boo

Where the Bears Are get some added estrogen in episode 7 titled Bear and Honey. Nelson (Ben Zook) pays a visit to Honey Garrett (Brooke Dillman), the chef who catered his birthday party, and manages to upset the shooting of her reality cooking show before finding out some very disturbing news about Hot Toddy. The

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Watch: Where The Bears Are – “Bears of Interest” Episode 6

Feast on Wood (Joe Dietl) reliving some glory times and basking in the glory of being a possible suspect for murder.Also find out whose Growlr check list includes: BDSM, kink, ranch, leather , jock straps, cock, rings, tip clamps and both dom and submissive. Hmm The bears work hard to clear their names before they’re arrested

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Where The Bears Are – Episode 3 “Goldicop and the Three Bears” Featuring the Sexy Chad Sanders:Video

WHERE THE BEARS ARE Episode 3 – GOLDIECOP AND THE THREE BEARS. Featuring the super sexy Chad Sanders!!! We are just 3 episodes deep in the new furrylicious web series WHERE THE BEARS ARE and we are hook. Character building happened really fast and we already have our fave, but our lips our sealed. You can’t

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Where The Bears Are – Episode 2 “Bear in Mind”: Video

“Way to crack the case Sherlock Homo!” Blessed thee a new Where the Bears Are! Many of you will be waking up this morning feeling rough after a wild weekend of bear soup, waking up with strangers and not knowing why your ass is sore. Wipe your naughty pallet clean with this juicy episode number


Hair Balls of the Day: Beary Good Friends

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“Bear City 2” Premiers Today: Watch Trailer

Set yourself a beef jerky trap and catch yourself a date to todays premier of  Bear City 2! Andrew Sullivan wraps these words around the flick: If you want an intro to bear culture, you cannot really beat it. But what struck me about the movie – more than its predecessor – is its mainstream romantic


Ben Cohen Hanging Out with Bears in P-Town: Photo

The studly Ben Cohen of hanging around with some P town Bears (Boston USA) at the Marc Jacobs store. The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation The world’s first foundation dedicated to anti-bullying. The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, Inc. is the world’s first foundation dedicated to raising awareness of … Photo from Ben’s FACEBOOK PAGE

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“Where the Bears Are”: Comedy, Mystery Web Series to Premiere Online August 1st

Oh lord, this is right up our hairy alley. There has been a buzz in the air for quite some time about this project and the wait is almost over. Chew on the trailer for Where the Bears Are below as if it were some prime rib and side a chicken wings. The count down begins until

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Mama Bear Rescues Cub from Garage! Intense Video

This was totally intense for me. Smart mama bear to the rescue!

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Two Bears Battle in Florida Neighborhood: Video

A honey of a battle took place between two bears in the middle of a neighborhood in Seminole County, Florida. The bear brouhaha took place in Tammy Snell’s front yard. While the creatures are common to the area, the fighting wasn’t. “[My son] says, ‘Mom, you’re not going to believe it. There are two big

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The Band of Bears Say Their Friend Paul is a “Dirty Bitch” Music Video

The new release from Band of Bears featuring their friends from the UK, France, Germany and the USA. We are  not a fan of the music, but we like their spirit so we wanted you to take a peek and give it a go. Who are the Band of Bears you ask: BOB is a

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RUFF Party Vancouver – Celebrating The Masculine April 5th, 2012

Vancouver BC Canada, April 5th, 2012, 9pm at 560 Nightclub – MN events and Gingerbear Todd present RUFF, a party celebrating the masculine for bears, cubs and friends. This debut event celebrates the masculine through the diversity and artistry of the community with music, art and performance. Featuring the internationally renowned circuit kub DJ Barney Philly, the Beirut beats of DRKN and


RITES XXXIII: THE BLACK PARTY NYC :: Super Star DJ Line :: Up P-Play, Mark Louque, Ryan Smith, David Picard

I am not usually one to toot the horn of big dance parties, but when one comes together packed with so much talent as  RITES XXXIII: THE BLACK PARTY, it’s worth some respect! Can I get a AMEN up in here? On Saturday March 24TH, 2012 at Roseland Ballroom in NYC,  four of the hottest underground DJs

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Rainbow Reading, Adorable Scruffy Youtuber Reviews Kids Books About Bears(Videos)

I am in imaginary love with Kurt. Cute Otter Youtuber interprets children’s books, mostly about Bears, Bear Hugs, Smelly Bears and City Bears. His demeanor is a charming flatline, or perhaps he to some Xanax before taping. Nonetheless , I could listen to him say the word ‘about’ all day and night.        

A graffiti bear (Ursus spp.) in San Francisco, California, USA (Photo: David Lytle, Creative Commons license)

That’s Just So San Francisco! by Daniel Fryer, Gay Bear Londoner

  That’s Just So San Francisco! When you talk about the city like she’s real, you know she’s claimed you as her own… By Daniel Fryer   Apparently I am ‘So San Francisco’, which is strange, as I’ve only ever been there three times. Well, I say three, but only two of them really count,


(More) Shit Gay Bears Say! Video: What’s the Line Between Funny and Mean?

Shit (yadda yadda yadda) People Say has been beat down like a sick horse, but secretly, however awful they are, I still enjoy watching them to get a sense of people’s perception of others and themselves. But have they just gotten mean? Last week we posted the video Shit Bears Say, to our FACEBOOK PAGE

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I demand to be put on a plane ASAP.  COCKETTE PARTY BACK TO LONDON! The most famous italian gay alternative night, which is based in the best club for alternative music (the plastic, in milan), a party that in few years has managed to involve gay, bears, straight, club kids and fashionistas people, is ready


Aussie Bears Deliver Safe Sex Message “Go Bear, Not Bare”

This Bear Essentials & Mardi Gras season, the Harbour City Bears want you to ‘Go Bear, Not Bare’. The Bears’ message is simple: roll on a condom and use water-based lube to protect yourself and your friends from sexually transmitted infections. Also important is regular testing for STIs with the frequency of tests dependent on


Senators Returning Anti-Abortion Bears: Ohio’s “Heartbeat Bill”

Creepy!   COLUMBUS, Ohio — Many state senators plan to return teddy bears given to them by supporters of an Ohio “heartbeat bill” that would give the state the nation’s strictest abortion limit. The bears that produce a heartbeat sound when squeezed were delivered to senators’ offices by children last week in a push by

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Two Jasperjohns: “It” Part Three Mentions All Good Things, Taint & Lupus

Ok, best episode yet! The added female energy was a welcome balance. “As Jude and Joseph attempt to keep “It” alive for the weekend, the brothers are forced into life lessons about sex-walking, man magnets, and lupus.” Tain is mentioned, I am happy. Shot and Directed by Ana Veselic Written by Vinny Lopez Jude Jasperjohns:


Bears Tackle Body Image in “Man Boobs”

VicBears will tackle body image issues in its first-ever theatrical production being staged as part of this year’s Midsumma festival. Described as a story of sex, self-worth and body image, Man Boobs follows Spence (Phil Webster), a man who has spent the last 20 years struggling to cope with the burden of a painful memory,


“Gay Men Don’t Get Fat” by Simon Doonan Served Me Some Humble Pie

Forgetting one of the fundamental rules of living life as an enlightened and open-minded person, “Don’t judge a book by its cover (or its title)!” I was served some humble pie this weekend. We published a negative review and cast a a dark cloud over Simon Doonan’s new book, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat. The

Photo by Austin Young

Selene Luna Has a Passion For Bears and Her Spunky Career (Interview)

I started my long distance relationship with the lovely Selene Luna gracefully, over some morning coffee. Thanking her for talking to me because I was  feeling somewhat unworthy, I awkwardly blurted out, “Thanks for talking with me. I know you are a busy California girl and probably have a day full of Botox appointments, coffee

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Video: Harbour City Bears presents BEAR ESSENTIALS 16 – IT’S A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME

Gays are koo koo for coco puffs, sweat, jocks and  Rugby. Take a peek of what I mean in this festive video promo for the Bear Essential Fest in early February 2012. Harbour City Bears presents BEAR ESSENTIALS 16 – IT’S A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME. Be part of the action in Sydney, Australia, 11


An Idea That Turned Into A Passion: Happy Birthday Accidental Bear Video Wishes From Familiar Faces

  WATCH VIDEO HERE Today Accidental Bear Website turns one year old and we couldn’t be any happier of the direction we are going. An idea turned into a hobby, that turned into a job, that has now turned into my passion.  There are many websites out there bringing you LGBT news and entertainment, so

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Bear vs Bear Video

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BearCity 2 Teaser Trailer: Gay Romantic Hairy-Beary Comedy

Thanks for the tip Modern Bear ! The Producers of BearCity 2 would like to thank all of the Bears that participated in the B-Roll shoots during Bear Week 2011. As well as thank John Burrows, Thomas Quinn, The Provincetown Bears, The Provincetown Fire Department, The Crown & Anchor, The Boat Slip, Relish Bakery & Sandwich

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Bronx Zoo Brown Bears Play With Pumpkins (VIDEO)

“To the Bronx Zoo’s brown bears, pumpkins are for eating and batting around, not decorating or carving. Watch them roll, taste, and splash around with their Halloween treats.” http://www.bronxzoo.com/boo


Video: The Men of Friday Night Furlosophy are Back with “Things we JUST HATE!”

The men from Friday Night Furlosophy have released a video spot lighting the things that just make their skin crawl, Things we JUST HATE! Watch I am sure you will be able to relate but your hands will be clean while these two do the dirty work. www.fridaynightfurlosophy.com “We could pretend to be all cerebral

NEW Episode: “Ask the Doctor” Edition # 2: Ejaculations, Large Healthy Men, Daily Vitamins & Tanning

This episode tackles the topics of Ejaculations, Large Health Men, Daily Vitamins & Tanning. Accidental Bear Website takes reader’s questions to Dr George Forgan-Smith from The Healthy Bear Website to get some answers.

Accidental Bear is Bringing Sin to Salt Lake City Today, Mormons Beware There Will be Kissing in Front of Temple

BEARIZONA : I Don’t Make this Shit Up

When in Rome… When in Arizona… http://www.bearizona.com/ MISSION AND VISION What is Bearizona? Bearizona is a North American wildlife park that allows visitors to drive into the wilderness and witness herd and pack life from the safety and comfort of a private vehicle. Bearizona is an adventure! Our Mission Bearizona’s Mission is to promote conservation

Best Twitter Question to Accidental Bear EVER

Matt Zarley new song- WTF; Seriously Matt, What the Fuck?

I wanted so bad to find out that this was just a joke, a skit, but my research found out that this is for real. My new grown up mind wants so hard not to judge, so I bite my tongue and I ask you to watch for yourself and tell me what you think.

Unlikely Besties; Bear & Tiger

If they can do it, why can’t we? Is having an “advanced” brain and thumbs a disadvantage? Source: snuzzy