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Watch Portuguese Bear Web Series Barba Rija Episodes 4 & 5 |

Watch Portuguese Bear Web Series Barba Rija Episodes 4 & 5 |

  “Barba Rija (Rough Beard) is the first Portuguese gay short + webseries about bears made ​for the internet. It follows the lives of three gay friends who are bears but have a soft heart. António, Pedro and Ursão (Big Bear) live in Lisbon. They work, go out at night and get in romantic adventures.

James Anthony Apparel Teams Up with Accident Bear for Fun West Coast Shoot

Atlanta Georgia’s, James Anthony Apparel, teamed up with Accident Bear for a fun West Coast Shoot. Kyle k., Kyle S. and myself headed to San Francisco’s Ocean Beach area and decided on the historical Sutro Baths was the prefect spot to pull over and take some shots. “Men’s and Women’s hand printed apparel featuring assorted ephemera

“Old School Love” by ‘Music Bear’ Tony Banks | Watch New Video

New Music Video by Music Bear Tony Banks Song: Old School Love off the upcoming “Chocolate Cake” LP Directed By: Tony Banks, Chris Reed and Sean Anthony Videography: Sean Anthony of Blunted Muse Edited: Tony Banks  

Watch Episode 2 of Portuguese Bear Web Series “Barba Rija” | “Amor de Ursão”

Barba Rija (Rough Beard) is the first Portuguese gay short + webseries about bears made ​for the internet. It follows the lives of three gay friends who are bears but have a soft heart. António, Pedro and Ursão (Big Bear) live in Lisbon. They work, go out at night and get in romantic adventures. Pedro

Limp Cock & Furry Torsos Ts by Witch Island Out of London

    Featuring graphic, velour textured prints of limp cocks and furry torsos, this exclusive range of limited edition, hand made t-shirts is available now at www.witch-island.com. Rainging from £20-£50, COCK Ts are available in sizes M-XXL.     Follow Witch Island on Instagram, Tumblr, and at  www.witch-island.com  

Rick Castro Photographs Rick Owens FW14 Moody

  Rick Castro for Rick Owens | FW14 Moody Photography by RICKCASTRO.COM Models: Turk Magnanti Robert Sides Clothing, Boots, Accessories by  RICKOWENS.EU Make Hp & Hair: Sasha Spruill Location: Antebellum Hollywood Find out more information and see more of Rick Castro’s work at antebellumgallery.blogspot.com Follow Antebellum on FACEBOOK

Big Dipper Does Captain Jack’s Wharf | Provincetown, MA | Photographed by Mike Enders

I am back home to San Francisco and recovering from a life time of fun I squished into my last 2 weeks in Provincetown, MA; aka P-Town! That town is alive with spirit and never-ending talent runs through it. I spent some quality time with my homeboy, rapper Big Dipper at the famous Captain Jack’s Wharf. I

New Italian “Cooking with the Bears” Book May be Most Intriguing Gay Cookbook on Earth | Forward by Mike Enders of Accidental Bear

I have been eagerly waiting permission to share this news with you all! I was asked to write the forward for this fun new Italian cookbook, “Cooking with the Bears.” It was a blast coming up hairy-beard-bear-cooking puns! “Cooking with the Bears” is the first Bears cookbook! Healthy recipes by hairy sexy men! 176 pages

Bulk: The Series Premiering Final Season on December 9th: Watch Trailer Here

BULK: THE SERIES PREMIERING FINAL SEASON ON DECEMBER 9TH Fans Fund Season of Popular Dramatic Bear Webseries Via Kickstarter Campaign Co-Executive Producers J. Julian Christopher and D.R Knott will release the first episode ofBulk: The Series’ second and final season on December 9, 2013. A Kickstarter campaign for the season raised $12,000 with contributions from viewers. http://vimeo.com/78466861 Season one

A Bear and a Tetherball, That is All: Watch Video

  ” “Animal Ark in Reno, NV has one killer tetherball player.” Video by laserjobs

Teddy (Bear) Has An Operation: Video

  The most wonderful and disturbing thing you will see all week, ok it’s a fucked up world we live in, most fucked up thing you see  will see today. “Teddy Has An Operation” video is from Youtuber zefrank1.

SF Bear is “Down With Love” With his Masculine and Feminine Side: Watch Video Lip-Synch

  Youtuber Jeffrey Glover has fun at home while you were all out on the town being messy last Friday. Glover had this to say, “This is what I did last Friday while YOU were all out drinkin’! I hope it puts a smile on your face! I had fun doing it! It took 2 takes of each part

The Art of Drummer Magazine: New Outlines of Masculinity Presented by ANTEBELLUM Hollywood

ANTEBELLUM HOLLYWOOD presents THE ART OF DRUMMER: New Outlines of Masculinity   DRUMMER MAGAZINE was the granddaddy of all BDSM~Leather publications. Groundbreaking for it’s time~ Drummer set precedence for all homomasculine representation to come. ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE, TOM OF FINLAND, ENTIENNE, BILL WARD, REX, NIGEL KENT & RICK CASTRO among many others were featured in Drummer. NYC artist~ GRANITE~ will

Loki the Bear Plays With Birthday Presents Including an Orange Buoy & Elephant Dung: Video

Loki the European brown bear turns one year old and has hours of fun with his favorite birthday present, a bright orange buoy. He also got to unwrap Elephant dung, fruit and cake. Loki lives at a  safari park in Scotland. Source  

Accidental Bear Talks “Bear” with Conner Habib, New Now Next’s SEXpert: Video

I was totally stoked when I was asked to make a video for newnownext.com with their resident Sexpert Conner Habib. It just so turns out that the question of the week fit like a glove. Watch below to hear question and advice given to an “Accidental Bear” who is not attracted to bear man. Conner Habib is back friends,

Huge Bear on Your Back Porch – Scream! : Video

Here is one option for getting a HUGE pesky bear off your back porch. Notice the very little distance between screamer and bear!

‘Meatball’ the Bear Captured in Los Angeles with Honey and Bacon

See men, its real simple, all you need is honey and bacon and the bears will come running for you. Lonely no more. GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) — “Meatball” the bear, who became a local celebrity for his frequent visits to the foothill areas and love for the food of the same name, will no longer be

Tub Interview with Captivating Chicago Based Queer Rapper Big Dipper: Video & Soapy Photo Spread

Rap music never looked so good. Accidental Bear’s newest tub interview with Chicago based queer rapper Big Dipper is magic. Big Dipper is  known for his playful style, crazy antics, catchy hooks, exciting live performances and let us add his dope chest and  baby blues. We first locked eyes onto Big Dipper in his music video Drip Drop which

Bear Cub at the Mall: Video

Totally tubular bear cub. Maybe he’s just a valley girl at heart. A year-old black bear cub surprised Sears shoppers at the Pittsburgh Mill Mall in Frazer, Penn. on Saturday, the Tribune-Review reports. The 120-125 pound furry female was first spotted around 8:30 p.m. the parking lot, where people were chasing the poor cub with their cars, said

“We Speak Bear”: MISTER -The App for Adult Men: Bearomance Ensues in Adorable Video Promo

“Bear Talk” introduces Smart Bear, a cuddly gay bear cub, and his first encounter with MISTER. Bearomance ensues. Woof. MISTER says: Our mission is to bring Maturity, Integrity, Safety, Truth, Enjoyment and Respect to mobile gay dating, to create a healthy alternative to meat-market websites and apps and celebrate adult men. Company Overview MISTER was created

Neil Patrick Harris, Bear Whisper Avoids Being Punk’d: Video

In this episode of MTV’s Punk’d Neil Patrick Harris outwits the crew with his unbeilable ability to talk bear! Jump into video at 7:21  minute mark catch clip.

Watch: Gay Bear Puppets Roger & Bryce’s Newest Episode- “Drag’ed Away”

Tricks and stones will break your bones…… but what the fuck is happening to Bryce while Roger is enjoying his three-way? “Bryce is having nightmares and Roger’s ‘hooked up’! With more action, more drama and more bare chests than ever before this episode will take you far far away… to Albury-Wadonga!”

Marvelous Bear Art by Artist Edel Rodriguez for Outside Magazine About Recent Bear Attacks in Yellowstone National Park

New illustration by Edel Rodriguez for Outside Magazine, for an article about recent bear attacks in Yellowstone National Park.

New Bear Podcast: “The Bear Element” Keepin’ It Real, Straight Out of San Francisco!

A project that I have been working on quietly went live today, The Bear Element Podcast! The cast consistes of local San Francisco hairballs  Mike AccidentalBear Enders, Vito Grandolfo, Clay Hansen, Tim Butler and Wolfgang Fuhrman. We have a running start with a few episodes under are belt and will no doubt make you laugh, think and for sure piss a

Gay Bear Aussie Scruppets Roger & Bryce Remember Their Memories in New Episode – The Exhibition

Roger & Bryce head back to where it all started at The Laird Hotel to reminisce. Writers – Myron My & Steve Edwards Camera – Nathan Little Artwork by Steve Edwards http://steve.asianenvy.com www.facebook.com/rogerandbryce www.twitter.com/rogerandbryce

The Original Grizzly Bear Jacket: It’s Not a Costume, It’s a Lifestyle (Kickstart Video)

Thanks for tip Eric K! ABOUT THIS PROJECT Kickstart Page   As the old First Nations saying goes,  “When a pine needle falls in the forest, the eagle sees it; the deer hears it, and the bear smells it.” Does this relate to Griz Coat in any way? The answer is no. But we thought we’d

Man with Head Down Texting Walks Right into Bear Roaming Freely Through Neighborhood (Video)

Just another reason to pay attention when you are texting and walking down the street. Besides being an asshole, there is a world out side of your little bubble and you could run smack dab into a huge bear!

Weekly Rehash: Pogono-Files, Fight Fire in Drag, “Testimony”, Knitted Jock, Gay Bears at Beach Art, Bad Barbie, Hairy Guy in a Tutu…

News: Arts Group Has Transformed the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Saga Into a Musical Show (Video) Fraternity Bros Wobble in Red Stilettos to Raise Awareness About Sexual Abuse and Violence Against Women (Video) Short Film: “Sunshine” An American Ad Producer in Shanghai (Watch Here) New Film: “What Do You Know?” 6 to 12 Year Olds

This Week in Beard: Long Beard Healer, Amazing Race, Beard & Moustache Fashion Show, Wes Bentley, “Red Beard Bandit”

Amazing Race: Uglier Than A Mud Rail Fence Out of Italy and into Germany where contestants face gnomes, beards and cows. Beard & Moustache Fashion Show In December, we introduced you to the Minneapolis Beard and Moustache Club. With the State Beard Off happening Saturday, we’ve brought in some of the competitors for our first

Art: “Through Thick & Thin” by Christopher Allen :: A Man and His His Best Friend, The Polar Bear

We have fallen in love with artist Christopher Allen’s work in the past and he has tickled us pink again with this piece. To see the incredible process in which goes into each piece of work, scroll down to watch video  of the editing process. Find out more about Chris here and √ him on FACEBOOK. Christopher

Gay Bears at Beach Art and the Debatable Use of the Phrase “Rape the Cook”

Doing our normal morning warm up routine of sun salutations, scrounging for food and doing “research” on Tumblr we came across a potential Hair Ball of the Day piece of art posted originally by  isobearotso3. We are not clear whether he is the artist or not. As we examined the art and the attached comment

Hair Ball of the Day: Bear-d

Source: cronologia

Interview with Scruffy Aussie Bear Puppets Roger & Bryce: Puppy Piles, “Woof,” and “Brag” Bear Drag (Videos)

We are infatuated with all things down under. There is a magnetic energy pulling our focus to Australia and all of its LGBTQ News. We get visions of surf, surfers and blonde fuzzy body part glistening in the hard heat. “Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth” but I am feeling wet. Landing in

Underbear 2012 – Photobooth by Dirty Queer Magazine (Heaps of Photos!)

Words that always catch our readers attention: bear, underwear and photobooth. This making the recently published photographs on dirtyqueermag.com sure to be a major hit! On Wednesday 29 February it was time for another Underbear party with the Harbour City Bears at the Oxford Art Factory. We ran a photobooth again, and we really hope you enjoy these shots.

Weekly Rehash: Neo-Nazis of Brooklyn, “8”, Transactivations, MEAT Zine, ‘Andrew In Drag,’ Andrew Christian, Alan Cumming, Hal Sparks

Hairy Balls: click on image to go to link    Art & Music:  click on image to go to link Transactivations: LA Artists Use Their Bodies as Canvases to Defy Gender Norms (Video) Heather Cassils gained 24 pounds in muscle over six months for the sake of art. Zackary Drucker asked audience members to tweeze the

Cub Given Roar of Disapproval Before Finally Getting a Bear Hug by Mommy-Bear-Dearest

“Quite what the little chap had done to incur his mother’s wrath remains a mystery. But the chances are that he won’t do it again. This astonishing series of pictures illustrates how, in the world of the brown bear, there are no agonized disputes over corporal punishment of children.” Perhaps THIS will teach you a lesson: She

MILLA 2012/2013, Mustafa Sabbagh’s Photo’s Are Everything!

 Mustafa Sabbagh photographs are everything! I want to live in the stories being told by his lens, and revel in my desires that his pictures evoke. Photograph By Mustafa Sabbagh For MILLA   Just like in the decoration of old altarpieces, the profane desire to see the sparkle of gold on raw materials is mixed with the signs of

Hair Ball of the Day: Wuvable Oaf Undies Model Matthew

“Our first undies model, Matthew, is serving FIERCE OAF REALNESS! And you can too, starting this Wednesday when Oaf Kitty Undies hit wuvableoaf.com. Also debuting at Image Comics Expo in Oakland, THIS WEEKEND!”  — with Wuvable Oaf Jadwiga.

Weekly Rehash: Eating Cats, Asian Safer Sex PSA, Dan Savage’s Arrest, Sandra Bernhard, Mondo Guerra, Jonny McGovern, Rejection Tutorial…

NEWS: Checking in with Drew Droege, Future Plans for Chloe, and a Quick Game of Mad Lib Keeping up with the fast paced entertainment world is like jumping onto a treadmill that is going full speed. We have an elite list of celebrities that we consider ‘our VIPs,’ that we like to keep a close eye

Meet Roger & Bryce, Two Scruffy Bear Puppets Out on a Venture and Holding a Mirror up to the LGBT Community

Here is where the welcomed madness all began,  “A parody on the Sh*t people say videos Roger & Bryce take cliches to the next level…and they’re puppets so it’s funnier.”  Roger & Bryce rain on us from  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and  say, “now we’re developing it (their act) into a bit of a satirical series with a