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Stunning Skin Condition Makes A Model Out of This Man

Meet the gorgeous and inspiring model Bashir Aziz. An aspiring model whose vitiligo is slowly fading hopes that it never disappears. Bashir Aziz, from Tooting, London, was born with vitiligo, a skin disorder characterised by small, white patches on various parts of the body caused by the loss of natural pigment. Growing up, Bashir’s body, face […]


Juicy Second Edition of Pineapple Blog is Ready for You to Feast Your Eyes On (NSFW)

In December 2017, Pineapple blog started a new project that invited its visitors to be a part of its next digital magazine by submitting an unpublished selfie. The results are in, and this special issue is a fresh and sexy mix of selfies from amateurs, artists and photographers alike. You’ll pine over 60 pages of […]


Mysterious Artist Oscar Olsson Takes on The Future in his Project

  I’m fascinated by this story and interview with artist Oscar Olsson that leaves me with more questions than answers. FLAUNT reports — To put it bluntly, Oscar Olsson seems like a visitor from a distant, highly productive planet. Headstrong and disciplined, he claims he gets by on just a few hours of sleep a night. […]

Queer News

Growing Old Gracefully with Greg Berzinsky

Greg Berzinsky offers 8 tips on how to grow old gracefully, keeping your mind, body, and beard healthy with each new year. Video Beardbrand Find ad follow Greg on Instagram      Other recommended videos from Beardbrand Why Do Young People Want to Go Grey? Dyeing Your Hair and Beard | Greg Berzinksy  Like Father Like […]

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How to Trim, Fade, and Maintain a Square Beard | Video

Beardbrand keeping us all looking sharp. Charlie Hubball shows us how to take a round and more natural looking beard and make it square and more defined.   ABOUT BEARDBRAND Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that is helping men keep on growing by providing education and tools for urban beardsmen to master their morning routine. We’ve […]

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At Home with Amy Sedaris – Astronaut Relationship Jokes Featuring Justin Theroux

Ok, this is a party I want to be at. Why did the astronaut leave his wife? One sexually frustrated astronaut gives his answer. Watch Amy Sedaris talk to the always studly Justin Theroux about ‘bone density’ and such on At Home with Amy Sedaris.  Amy Sedaris cordially invites you into her home, where she will show off […]

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NSFW | The Boys Just Wanna Have Fun Sports Club 2018 Calendar Is Sizzling Hot | Be An Athletic Supporter

It’s sexy calendar time of the year! The Boys Just Wanna Have Fun Sports Club is an association that promotes sport and inclusion of all people through sport, irrespective of their origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. The association was founded in 2010 and currently is the umbrella for the teams of Rugby, Volleyball, Swimming, […]

Male Model

Model Alex Trevelin by Thiago Martini | Male Model Watch

Model Alex Trevelin stuns the camera of Thiago Martini for  Brazilian Male Model Magazine. Alex is 28, from Minas Gerais, represented by Ragazzo Model and Allure Agency (Brazil). Model: Alex Trevelin on Instagram Photographer: Thiago Martini on Instagram

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These Hunky Bearded Dancing Bakers Will Make Your Day | Watch

I wanted to breakup your news feed’s political shit storm with some lighthearted fun. These Cheeky Bakers From Australia Are Serving Up ‘Knafeh’ Around The Globe. I was tipped off to these fellas, Knafeh, this morning and I’m buying whatever they’re selling. They ooze joy. Follow Knafeh on Instagram and Facebook more more info and updates on where to […]


Modus Vivendi Launches the Tone2Tone Line from the F/W Collection 17/18

Modus Vivendi is blurring the line between Dark style and Luxury fashion. Inspired by the underground stage in Berlin and the neo punk music wave the Tone2Tone line will be a great accompaniment to the dark futuristic fashion. Goth -Punk meets refined Dark style with a muted and monochrome color palette accented by silver and […]

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Naked Tub Interview with Sexy Italian Artist Mattia Caracciolo | Video

Mike Enders brings his popular Tub interview series from the dead to chat with Italian Artist Mattia Caracciolo. Mattia has been dreaming about San Francisco for years. You know him from our past collaborations, Ginger Rocker and the wildly successful Merman Hug. We see a life time of collabs together to come. We play a little […]


Graham Smoking Hot in New AXXIDENTAL Fire Logo Merch

We are so excited to share our new Fire logo on a bunch of awesome shirts, hats, socks, and more. The Fire logo is a tease of the AXXIDENTAL Clothing line we are working on with the first collection being inspired by the active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kīlauea. Follow the progress and […]

Music Music Video

Passenger Covers Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”

Passenger’s voice gives me that same relief you get from scratching that intense itch, and that feeling you get right after. Adding to the soothing, Passenger covers one of my favorite songs of all times, “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. Listen below. From Passenger’s Sunday Night Sessions – Stream the new album here


Band of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2018

“Band of Outsiders did an impressive job at proving exactly that by delivering a humorous presentation in the format of a comedy show. Taking place in one of London’s hottest comedy clubs, Top Secret, each comedian came out in garms of the new season. Dressed in palettes of canary yellows, cherry reds, marine blues, and […]

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Avatar – “New Land” Music Video – ‘Metal Exists in a Parallel Universe…’

 I am pretty sure as of lately that I am turning into a metal head. “Metal exists in a parallel universe that is so much better than this one. It’s where the ugly becomes beautiful, the ridiculous becomes awesome and the normal becomes mundane,” explains Avatar singer Johannes Eckerström. Within that universe lurks Avatar, a five-piece […]

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Modus Vivendi Releases the Handcrafted Line #ModelAlert

Modus Vivendi releases the Handcrafted Line  Elegant and luxurious, the Modus Vivendi Handcrafted line is a perfect example of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. The brand has designed minimalistic styles elevated with gold accents, made with the finest cotton and sewn entirely by hand. This line comprises five styles of underwear (two styles of […]


This Beard Company has 75+ Badass Beard Combs | Beard Gains!

  The company is Beard Gains and you should check them out! “This company is a culmination of hipster, attitude, tats, and grit. We offer offer beard care products and merchandise at an affordable price without ever sacrificing quality. We proudly presenting all of our 75+ beard combs made right here in the USA.” “Our beard […]


Dickies Back in Fashion and Going Strong

The last time I saw a surge in Dickies’ popularity was in the early 90s. Looks like they back strong. A KALTBLUT menswear editorial. Photography by Kamila Burzymowska. Models are Marcin Budych, Piotr Studziński and Patryk Kosmala. All fashion by Dickies. “I began my journey with photography in 2012. I live and work in Poland. I’m a internationally published photographer with […]

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Pontiak – “Ignorance Makes Me High” Video

Pontiak released a new album today by way of Thrill Jockey, also debuting a video for the song “Ignorance Makes Me High.” “The clip was shot by the band using high-def drone cameras, and the footage alternates between shots of Pontiak’s Van Carney singing and gorgeous mountain scenery.” Stereogum Dialectic Of Ignorance is out now via […]

Male Model

Jacek Chilling Nude in the Morning Sun | Photographed by Xander Hirsh #NSFW

Morning! “I first saw Jacek on Grindr app and I really liked his ginger beard and beautiful body. I thought that he was characteristic and very masculine, so I offered him a photoshoot. He agreed. After few months we finally met and this is what we came up with.” says photographer Xander Hirsh about his story […]


Krrum Release New Single, ‘Moon’

#NewtoUs Krrum have just released new single ‘Moon’, released today via 37 Adventures / +1 Records. Following the success of previous single, “Evil Twin,” which reached number 1 on Spotify’s Viral Chart, Hype Machine, Shazam and picked up support across Radio 1 and Beats 1- ‘Moon’ is the next chapter in the evolving – but ever-colorful – […]


High Skin Fade with Hard Side Part | Beardbrand Video

“Hats off to Davide over at Cut and Grind for mastering this extremely technical skin fade, hard parted, high top haircut. He free-hands the initial line for the skin fade, then tapers it into the high-top shape. He then goes over the exposed skin with an electric razor to get a nice, crisp shave. Finally, […]

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Gabriel Garzón-Montano Released Debut LP “Jardín” & Video for “Crawl”

  Gabriel Garzón-Montano has released his critically acclaimed debut LP Jardín today on Stones Throw Records. With accolades including Pitchfork, Entertainment Weekly, and more, Gabriel will also appear on NPR Weekend Edition this Sunday, January 29th. On Jardín, Garzón-Montano sings of the struggles and uncertainties of the many-layered game that is America today, from the specific doubt and double consciousness of the first-generation hustle to the universal challenges […]

Queer News

Meet the Men from Viking Age CrossFit in Lithuania | Video

Not too much to report here besides these dudes,  Viking Age CrossFit,  being total beasts. I mean that in all of the best ways possible. They have just posted a new video on Facebook of themselves trying to bust through ice in 22 degrees below zero weather wearing speedos. What’s not to like. Follow these guys […]