Artist Spotlight: RAFAELLA BRAGA

All eyes on artist Rafaella Braga. “Rafaella Braga is a Brazilian emerging artist living in Berlin. As a woman artist, she likes to run away from the softness stereotypical of femininity, always using different materials, working with a striking, strong and fearless trait, highly influenced by the subversive. Braga’s work talks about awakeness and transmutation. […]


Badass Artist You Should Know | Polly Nor

Take some time to get to know artist Polly Nor. She reflects on the epidemic of female anxiety in the internet age. “Polly Nor draws the demons that live inside of all women. She says: “I draw women and their demons.” – Her recent body of work features a range of hand drawn illustration, digital illustration, […]


Juicy Second Edition of Pineapple Blog is Ready for You to Feast Your Eyes On (NSFW)

In December 2017, Pineapple blog started a new project that invited its visitors to be a part of its next digital magazine by submitting an unpublished selfie. The results are in, and this special issue is a fresh and sexy mix of selfies from amateurs, artists and photographers alike. You’ll pine over 60 pages of […]


Mysterious Artist Oscar Olsson Takes on The Future in his Project

  I’m fascinated by this story and interview with artist Oscar Olsson that leaves me with more questions than answers. FLAUNT reports — To put it bluntly, Oscar Olsson seems like a visitor from a distant, highly productive planet. Headstrong and disciplined, he claims he gets by on just a few hours of sleep a night. […]


Artist Obsession | Robin Eisenberg’s Work is Out of this World

While scanning through a press release for musician Hollie Cook, the aquatic art work for her newest release grabbed attention. Following the trail back to the artist, I have discovered the awesomeness of Robin Eisenberg. Bright, graphic, futuristic images of pure seduction. Robin Eisenberg has this to say about herself; Hi! I’m an artist and designer in Los Angeles. I […]

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LA | Inaugural Solo Exhibition of Josh Paul Thomas | “R e i n t e n t i o n s” (NSFW)

R E I N T E N T I O N S Josh Paul Thomas January 13, 2018 – February 24, 2018 Museum​ ​as​ ​Retail​ ​Space​ ​(MaRS)​ ​is​ ​pleased​ ​to​ ​present​ ​REINTENTIONS​ ​by​ ​Josh​ ​Paul​ ​Thomas.​ ​The exhibition​ ​shows​ ​photographic,​ ​drawing,​ ​painting,​ ​and​ ​video​ ​work​ ​in​ ​an​ ​immersive​ ​atmospheric installation. “…when​ ​we​ ​call​ ​to​ ​mind​ ​the​ […]

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The Brutal Tattoo Ritual Built on Pain | Watch Video

I’ll pass, but I’m absolutely fascinated (and turned on). Tattoos hurt, but for most people, the pain is just a means to an end. Tattoo artists are usually mindful of their client’s pain threshold, catering for breaks and mitigating any unnecessary brutality. It’s abnormal for tattoo artists to restrain people while they’re getting tattooed, or […]

Male Model

Dejan by Scallywag Fox

Photographer: Scallywag Fox | Find at and on Instagram  Model: Dejan at DAM Models (London) | Follow on  Instagram Clothing: White Enigma top, Black Split neck top and double pleated trousers, Labyrinth cloak and Labyrinth Dress all from This is Fred Customized leather Jacket.


Gucci Gift Giving 2017 Campaign is Dope

Take a look at this new digital Gucci Gift campaign illustrated by artist Ignasi Monreal. “The Cabinet of Curiosities opens into a surreal and spellbinding world featuring the 2017 gifts selection of ready-to-wear and accessories, from Gucci Cruise 2018 by Alessandro Michele.” Kaltblut Find out more at: Gucci – Book of Gifts Gucci – Décor […]


NYC’s Museum of Sex | Call to Action Against Violence Against the LGBTQ Population in Peru | NSFW

CANON: JUAN JOSE BARBOZA-GUBO & ANDREW MROCZEK OPENS OCTOBER 20   The first bilingual exhibition to be shown at the Museum of Sex, Canon offers an immersive experience commensurate with Barboza-Gubo and Mroczek’s intimate and vibrant works.   Canon is a call to action against the relentless violence the LGBTQ population faces throughout Peruvian culture.  Peru native […]


Photographic Series by Andrea Galad Brings Out His Dark Side

Andrea Galad is an Italian artist based in Berlin. “Galad is currently studying his personal birth horoscope with the intent of represent with photographic series, all of his features stated by the stars at the moment of his birth. It is a journey to understand himself and bringing all of his dark sides to the […]


Bernhard Willhelm Spring/Summer 2018 Lookbook

Bernhard Willhelm Spring/Summer 2018 presents a developmental and intertwined crossover at the intersection of local and global narratives, furthering his commentary on the present and future state of humanity and the world. The collection manifests physical and cultural displacement, and its symbolic significances.

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Naked Tub Interview with Sexy Italian Artist Mattia Caracciolo | Video

Mike Enders brings his popular Tub interview series from the dead to chat with Italian Artist Mattia Caracciolo. Mattia has been dreaming about San Francisco for years. You know him from our past collaborations, Ginger Rocker and the wildly successful Merman Hug. We see a life time of collabs together to come. We play a little […]


Olsen Gruin is Pleased to Present George Byrne’s First Solo Exhibition in New York, “New Order”

GEORGE BYRNE NEW ORDER Opening: Friday 15 September, 5–8pm Exhibition continues until 9th October George Byrne is meeting us on the corner between poetic formalism and arbitrary utility. You drove past here just yesterday but you missed the show. The cleaving cut by light. The story written in colour bleached by a distracted sun. […]

Fashion Male Model

Toys & Teddybears | Photographed by Michiyo Yanagihara for Fucking Young!

  Carvell at Models1, Ted Nowell at Wilhemina and Lewis Murphy at PRM photographed by Michiyo Yanagihara and styled by Claudia Rose Walder, for Fucking Young! Online. Set Design: Meg Nixon Hair: Waka Adachi Make-up: Holly Reza Westwood


Kurt Cobain’s Never Before Seen Paintings on Display | “Crackbabies”

“Kurt Cobain was perhaps the most iconic musician of his generation, but his work as a visual artist is often overlooked” – Josh Roth, Head of UTA Fine Arts UTA has long represented Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love, and last year gained representation of his estate, telling Dazed Digital that, “a new light will be shed on his […]


San Francisco’s Color Factory Made for Perfect Instagram Shots | Opens Aug 1st

Totally tubular! CN Traveler report — The latest attraction out of San Francisco makes all other summer events seem, well, dull in comparison. The Color Factory, “a 12,000 square foot, pop-up color experience,” opens Monday, August 1 to celebrate the full spectrum of hues, shades, and Instagrammable backdrops. The colorful exhibition is the brainchild of […]


Kidrobot Releases New Andy Warhol 3-Inch Dunny Blind Box Mini Series & More

  We are excited to announce the release of an all-new, collection based on iconic art pieces from the preeminent visual artist of the 20th century, Andy Warhol – Andy Warhol 3″ Dunny Blind Box Mini Series 2.0 and 8″ Andy Warhol Masterpiece TV Dunny. Andy Warhol 3″ Dunny Blind Box Mini Series 2.0 Coming […]

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New Mural in SF of Latina Drag Legend to Protect the LGBTI Community by Artist Manuel Carmona | Video Interview

  I met up and chatted with artist Manuel Carmona about the new mural he, with the help of friends, are painting in San Francisco of drag queen Juanita More in a power stance, in front of rainbow flag. Mural can be seen on 18th Street/ Sanchez 0n the side of the clothing store Unionmade. […]

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AXXIDENTAL 80’s Surf Drawing-Design Contest! Your Design Gets Produced & Sold Worldwide

We are in the process of creating a rad collection of 80’s-Surf-vibe tee shirts and thought it would be a lot of fun to reach out and include artist from around the world. We will pick 1-2 designs to be produced and sold on AXXIDENTAL ONLINE STORE (Buyers from all over the world). Winner will receive […]

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VENFIELD8 Shares New Controversial Image – “Meat The Press, Terror Report, 2017”

Photographer VENFIELD8 is no stranger to us. We’ve been following and sharing his work for years. I even landed an interview in my bath tub with him (SEE HERE) years ago. What excites me about VENFIELD8 is that he is not afraid to push buttons and hold a mirror up to the ugly of society, and yet […]


Queers & Comics 2017 Conference | San Francisco April 14 & 15

  FAQ-  The Queers & Comics CONFERENCE Q: What is the Queers & Comics Conference? A: Queers & Comics is the first-ever university-based LGBTQ comics conference.  Queer comics offer readers a unique visual literature that reflects and critiques queer culture. The Queers & Comics Conference brings US and international LGBTQ cartoonists, comics writers, and artists together with scholars and […]


Berlin Experimental & Collective Art Project Focused on Ideas of the “Male/Masculinities” as a Physical, Social & Political

    Instinct.Berlin is an experimental and collective art project focused on discussing ideas of the male/masculinities as a physical, social and political construct in contemporary society as seen from an open spectrum of perspectives. Initiated in 2015 by Eric LeRouge in collaboration with Manuel Moncayo, Instinct.Berlin is a bi-annual art exhibition and residency program […]


Check Out Pansy Ass Ceramics and Their Dick Planters

Pansy Ass Ceramics have grabbed my attention on Instagram with their sassy badass ceramic pieces. As it turns Pansy Ass Ceramics are more than ceramics. They also have tee shirts, sweat shirts, and sex positive pins! Definitely follow them on Instagram for a good time and think about dressing up your house with a few ceramic dicks. You […]


Featured Artist |Italian Artist Emanuele Dascanio Uses Renaissance Techniques to Create Hyperrealistic Drawings

Check out these hyperrealistic drawings by Italian artist Emanuele Dascanio. Some of the pieces take up to 780 hours to complete, and it’s easy to see why when you look at the artist’s amazingly lifelike creations. He draws them using a combination of charcoal and graphite and the subjects are often illuminated with a single source of […]


The Heartthrob Artist Couple You Should Know Go by the Name Stallman

The artist couple Hallman and Stum, combined go by the name Stallman have caught my attention and tell me, “Shortly after meeting each other we began to explore what happens when creative minds collaborate. We have been working + innovating with canvas and paint for just over 3.5 years. This body of work has legs of it’s […]


Cute Cub Makes Instagram Art on His Face and Pillow Called ‘And Then I Woke Up!’

      ‘And then I woke up!’ by Bram Agoston. See more and follow Bram Agoston on Instagram HERE ‘And then I woke up!’ #andtheniwokeup #AnnieEndive #GroentelaGerda #endive #andijvie #green #vegan #vegetables #vegetarian #Amsterdam #Holland A photo posted by fabulousvongole (@fabulousvongole) on Sep 2, 2015 at 10:54pm PDT ‘And then I woke up!’ #andtheniwokeup #MoustacheMindy […]

Queer News

Exhibition Showcases Gay Donors’ Banned Blood

(Above: This handout photo provided by American University/Jordan Eagles shows Eagles seven-foot-tall sculpture that includes the blood of nine gay, bisexual and transgender men.) WASHINGTON (AP) — A Washington museum will exhibit a sculpture that uses the blood of nine gay, bisexual and transgender men to protest the federal ban on blood donations from gay and […]

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Sexy Cock, Balls, Foreskin & Ejaculation Art Simulation For Australian Party TROUGH X

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a promo video for Melbourne’s party TROUGH X. And they never disappoint. TROUGH X XVIII MELBOURNE ☁〰 ☁〰 ☁〰 ☁〰 SAT JUNE 27TH @ CLUB80 10 PEEL ST COLLINGWOOD ☁〰 ☁〰 ☁〰 ☁〰 WITH DJS: KITI GAVIN CAMPBELL MISTY NIGHTS THAT FAHRI GUY LUKE AGIUS plus MORE ☁〰 ☁〰 ☁〰 ☁〰 […]


Artist Redefines Masculinity Through Sequin-Spangled Collages | NSFW

Blue is for boys. But is it? Asks artist Colby Jones. In a generation where you have the option to tick a lot more than just male or female, Colby Jones is deconstructing the modern meaning of gender with his fur-trimmed, sequin-lined photo-collages. Deeply inspired by the idea of altering appearance to fit personality, the Canadian-born artist uses […]


Constellation Park: The 13 Rugged Outdoorsmen of the Zodiac | Illustrations

Wow I’m really turned on by these images. Amazing work by artist Michael Sanderson. “Constellation Park: The 13 Outdoorsmen of the Zodiac” is the Michael Sanderson debut print series; a provocative, witty and humorous collection of illustrations conceptualizing the 12 signs of the zodiac as rugged woodsmen. emphasizing the darker profile traits of each sign with […]

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Venfield 8 Released New Limited Edition Zine/Book “Object Weapon” Feat. Jon Galt & Vic Rocco

Mysterious and controversial photographer Venfield 8, that has brought us candy covered sticky hairy asses in his series Candy Ass , Bear Hill, “An homage to the iconic Bear Pond, by Bruce Weber ensued, only this time, featuring stunning young “bears” as models,” has a new release!  Issue One: DUO featuring Jon Galt & Vic Rocco is Venfield 8’s […]

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San Francisco Gallery Discovers Rare Double-Sided Gustav Klimt Drawing

San Francisco-based art gallery, Lost Art Salon, is pleased to announce the discovery of a previously unknown, double-sided Gustav Klimt drawing. This previously unseen drawing will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at the gallery, “Time Capsule: A Lost Klimt and Other Viennese Treasures”, as well as in the forthcoming Supplement Volume of the Catalogue Raisonne […]

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Character Mag Issue 13 is Now Online | Fancy Gay Art Magazine

  Character Mag. A fancy international gay art magazine about images and emotions created and published by eric lanuit & art+gay publications It’s pouring in France I hear… So stay at home and watch CHARACTER Issue 13 here  

Art Queer News

A Performance Artist Spends 2 Days Looking for a Needle in a Haystack at Palais de Tokyo

I could think of better things to do. “Performance artist Sven Sachsalber will be spending the next 48 hours searching for a small needle in an enormous haystack. The performance will take place at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, where a live feed has been set up to document the progress. Though the search should be completed by the end […]

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MEN ADDICTED 02 | Collector’s Limited Printed Edition Available Now | Gay Art Magazine Focused Entirely on B&W Photography and Art

  MEN ADDICTED 02  Collector’s Limited Printed Edition. 1000 numbered copies worldwide MEN ADDICTED is the first stylish international Gay Art magazine focused entirely on black & white photography and art. Find at Facebook Page MEN ADDICTED 02 features contributors LeBeau Foto, Fabien Specklin, Nikola Djukich, Butch Dick, Rick Wezenaar, Anthony Mitchell, Rick Castro, Romald & […]

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San Francisco | GLAMA‐RAMA Salon and Gallery to Exhibit Work by Pop Artist Jason Mecier | Sept 30 – Nov 9, 2014

GLAMA‐RAMA Salon and Gallery is excited to announce an exhibition of new and selected works by critically acclaimed mosaic artist, JASON MECIER. Pop Artist Jason Mecier creates one of a kind outrageous mosaic portraits. He meticulously fabricates anybody out of anything, from Kevin Bacon out of bacon, to Honey Boo Boo out of 25 lbs. […]