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“Never Slept with a Black Guy” | This Town: San Francisco Pilot Ep 4 | New LGBT Web Series

  In pilot episode #4 Rocky Rhodes (Mike Enders) chats with his roommate Rue (Norman LaRue Thouvenel) about being appalled by his white gay friends and how they talk about black men in their community and are unaware at how awful and racist they sound. #BlackLivesMatters isn’t fad of the week, not a moment but […]

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Meet Irresistible Artist Justin Sears & His Captivating Drawings of Bearded Men

I will have one of each! One Justin and one painting, to go! Justin Sears is a 23 year old painter and designer living in New York City. Please check out www.JustinSears.com for more examples of his work. Justin’s Biography: My goal as an artist is to continue working larger and larger, while practicing and developing my […]

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The Facial Hair of “Copper”: Beards, Chops & More! New Season on BBC AMERICA

BBC America TV presents Copper. “Hide your razors and get an exclusive inside look at the facial hair of the cast of COPPER – including the heated beard-growing competition! Then, don’t miss the premiere of the New Season of the breakthrough drama.   COPPER, an American saga set in 1865 New York City, returns for a second […]

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Beards Against Leukemia: A Spectacular Book Of Beards

  A photographer of bearded men, Justin James Muir created a photo book to help cover medical expenses for a friend with cancer: In 2011, Muir’s good friend Mike was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Because Mike didn’t have health insurance, Muir decided to turn the beard project into a self-published book (with Mike on the cover) so […]

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Tame That Beard & Get Groomed for Valentine’s Day: Beard Lube and More….

Hot Looks: Get Groomed for Valentine’s Day by Corbin Chamberlain Gone are the days of smooth-faced gentlemen; scruff, stubble, and beards have conquered the complexions of the modern-day man. Facial hair comes with its own hurtles—much like the locks on your head, your beard requires shampoo, conditioner, and oil treatments, and it can even develop split […]

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This Party Promo Video Will Give You A Boner: Hair, Beards and Skin Oh My! JOHN – LABOUR DAY EVE

I want to live out the rest of my life in the party promo videos for JOHN. Check out the newest teaser video for JOHN – LABOUR DAY EVE. JOHN gears up for Labour Day on Sunday 10th March with our Sydney disco-daddies STEREOGAMOUS (John Seymour + Paul Mac). On the night the couple team up […]

This Town Vodcast Videos

A Chat With Adrian Lourie, Photographer and Founder of Meat Zine: Video Interview

I got to sit down recently with  Adrian Lourie, photographer and founder of MEAT Zine, for a quick chat about his work.  MEAT Zine  is a “limited edition quarterly – hand signed and numbered – gay boy art porn zine. Each issue a different bag of tricks.” Adrian was in San Francisco scouting men for his SF […]

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This Week in Beard: Santas Split Ends, Register Your Facial follicles, Beards for Boobies and More….

Real or fake beards? Santas Split Hairs In the community of men who portray Santa Claus, there is a longstanding disagreement over the best way to embody the big man. You might call it the Great Beard Debate. It is a discussion that happens away from the public, for part of the ethic of portraying […]

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“Whisker Wars” Proves That Size Does Matter; Performance Beard Enhancing Drug Scandal: Video

Dudes! We know it’s all about the girth, right? The first Total Bearding Network webisode includes an in-depth look at spring training and the new online Fantasy Bearding craze, http://www.ifc.com/shows/whisker-wars/total-bearding-network.  Future coverage from the competitive bearding sportscasters includes an exposé on a performance-enhancing drug scandal, an inspiring interview with the first woman to compete in professional bearding and a highlight on the […]

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Meet Extraordinarily Bearded Men Here: IFC’s Whisker Warriors are Back: 4 Videos

IFC’s whisker warriors are back for a new season of backstabbing and cutthroat competition in the quest to top the hair‐raising world of competitive facial hair growing. Produced and narrated by Emmy® Award‐winning producer Thom Beers (Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, Storage Wars), the six‐episode second season of Whisker Wars premieres on IFC on Friday, November 23 at 10:00 pm ET/PT on IFC.  

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Pogonophiles: “Duck Dynasty” is Like Honey Boo Boo Meets Grizzly Adams: The Beards Are Back: Video

Why hasn’t anyone brought this to my attention? Duck Dynasty is Honey Boo Boo meets Grizzly Adams. A&E Network introduces the Robertsons, a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream as they operate a thriving business while staying true to their family values and lifestyle. Ask anyone in Louisiana and they’ll tell you that the bayou […]

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Facial Hair Compilations The ‘A Book of Beards’ Documents Bold, Bristly Male Looks (Dazzling Blk/Wht Photos)

‘A Book of Beards’ by author Justin Muir documents a series of brazen facial hairdos. Scraggly and meticulously coiffed strands have all been taken note of here with 86 black and white portraits. The men seem to speak through the photos, as if saying that their appearances took time, effort and dedication. The proceeds derived […]

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“We Speak Bear”: MISTER -The App for Adult Men: Bearomance Ensues in Adorable Video Promo

“Bear Talk” introduces Smart Bear, a cuddly gay bear cub, and his first encounter with MISTER. Bearomance ensues. Woof. MISTER says: Our mission is to bring Maturity, Integrity, Safety, Truth, Enjoyment and Respect to mobile gay dating, to create a healthy alternative to meat-market websites and apps and celebrate adult men. Company Overview MISTER was created […]

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New Bear Podcast: “The Bear Element” Keepin’ It Real, Straight Out of San Francisco!

A project that I have been working on quietly went live today, The Bear Element Podcast! The cast consistes of local San Francisco hairballs  Mike AccidentalBear Enders, Vito Grandolfo, Clay Hansen, Tim Butler and Wolfgang Fuhrman. We have a running start with a few episodes under are belt and will no doubt make you laugh, think and for sure piss a […]


Our Italian Contributor Stefano Guerrini Brings You “Hippie Campers Home” Photo Spread

Our favorite fashionista- contributor from Italy , Stefano Guerrini brings us: Hippie Campers Home In a house under renovation, immersed in the bohemian atmosphere, two man and a woman in a ménage à trois that refers to certain French films.  Starring: passions, jealousies, and a hippie deluxe style. Via www.webelieveinstyle.it   Photo: Gianluca Mazza for COOC Studio >>> Styling: […]

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The Hipster Games: ‘Hunger Games’ Spoof Reveals What Hipsters Would Miss The Most In Nature (Video)

Hipsters are being bullied all over town theses days! I though weren’t suppose to be bullying anyone (tears of a clown). Thanks to LAist, you can watch for yourself in the video below and decide if The Hipster Games even comes close to 2007’s 8-minute long, but well worth it Hipster Olympics (see second video below). […]

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Fall in Love with Bondi Hipsters With Us: “Tsodomi to Ksodomi”

It is healthy to re-new your obsessions now and again to keep things lively. Bondi Hipsters were brought to my attention this morning and I now have re-newed faith in life (not in a religious freaky way). Fall in love with Bondi Hipsters With Us. We’ll have an orgy love fest with you. WARNING: You WILL fall […]

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This Week in Beard: Hugh Jackman, Sacha Baron Cohen, ‘Angry Beards,’ Virgin America Puts a Beard On It, Beards in Film History

Prosecutors charge 4 more in Ohio Amish beard-cutting attacks  COLUMBUS, Ohio –  Federal prosecutors on Wednesday charged an additional four women with being involved in beard-cutting attacks on fellow Amish in Ohio, and added new allegations that suspects tried to hide or destroy evidence including a bag of hair from the victims. The updated indictment filed […]

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This Week in Beard: Long Beard Healer, Amazing Race, Beard & Moustache Fashion Show, Wes Bentley, “Red Beard Bandit”

Amazing Race: Uglier Than A Mud Rail Fence Out of Italy and into Germany where contestants face gnomes, beards and cows. Beard & Moustache Fashion Show In December, we introduced you to the Minneapolis Beard and Moustache Club. With the State Beard Off happening Saturday, we’ve brought in some of the competitors for our first […]

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Weekly Rehash: George Takei, Dads in Briefs, Greek Model, Kissing Paul Rudd, “Seed Money”, Scruffy Aussie Bear Puppets …

  News: JustLeftTheCloset.com: A New Social Networking Site for LGBT Teens Has Launched Dan Savage on MTV’s “Savage U” Gives the Hard Truth, “Don’t stick your d**k in anything you wouldn’t date!” :: Trailer Cover of Metrosource Magazine April/May 2012 Issue Featuring Ben Cohen! “Bully Buster” Accidental Bear T-Shirt & Sweat Shirt Design Contest! It […]

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Underbear 2012 – Photobooth by Dirty Queer Magazine (Heaps of Photos!)

Words that always catch our readers attention: bear, underwear and photobooth. This making the recently published photographs on dirtyqueermag.com sure to be a major hit! On Wednesday 29 February it was time for another Underbear party with the Harbour City Bears at the Oxford Art Factory. We ran a photobooth again, and we really hope you enjoy these shots. […]

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“Super Sloppy Valentines Sundae” – Epic Meal Time For the Not So Romantic, Bacon Included

Our favorite meat heads, the men of Epic Meal Time, say, “Happy Valentines Lovers!” I can’t help but to think they include me in there. It’s Valentine’s Day and EpicMealTime creates a 35 gallon ice cream sundae as the Sauce Boss becomes cupid for a day and collects a whole bunch of nice ladies.

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The Hottest Players in the Super Bowl: Smoking Photo Spread The hottest players in the Super Bowl

I love talking sports. In my Super Bowl for the Clueless, I listed a few of the players to watch for in the Giants-Patriots game from a hotness factor. Now comes along Whitney Jefferson on Buzzfeed with a thorough look at her choices for the hottest players come Sunday. (buzzfeed.com)                 […]

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(More) Shit Gay Bears Say! Video: What’s the Line Between Funny and Mean?

Shit (yadda yadda yadda) People Say has been beat down like a sick horse, but secretly, however awful they are, I still enjoy watching them to get a sense of people’s perception of others and themselves. But have they just gotten mean? Last week we posted the video Shit Bears Say, to our FACEBOOK PAGE […]

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Two Jasperjohns: “It” Part Three Mentions All Good Things, Taint & Lupus

Ok, best episode yet! The added female energy was a welcome balance. “As Jude and Joseph attempt to keep “It” alive for the weekend, the brothers are forced into life lessons about sex-walking, man magnets, and lupus.” Tain is mentioned, I am happy. Shot and Directed by Ana Veselic Written by Vinny Lopez Jude Jasperjohns: […]

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Rebel Victorian Police Officers Fights Bans on Ponytails, Beards

Ok, ponytails I get, but beards? “Top cop Ken Lay is facing a legal stoush to get a clean-cut force.” Oh, I get it, let’s focus on anything that’s not important and waste time and money on it. Great idea! Among facial hair banned under the edict are beards, handlebar moustaches, mutton chops and goatees. Sounds […]

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Does the Rise of Manscaping Mark the End of the Beard Craze? Boyzilians Hit the Mainstream

You all know how I feel about manscaping, if I can’t run my fingers through your natural pubes there’s a problem. TMI? Here’s what others are saying about the popularity of beards and manscaping. BEARDOS VS. BOYZILIANS   via houston.culturemap.com As the beard reigns supreme in male grooming habits, one would think the “natural look” was making […]

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Reel Sex: The Many Shapes of Cinematic Beards

Great read! It’s rad that someone took the time to breakdown and analyze facial hair in films.  Gwen Reyes writes, ” For anyone who is not a pogonophile, let’s start light with the hair choice made most famous by Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck: the mustache,” as if lubbing us up for the hairy goodness that is about to […]