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Chicago IRL (In Real Life): An Arts and Literary Digest Cataloging Contemporary Queer Creative Culture in Chicago: Video

Chicago IRL (In Real Life): An Arts and Literary Digest Cataloging Contemporary Queer Creative Culture in Chicago: Video

Chicago IRL #4: ABOUT THIS PROJECT Chicago IRL (In Real Life) is an arts and literary digest cataloging contemporary queer creative culture in Chicago. We document not only existing queer talent but also create new collaborations and explorations.Chicago IRL launched in June 2011 and is a co-production of graphic designer Topher McCulloch, a South Dakota native who blew into


Hair Ball of the Day: In the Woods in Your Tightie-Whities with Tumblr Break Out Star of the Moment (NSFW)

If you have spent any time browsing adult-male-bearded-sleaze lately on Tumblr you may have come across the Tumblr named  Mustache Rides For All. This photo blog is not for the vanilla and all though it is filled with loads and loads of kink it’s got quite an artsy eye as well. For pages and pages



COMIC: Bearmageddon

Bearmageddon is a story about a few every-day twenty-somethings getting caught up in an all-out war on mankind by grizzly bears. That’s all I’m going to say for now because I don’t want to spoil anything. Bearmageddon is written, penciled and inked by Ethan Nicolle (Chumble Spuzz, Axe Cop) and colored by Noah Maas.  It is an

Music Watch: Sweet Sweet Moon – “Psalm For The Elks Lodge Last Call” (Weakerthans cover)

Do yourself a favor and turn off the television for 4 minutes and watch this sweet video and song by Sweet Sweet Moon who  performs “Psalm For The Elks Lodge Last Call” (Weakerthans cover). His EP Pomidou is out now on Siluh Records, and he’s also got two new singles out – “Smoke Up” and a cover of Beirut’s “My

Butterflysoulfire’s Spring 2012 Collection Works with an ‘Urban Ape’

Giving up your tickets to the theater might be a smart choice as fashion lookbooks and photo shoots of collections these days have given us front row seats and a mind full of thoughts to play with. Designer Maria Thomas and Thoas Linder hit us with the idea of an “urban ape” for their current

All Eyes on Matthew Parsons’ T-shirt Art: ‘Bear Hug’ & ‘Don’t Care Bear’

An Englishman living in Canada. Mathew Parsons is a dedicated fine art photography graduate who is passionate about imagery as a form of expression and communication. He spotlights and puts emphasis on self-challenge, within the realms of photography and video, to convey impressions, emotions and statements conclusively. He hopes that his work entertains and motivates others

Left Behind: Sculpture Walk by Chris Sollars: Artist & Beard Connoisseur

Artist and beard connoisseur Chris Sollars takes one of his afternoon walks making public sculptures with found trash and debris on the streets of his San Francisco Mission neighborhood. Sollars documents the sculptures with photos and leaves them behind. Sollars is a collaborator along with Comstock Saloon here in San Francisco that will bring us

Prps Goods & Co. Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook: Glorious & Manly from Head to Toe

Scanning through men’s fashion blog today you might end up being converted to having a fetish for shaggy homeless men. The male models in a large percent of campaigns for Fall/ Winter 2012 are beastly handsome with manes of luscious hair and larger beards with clothes to match. I’m not complaining, just observing. New York’s Prps

Kurt and Courtney’s Daughter Honors Gay Pioneer With Tattoo

Does this mean that Frances Bean Cobain will be stepping into the spotlight? We would all be tuned in, don’t deny it. via Advocate A new photo shoot with Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of late rock icon Kurt Cobain and musician-actress-personality Courtney Love, reveals the progeny has a tattoo of Quentin Crisp on her

YMC Fairisle Raglan Crewneck Sweaters: Preppies with Tattoos are Foxy!

I think when I grow up I’m going to be  preppy. What does that entail, I ask? First I will run and jump into this comfy, classic looking crewneck sweater. I have always found guys covered in tattoos dressed preppy to be foxy. Fetish? YMC delivers some affordable takes on the raglan look. The patter

MTV Turned 30. Now Watch the First 24 Hours from 1981

Mondonna, Pat Benetar, Duran Duran, Wham! and Thompson Twins are the first bands that come to mind. Here is the original broadcast : MTV Launch Day One 12:01 am Saturday August 1st, 1981 Video # 1 This is why Youtube is more important than TV. MTV turned the big 3-0 a couple days past. Now,

World Premiere of “Outlaws of Love” – Adam Lambert – HD Live – Sainte Agathe

I believe most writers learn a lot about themselves through writing about others and thinking about your reading audience. Adam Lambert does not fit into my music box but I am all about applauding for a gay brother. As I race towards 40, I feel as if there isn’t as much room in me for hate

Fashion Industry Salivates Over Creepy Photos Of 10-Year-Old French Girl

This photo you are looking at has caused ripples in the fashion world and has brought attention to the term “implied nudity.” Model Thylane Loubry Blondeau is 10 yrs old in the photograph. Freedom of choice, freedom of expression all plays a part in the “career” of this 10 years old super model Thylane Loubry Blondeau. She

Josh Ritter: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

One of my non-guilty pleasures is NPR‘s Tiny Desk Concerts. Musicians chosen wisely. I’m not sure but I think NPR may have me in mind and smoke grass (a lot). If this is your first time or you missed this one, I present to you, Josh Ritter.” Josh Ritter carries himself with the bearing of a

There is Hipster & Then There is Awkward Clothing: Spring/Summer 2012 in-house collection from the Opening Ceremony

I will do Opening Ceremony  the favor of holding off judgment until I see the whole collection, as they say they are holding back from showing the full collection yet. The missing pieces will have to fight an uphill battle in my mind to help out what I see so far. Awkward, very awkward. Men’s Clothing

All Eyes On Elephant, Twin brothers Jackson and Coleman: Punk-infused Hip Hop Duo

 ELEPHANT “they make LGBT culture look something like that acid trip that nearly killed you.” To fight for your own identity is to fight for everyone’s. Our message is in our DNA. Being yourself and embracing it, owning it, maybe the message of Elephant–but more importantly–could be the meaning of life itself. Although we’re not

Cornucopia of New Bay Area Artworks: SF CA

Feeding the Gays: Male Model Kiel Mannix for Dinner

 via malecollective.com More after jump!

Marianne Faithfull's 'Horses and High Heels': New Album

Oh lord, I want to lather on Marianne Faithfull‘s new album ‘Horses and High Heels’ on my skin like a coating of protection. This album is as strong as all her previous work and she keeps true to herself and her dark, honest and somewhat haunting vibe. She growls through the album, exposes personal hurdles of her

The Quentin Tarantino Toe-Sucking Sex Email That Will Haunt Your Dreams

I mean, I like to chew on my own toe nails while I watch Jeopardy and eat my TV dinner. Don’t you? Whether this story is fact or fiction I don’t care. Quentin races through my blood and tickles all my sensations no matter what he does. His Jay Leno skin doesn’t even bother me.

Non-intelectual Summer Reading ‘Wrestling the Hulk’ : No Brain Required

As a young man I was obsessed with Hulk Hogan for a selected period of my youth. Growing up in a litter of 4 brothers our bedrooms were often turned into WWF platforms. I even cuddled my 12″ tall Hulk Hogan-strechy doll to sleep at night. Little did I know at that moment he was

Inside Out at WWA Gallery; I Art You

Via Curatedmag.com Seen above, Jim Darling’s Tank installation makes up a small portion of Inside Out, an exhibition featuring new work by Jim and his partner Tina. Together, the artists explore the idea of home and the various places people choose to live. Jim focuses on semi-sculptural work, while Tina excels at delicate water color and ink works.

Artists Thomas Hooper and Chris O’Donnell Collaborate on full back tattoo. Session one

Artists Thomas Hooper and Chris O’Donnell collaborate on full back tattoo. Session one. Music: This Will Destroy You. Now I have a tattoo itch I need scratched, BAD.

Twilight of the Punk: Bob Mould’s New Memoir, “See a Little Light” Reviewed by New York Magazine

 (via NYMAG) Bob Mould needed punk rock. For a big, angry, closeted math-whiz teenager in the outer reaches of upstate New York—where the record store was an hour away, in the metropolis of Plattsburgh—listening to the Ramones, studying the sleeve the record came in, showed what might be possible for him. He could do what they

Gay Beardy David Norris Has Eyes Set as Ireland’s First Gay President

James Joyce railed against family, religion and nationalism as the nets that Ireland casts around its artists and free-thinkers. As the annual celebration of his greatest work, Ulysses, begins those same traditional values have come back to haunt the leading Irish authority on the country’s most famous novelist. While senator David Norris prepares for the annual Bloomsday festivities – when


Hair Ball of the Day: Dirty Hair Ball

(via artbear)

A. Bear Readers Meet Two Jasperjohns, Two Jasperjohns Meet A. Bear Readers

I will be talking with these two delightful, white pants wearing, bear talk lovin’, intellectual buckets of love juice soon for a full interview, so hold your breath because your cerebral cortex will be overly stimulated. Thanks and you’re welcome. Check these guys out on Tumblr in the mean time. ABOUT: Hello friends! I’m a

Madonna Vs Britney “Burning Up”

One of the many ways to be a bad gay is not being a fan of Madonna’s music. I fall into this category. I enjoy Madonna’s song from 1985 and before. I just caught wind of a cover (gulp) Britney Spears did a cover of Madonna’s “Burning Up.” What are the thoughts in your head?

Andrew Lippa records “It Gets Better” The Song

Broadway composer Andrew Lippa and head of the musical theatre program Kaitlin Hopkins take Texas State University musical theatre students into the studio. While serving as the musical theatre program’s first Composer in Residence, Andrew and the students recorded “It Gets Better” to aide the efforts of the national anti-cyberbullying campaign. Andrew’s incredibly inspiring song

“White Pants”: Two Jasper Johns; Bear love, Forever Love |Hilarious Video

Hello friends! I’m a newborn TV show about two quirky brothers trying to quirk their way out of… I don’t know what I’m saying. It’s not my job to keep track of what this show is about, or who is in it or whether CAA has called today because not only have they haven’t but

For the love of Ewan McGregor: New Autobiographical Comedy, “Beginners”

For the love of Ewan McGregor. I would cut off my left pink for this man (I don’t use it much anyhow).   One of the things that impressed filmmaker Mike Mills most when he directed Ewan McGregor in his new autobiographical comedy, “Beginners,” was that the actor “has an open heart. It’s hard to

Furlesque’s Debut Performance; Move Over Show Girls

Show girls move over, Furlesque, the men from down under are  here to take over. This was Furlesque’s debut performance and they put on moves that might make the delicate blush. I have my eye on these hair balls and will document their every move. You’ve been warned. You have my word on that! The

The Hidden Paintbrush, Your beard

by MxDuo on May 2, 2011 The idea for this video originally came about during a week of sleep deprivation. My friend Cooper and I were talking and the notion to film him painting with his beard just seemed intriguing. I guess if you can’t take anything from this, what I would like to send

All Eyes on A Bear Knows Photos Brendan McWeeney

I spotted Brendan McWeeney bounding over chairs and crawling to the floor to capture the best moments of Bob Mould’s performance at Swedish Music Hall on Market Street, SF. Later to find to out that I have admired his photographs before as they appeared on friends of a friend of a friend of a friends

I love all Things Taschen Touches (Books)

It’s not to early to start making your 2011 Christmas list. Taschen has a way of making all subjects a visual orgasm. You may have seen one of the most popular books titled Big Penis Book. Perhaps looked at it from across the room with longing, coming hither fuck me eyes? This newest book on photographers is a must

Watch a Teaser for Whisker Wars, the Competitive Beard-Grooming Show

Watch a Teaser for Whisker Wars, the Competitive Beard-Grooming Show. Much, much more hairy details to come!!! Related Articles Dude No. 1 Beard Oil, For Your Freshly-Scented Beard Needs (thegloss.com) Let It Beard (pinkbananaworld.com)

Mjolk; Modern Day Peter Pan Looks/ Winter 2011

This collection is for a modern day Peter Pan. I am dying to find or make an occasion to wear red pants, pink jacket combo. This is my introduction to Mjolk, but I am now all ears. I must confess that this may be a gratuitous moment to post a ginger model. Don’t hate ,