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All Shades of Crazy; Dirty, Rotten, Evil Gays

Classic crazy, goes after classic Paul Gaugain painting of two women. Evil does as evil sees. I see beautiful brush strokes, warm colors and beautiful women. That must make me beautiful. This nut job obviously hates the lesbian living in her. Poor thing, take some prozac and call me in the morning, doctors orders! _________________________________________________________ Woman […]

Hair Ball of Day

Hi-BearNation | as fun to put on as it is to take off

What better time to shop for some new T’s to liven up your spring wardrobe? Grab some before they’re gone at Hi-BearNation’s Spring Blowout Sale where every shirt is 25-33% off until they are gone. 25-33% off Hi-BearNation provides well-designed T-shirts, offered in a wide-range of sizes to the Bear Community. Help us change our […]

Art Queer News

Warhol statue for Union Square NYC, Wow!

Andy Warhol Monument to be Unveiled in NYC’s Union Square Today Visual artist Rob Pruitt will be unveiling “The Andy Monument”, a statue commemorating pop artist and icon Andy Warhol, today at 6 pm in NYC’s Union Square. By RICH CALDER @ New York Post Washington. Lincoln. Ghandi … and now Warhol. A massive monument honoring Andy […]


Super Bear VS Evil Slut: At Peter Sorensens Art Studio Saturday

It’s been leaked to me that there is a must see this weekend. Local artist, Peter Sorensens will be showing his newest work  named Super Bear VS Evil Slut. The name has me drawn in like Bears to honey. Drop by and say Hi. Happiness and laughing out loud is contagious when you are in Peters presence.     […]

Hair Ball of Day

PINUPS Mag Issue 14

This is called excitement. PRE_ ORDER NOW! Pinups is a triannual publication that features one male nude pictorial per issue. There are no words—just an exaggeration of the classic centerfold. Each magazine exists in book form but can be taken apart and tiled to reveal a 32” x 70” image. The magazine is printed in […]