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Featured: UV/Glow in the Dark Drippy Bear Paw T-shirt by Ruff Shirts

Who knew that such a thing existed. Whether this was a brain storm or brain fart of owner Shane, it’s pretty RAD! Click here to go to website Design is © RUFF STUDIO & RUFFSHIRT.COM 2012  – CONTACT FOR RIGHTS AND USAGE INFORMATION. We design and print all of our shirts ourself in our workshop […]

Hair Ball of Day

NEW: “Guide for the Modern Bear” Gay Photo Book – Retro – Travel – Lifestyle

Be the first in your Bear Clan to own the book all the Bears are talking about! Are you a Bear? A Wolf? An Otter? A Goldilocks? Now you can find out with this handy “Guide for the Modern Bear”! Authored by those huggable, hirsute homos from Modern Bear, this “Field Study of Bears in […]

Hair Ball of Day

James Gobel’s Latest Bear-Centric Cuddly Art Work

Check out this intriguing art from artist James Gobel. We are fascinated by the art works multimedia contents of felt, yarn, and rhinestones! In an interview with Advocate Magazine James was asked, “Why bears?” and his reply was, “I paint what I love — big fat gay men!” Born in 1972 in Portland, Oregon, James Gobel […]

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Dirty Queer Magazine Issue #4 – Launches 10 February 2012 (Video Tease)

  A recent local success story in DIY publishing, Dirty Queer Magazine will be launching its fourth issue this Friday night at a rambunctious ‘Queers in Wonderland’ party at Marrickville’s Red Rattler featuring a host of musical and design talent as well as Australia’s queen of burlesque, Imogen Kelly.     Since its first issue in September […]

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Shane Ruff is Rocking the T-Shirt World and Has a Deal for You at  & Are you a t-shirt whore? It’s okay, you not alone! Ruff Shirts and Accidental Bear has a deal for you.  Ruff Shirts has set up a coupon code  for $10 off any order of $50 or more (the Coupon Code is “BEAR10” – which would need to be entered at checkout on the site). […]

Hair Ball of Day

Hair Balls of the Day: “Flannel and Fur” Portraits by Danny Keith

      Danny Keith’s portrait paintings feature some of my favorite things; flannel, dead animals, turbans, and most obviously men with beards. These portraits are apart of Keith’s solo exhibition at the Ratio 3 Gallery in San Francisco. In these portraits you can sense the intimacy between Keith and his subjects. You almost feel like a voyer […]

Hair Ball of Day

Bears Revamp SF Winter Weekend; Good Bye IBR, Hello SF Bear Weekend

( The bears will be returning to San Francisco this winter after all, but for more of a DIY event than an officially organized weekend. For years the city played host each February to the International Bear Rendezvous, a three-day-long gathering for hirsute gay and bisexual men and their admirers. But after 17 years, organizers […]

Hair Ball of Day

Beards of Comedy Release Second Album “Cardio Mix”

The BEARDS OF COMEDY Tour is quickly becoming one of the hottest shows in the U.S, showcasing four of the funniest, freshest – and bearded – faces in comedy. COMEDY CENTRAL Records releases The Beards of Comedy “Cardio Mix” digital album on Tuesday, November 22. You can get it on Itunes here or Amazon here .  Just click on […]

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Quick Fire Q & A With Ty-Lör Boring From Top Chef Texas

Top Chef  Texas has especially caught our attention this season. As a shameless Pogonophile, there is some mighty fine facial hair going on this season. Ty-Lör Boring, please take a bow. “Ty-Lör works Black Ops for locavore Almond Restaurants in New York. Born in Kansas City and trained in classic French and Asian cuisine, his style […]

Queer News

Giant Pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang Arrive in Edinburgh

Traveling Pandas arrive to their new residence safely from China to London. The giant panda, or panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca, literally meaning “black and white cat-foot”) is a bear native to central-western and south western China. The Pandas are on loan. The loan marked the beginning of a U.K.-China research program on the animals, and both sides have described it as […]

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Season 2 of Two Jasperjohns is Here: “It” Part One (Video)

Some of our almost favorites, The Two Jasperjohns release Season Two’s first episode titled, “It.” These two are tested with dog watching duty in order to pay off an old debt with hunky gay-ruby-playing brother. Here is part one that sets it all up and now I am already bursting at the seams in excitement […]

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Old Spice Videos| Bear Deodorant Protector

Because of the bizarre commercial that features this Bear Deodorant Protector, including crosser dresser and Hugh Heffner like 1970’s surroundings,  Old Spice has had to come out and say it, “This product exists and is available for purchase on November 23rd,” otherwise you may have thought of this as a hilarious spoof. There is some […]

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Boots Bryant Releases Three Provocative 2012 Photography Wall Calendars: Where Filth Meets Fine Art

Trucking through the winter months, it may be hard to pull yourself out of the morning darkness and into the real world of daily meeting and work events, arg. Here is something to pull yourself forward and onward each and every first of each month this coming 2012.   Where Filth Meets Fine Art Boots […]

Art Queer News

Robotic Bear Paws Your Face When You Snore (VIDEO)

No Joke! At the  19th International Robot Exhibition (IREX) held at Tokyo Big Sight displaying the world’s most advanced, innovative and sometimes plain bizarre robots. Over 270 different companies and organizations joined this year’s theme of “Robot Technology, Making a Future with Robot”. Amongst the technologies on show were singing robots, climbing robots, industrial robots and even […]

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Ejector Invited to Madrid’s Bear frenzy, MADBEAR: Headlining D3 DIES3L Roundup Party

When describing the upcoming bear event, MADBEAR, in Madrid, battle is the metaphor used. “The Third Battle lies dead-ahead, and the forces of man are preparind for a bloody conflict against the machines.” So, it makes sense that San Francisco’s  Ejector was called upon to entertain the the rowdy, furry & beefy  masses. Ejector has a dark […]

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Newlyweds Costello Tagliapietra on Their Wedding Bands, Distressed Denim and Embellished Flipflops

Our firnds Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, the power houses behind the uber successful Costello Tagliapietra line of divine, master draped women’s line are hit with a fire storm of questions by What you’re going  find out is that, like all respectable men they like their doughnuts and that they would like to see the […]

Hair Ball of Day

Artist Christopher Allen Creates “Two of a Kind” with an Incredible Time Lapse Video of Process

Today is a great day. Amazing art just keeps falling into my lap. Artist Christopher Allen shares is blood, sweat and tears with us, in his final product, Two of a Kind. Beards, bears, nature, blue jeans and a flannel, all of our fetishes fine tuned into a stunning piece of art. Keep you eyes […]

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(Video) Accidental Bear Talks Yoga in the Park With Zach Spire from BearYogaSF

Accidental Bear Mike Enders meets up with Zach Spire from BearYogaSF in Dolores Park San Francisco. We chat about yoga, life and what BearYogaSF is all about. Much fun was had. Zach has a unique approach to yoga and what a session is all about: pretension, projection, judgment and attitude left at the door. As […]